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Places To Celebrate The New year's Eve 2018 In Budget In Delhi


Places To Celebrate The New year's Eve 2018 In Budget In Delhi-1 How do you plan to welcome 2018 and bid farewell to 2017 this time? Partying hard, loads of music keeping you on your feet all night long, a cheerful crowd to enjoy your new year's eve? But, if your pocket is keeping you away from all this fun then this might help you a little bit. No doubts about this, but celebrating New Year's Eve in Delhi can be an expensive affair. All good places with the riches of the city, don't you worry about what is going to be your hideaway place on 31st of December. Here are few places in Delhi that are hosting a great evening for you to welcome the new year with a bang. Best part, you need not spend too much on the party. Go ahead, make it worth without the hurt on your wallet!

Maquina, The Mexican dive bar

Places To Celebrate The New year's Eve 2018 In Budget In Delhi-2 One of Delhi's few dive bars, Maquina is sprawled over a huge area in Hauz Khas Village and is eye-catching from a distance. The theme of the dive bar is Mexican which means you get to get here a lot of spicy Mexican food apart from the luscious cocktails. Don't forget to treat yourself to the Sangria pitcher now that you are here. What other reasons are you looking for to make this place your drinking den this New Year's Eve? Worried about the music? The famous Sar-Va-Nash is going to control the DJ console here in Maquina on the eve, with a mix of Bollywood and EDM to keep you throbbing all night long.

Location: Hauz Khas

Cost: Rs 1300 for Stag (includes cover charges of Rs 1000)

Skulllouder music festival

Places To Celebrate The New year's Eve 2018 In Budget In Delhi-3 The open air and a beautiful resort is what's gonna make your new year's eve worth it. With a number of popular DJ's and music artists of the country coming under one roof to make you groove all night long, and unlimited alcohol and food to make it even better, what are you waiting for to get out of your houses for a crazy party? The famous names to play on NYE are Lazex, Ravech Blubolt, DJ Rave, DJ Siddhartha, Karokz, TreBass that will play different genres of music from Bollywood to Punjabi to electro to keep every foot tapping on the floor all night long.

Location: Harnaam Palace banquets and garden

Cost: Rs 500 (300 for early bird)

NYE with DJ Sharry Maan

Places To Celebrate The New year's Eve 2018 In Budget In Delhi-4 How about counting the last minutes to the new year under the open sky in the chilly winters of Delhi with live music to dance on? Sounds like a plan? Jawaharlal stadium is hosting one of the most awaited new year's party this year with famous artists of the country including- Sharry Maan, 3 Peg, DJ Sonali Katyal, Qissa-the band. Get ready to groove on some Bollywood and Punjabi music on the last night of the year to bid a happy farewell to 2017.

Location: Jawaharlal Stadium

Cost: Starting from 999- 18,500 (for VIP's).

Bottoms up New Year Bash

Places To Celebrate The New year's Eve 2018 In Budget In Delhi-5 Live music, the alcohol to get you drunk, the cocktails to get you tipsy and fireworks to begin the new year with a bang. Patio Games and Grillz is hosting a happening new year party featuring the famous DJ's and their music mixes to make sure it's a grand party on New Year's eve.

Location: Patio Games and Grillz, Gurgaon

Cost: Rs 1500 for Stag

Grandest Party with The Leela

Places To Celebrate The New year's Eve 2018 In Budget In Delhi-6 The Leela has set up a great line up for the artists to make sure it's a bash on the New Year's Eve. Including the famous names of the music industry such as Funky Boyz Banda, Sonali Ajay Bahugana and Priyanka Bhalla that will tune into the best dances of Bollywood and Punjabi music to keep you drooling on the last night of the year. Before the party begins you can energize yourself with a great meal at the hotel and few drinks of the alcohol to keep you up and high till the dawn.

Location: The Leela, East Delhi

Cost: Starting from Rs 2500

Best NY Party Ever by Carlson

Places To Celebrate The New year's Eve 2018 In Budget In Delhi-7 Call it the night of the year when you have a lovely resort by your side, the thumping music, the perfect ambiance, the happening crowd and flowing alcohol, you cannot miss an evening hosted by one of the luxury hotels in NCR. The Country Inn and hotels has given it all to host the event of the year. Moreover, you can make a stay at the hotel after the party just so you don't have to deal with the hangovers at your home alone.

Location: Country Inn & Suites by carlson

Cost: Rs 2250 for stag

Electro Bolly Swag

Places To Celebrate The New year's Eve 2018 In Budget In Delhi-8 Shake your leg on the mix of Bollywood, electro and then some trance played by the country's DJs and as well the few artists from Russia. Not only music you have few dance performances by the world-famous dancers for a glamorous NYE. The line up of DJ SICK & SANE and DJ Myris for the EDM music, DJ Mr. Singh for the Bollywood desi numbers and DJ Zeena for the mix of electro and Indian beats. They have also set up a barbeque and bonfire in the open to heat up the part and enjoy the roasted non-vegetarian dishes. For the food, they have a buffet system included in the package.

Location: Orana conventions

Cost: Rs 2499
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