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Why paying extra for trek is sometimes a smarter decision?


Nowadays, most of us share a similar hobby, Travel. For a break from our monotonous life, we plan to travel but end up seeing different prices for the same trek on different websites. One company asks for a lesser amount as compared to another. Doesn't that confuse you? Many companies offer treks at very cheap rates. Not everything that glitters is gold. You know why they are cheap? We have the answers.

Okay, let's talk about Hampta Pass trek as an example which you might be getting under 10K.

Hampta Pass is one such trek to settle down your demons. From green mountains to grasslands to snow capped peaks, rivers to waterfalls to lakes, it has everything an adventurer asks for.

Why paying extra for trek is sometimes a smarter decision?-1 We all know the trek to Hampta Pass starts from Manali. But how to reach Manali? You have to manage to reach Manali by yourself. It's a long journey of around 14 hours when you are coming from Delhi. Whoa, That's some really long travel time. Of course, you want it to be a comfortable one, like traveling by Volvo, as you have to start your expedition when you step down in Manali which will cost around 1400 bucks. Oh, not from Manali but from Prini, which is another 3 km from Manali. After such a long travel, looking for another local travel vehicle is not a good idea. After a tiring trekking tour, one surely wants to relax and sleep, so a Volvo back to Delhi adds around INR 1500 approx. to your trip. From the second you decide to go on this trek, Shoes On Loose takes care of everything from that moment onwards. We offer end to end services to our clients. All it takes is one call and your tour is on.

Why paying extra for trek is sometimes a smarter decision?-2 A porter service while trekking to such high altitude is a must, my friend! Because you are on a vacation and not on a drill. Carrying all the stuff of yours on your back and climbing mountains can be really exhausting. Many of us go to the gym regularly, but this activity can make you count your every breath. So, you have to have a porter with you along the way. For a trekking tour of 6 days, a porter can charge INR 600 a day for max. load of 20kgs. Even if you share a porter with other trekkers in the group, you will have to shed another INR 1200 to 1500 from your pocket. Surprise, we provide porter service of 7kgs load per person for free. Unlike others, We don't misguide our travelers about the porter service and won't ask you to pay extra money unless your baggage is more than 7 kgs. We want you to “Feel the wind not the load on your back as well as pocket.”

Why paying extra for trek is sometimes a smarter decision?-3 Unlike others, we will provide Trekking Pole and Headlamp for free for this trekking tour. Why do you need these equipment? Good Question. A trekking pole is a stick pointed at one end to penetrate the ground to act like a pillar on which you can hold on to move forward with a perfect grip on your hand. Whereas, headlamps are necessary at the places where there is a scarcity of light. These two are very useful tools to carry during a trek. Guess what? You don’t have to buy or rent it for this trek. Hey there, This is not a dream. Our hospitality is our sole priority. We can’t alter that for anything. Did we just save your money? Oh yes!! We did.

Why paying extra for trek is sometimes a smarter decision?-4 The most important point on our list is the no. of people traveling in a group. Shoes On Loose doesn’t take a group of 30 to 40 people on trek because it can make the solitary feeling vanish. We focus on a group of max 12 people at a time, so that we can pay attention to each and every person during the journey, and also because you can have your personal time with good enough company. You want to do the trek for adventure. We know. But somewhere deep inside, we all lust for peace of mind. A group of 30 to 40 people will take that peace of mind away from you. We believe in quality, not in quantity!

Why paying extra for trek is sometimes a smarter decision?-5 How does it sound that you get to live the moments even after going back home? A GoPro video will be made by the team leader along the journey, which you can take with you after the journey is over. Show your world, the world we showed you and how we showed it to you!! Again, you don’t have to pay for it, it's all inclusive.

Why paying extra for trek is sometimes a smarter decision?-6 You may be the fittest in your group, but not everyone is on the same page as we all are humans and not Gods. We make mistakes, even get hurt. We also can fall sick. Not everyone’s immunity is super strong. Not an issue. We carry Medical Kit with us to counter such situations if they come up. We keep all the medicines for possible sickness which one can have during the cardio session in the mountains. You don't have to think about what to carry? Just do yourself a favour, put one more favourite shirt of yours in the space of medical kit.

Why paying extra for trek is sometimes a smarter decision?-7 You don't have to pay any extra amount in the name of Tax. Won't it be better to see all the hidden charges included in one package to make things easy to understand the actual amount a person has to spend on the tour? Shoes On Loose provides “All in one package”. Honesty is the best policy. Right?

Why paying extra for trek is sometimes a smarter decision?-8 Moreover, we have a team dedicated to giving back to nature unlike other company’s teams, who are making every possible tidiest place to trek, worse like the cities are right now, by throwing garbages and cutting trees for campsites. How would you feel if you go the same place where you have been before expecting the same view of Mother Nature, but all you get to see is garbage, trimmed grasslands, and fewer trees? If that's what you get to see, you won’t go to such a place anymore. If we won’t step forward for our nature, then the moral grounds of our trekking team is under question. A professional Guide has to have some moral grounds apart from knowledge about the mountaineering. What do you think?

Why paying extra for trek is sometimes a smarter decision?-9 We also provide very delicious and nutritional meals to make your holiday better. Why do we earn? There is always one answer: “To wear good, To eat good and of course, Live a good life”. You can’t take chances on such necessities. Right? We know.

**Warning: Our cook makes some very delicious meals, So please don’t think of taking him/her back with you.

Still feel paying 10K is cheaper than 15K. Let us do the math for you. The hidden charges cost around an additional amount of INR 7000. If we add that to 10K, it rounds off to 17K. While you’re busy feeling good about reducing little costs here and there, every once in a while you neglected the larger picture. Always remember " Penny Wise, Pound Foolish "!
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