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On a lovely sojourn with Maa and Baba


Five reasons why we should travel with our parents while growing up:

On a lovely sojourn with Maa and Baba-1 1. Life is busy, we are all running towards our goals, so... Stop! pack your bags, hold onto your parents' hands and go out travel with them.

2. Growing up is a bumpy phase of life. You really need "breaks", what can be more adventerous than a trip to somewhere in your own country with Maa and Baba?

3. While we grow up we tend to build our own nests away from our parent's cocoon; we almost forget that their lives are around us, surrounding us. A family trip not only revives our bonds with them but help us make memories for future too.

4. Every moment is an experience. When we spend these little moments with those who made it large for us, we learn greater lessons of life. While a family that eats together, stays together; a family that travels together, bonds better.

5. Our parents have always looked forward to spend time with us. Once we leave our homes to find our destination, we leave behind a lot. Perhaps giving our full time wont be possible anymore, but these little trips to here and there holding on to them, these mean a lot.

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On a lovely sojourn with Maa and Baba-2 Thus while we all love to travel. Travelling should be an experience to share with our parents too. Growing up and going out with them make our lives worth a living. Thank you.
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