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My White Water Rafting Experience in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka


Being an explorer, I have always loved to do adventure consistently. Adventure isn't simply doing surfing, bungee jumping, zip line, paragliding, scuba, skydiving, and so forth. However, I do trust that one should attempt these experience exercises at any rate once to test the physical quality and the psychological capacity to perform it. One of such experience is white water rafting experience in Kitugala. Exploring the unexplored spots, making new friends, arriving up at an obscure place at an odd hour or notwithstanding attempting a totally unusual food can likewise be audacious. Voyaging itself is an extraordinary undertaking with adventure.

My White Water Rafting Experience in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka-1 As it was the 5th day of our Sri Lanka holidays, my friend and I decided to do rafting in Kitugala after we did the tea garden tour in Nuwara Eliya previous day. We actually hadn’t planned to do this activity but after we heard about it from many locals, we made up our minds that we have to do it.

In my adventure list, my friend and I had already ticked off surfing, paragliding, flying fox, bungee jumping, and mountain climbing. But what excited us and took our adrenal rush to a whole new level was when we did river rafting in river Kelani at Kitulgala. Being water-phobic, it was a brave call for us to decide to put ourselves amidst water for rafting.

My White Water Rafting Experience in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka-2

Situated around 80 kilometers from Colombo, Kitulgala is a charming town set in the midst of green slopes thick with tropical vegetation. Deriving its name from the Kitul palm tree, Kitugala is the location of the Oscar-winning motion picture- Bridge on the River Kwai.

My White Water Rafting Experience in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka-3

My White Water Rafting Experience in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka-4 A quiet extend in the River Kelani between two rough outcrops on either side is the motion picture location where the railway bridge for the motion picture was filmed. The water streams noiselessly in this stretch of the river, which is very profound and slow.

My White Water Rafting Experience in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka-5

Around 8 AM, we reached the starting point of our rafting voyage. As it was our first time, we began with security guidelines alongside the demo session given by the instructor. With our hearts pounding heavily, we settled in the raft to feel the rushing rapids on our voyage. With an extraordinary yell out, I alongside others began paddling the raft. The serenity of the stream, the tweeting sound of winged animals and the sound of the waterway went with us to the point that I experienced the first rapid. It resembled a snapshot of truth. I could see the high waves from a separation.

My White Water Rafting Experience in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka-6 One of the most epic moments of rafting according to me is when you get close to rapid and the moment it engulfs you within. I literally went blank for a moment. The monster jump of water is basically whipping you with full power and when you take full control of yourself in the raft and let it pass on you.

My White Water Rafting Experience in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka-7 My break the ice situation was over after the first rapid. Later on, I started to enjoy the rapids one after another. Our voyage lasted around 2 hrs where I cruised 12 km extent of river Kelani.

Trust me, it was an adventure-filled experience which I just can't get of my head even after returning home. If you are planning your Sri Lanka holidays, do add this adventure sport in your travel plan or you'll miss the thrill the Jewel in the Indian Ocean can offer.

The season for Whitewater rafting at Kitulgala is the period from April to November.

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