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My Maiden Trekking Experience With Triund


To be honest with you, I am not someone you’d call a “traveler”, “an adventurer” or “an explorer”. These words are not even remotely close to defining me. This was only until my friends coaxed me into trekking the spectacular Triund hill. Located at an elevation of 2, 828 m, at the foot of Dhauladhar mountains, Triund is a small hill in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. This is supposed to be one of the popular trekking spots in India.

My Maiden Trekking Experience With Triund-1 After several failed attempts at denial, I finally conceded to my friends’ insistence. And I can’t be happier that I did. Looking back now, I feel I could never have imagined what started as a scary venture for me would turn out to be one of my fondest memories.

We decided to take the bus to Mcleodganj from where we would start the trek. Along the way, we picked up some munchies cause we had 10 km of the trek ahead of us, so it was imperative that we remain energized.

We managed to reach Mcleodganj at around 7 in the morning. We found ourselves standing amidst the snow-capped mountains and intense greenery of nature. This seems to be an ideal escape for nature-lovers. The serenity of this place, our cameras failed to capture. However, we did capture some of the mesmerizing views of nearby lakes, waterfall and other scenic beauty that Mcleodganj had to offer.

We headed towards a local eatery where we ate to our heart’s content. The balcony of the hotel we booked gave us a view to die for! In the evening we took a stroll to the Tsunglagkhang Temple which is believed, was once the residing place of Dalai Lama. Tibetian culture almost drowns Mcledganj, with temples, museums and monasteries telling every piece of the Tibetian history. We took time to admire the intricately beautiful architecture, the multi-coloured paintings, but what really stole my heart was the idol of Lord Buddha decked up in bright colours. This satiated my aesthetic quench. After which we went to our hotel we had a sumptuous dinner and called it a day off a little early than usual, since the next day would be, the trekking day.

My Maiden Trekking Experience With Triund-2 The following day, by 5 am we were good to go. Surrounded by humungous mountains and wilderness, which probably had every shade of green, we started our journey. We intermittently stopped to look down the valley to see how much of the journey we had already covered. We walked past long stretches of dense green high and low patches of land. As we walked by, our path kept getting narrower, the valley steeper and the view more and more alluring.

My Maiden Trekking Experience With Triund-3 After we walked more than half the way, we were exhausted, dehydrated and out of breath. All we could think of is to reach our destination anyhow. The final 2 km were the toughest to ascend cause it was a vertical climb. With so much effort when we finally reached, every single step that brought us close seemed worthwhile. We were at the vantage point from where we could witness the snowy-mountains reaching out for the clouds and the rocky terrain carpeted with green grass. The chilly breeze floated through while we kept covering ourselves with woollens.

From Mcleodganj to triund, the walk was long but refreshing because of the rhododendron and oak trees which accompanied us alongside us all the way through. This place is called “Triund” because of the three majestic mountains which could only be seen from this vantage point. The majestic Dhauladhar range and the Kanwas right before our eyes and almost everyone was besotted by the sight. The sundown left the sky coloured in hues of orange. Certainly one of the best sunsets! Our camps were set, the bonfire was lit, with warm cups of tea in our hand we had a hearty conversation. Drifting off to sleep inside the camp, with our sleeping bags warmly hugging us under the starlit night was the perfect end to our adventurous daylong journey.

My Maiden Trekking Experience With Triund-4 We bring back with us not just the pictures in the gallery of our phones but also memories in abundance. The memories we made, the panoramic views we found and the serenity we experienced will occupy way more space in our minds and hearts than our cameras will ever be able to store.

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