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My Beach Love Affair with Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka


With brilliant sand decorating the drift and fiery waves sprinkling about, Hikkaduwa is a standout amongst the most delightful shorelines in all of Sri Lankan thats why it can become anyone's beach love affair. With tall palms influencing in the breeze, and the sun radiating through the delicate white mists, this really is a heaven in the tropics. Hikkaduwa is known for its coral reefs, of striking hues painting the world under the ocean.

My Beach Love Affair with Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka-1 One of the most dominant reasons Why we chose Hikkaduwa to be the first place to visit in Sri Lanka was the nightlife and water sports activities. What could be a better than partying in the night and doing adventure activities in the day besides the beach with your best friend? Nothing. So, without any second thoughts, we made sure to kickstart our Sri Lanka trip acclimatizing in Hikkaduwa as it was just three hours drive from Colombo.

After a quite long journey, we finally reached Hikkaduwa by evening. We're glad that we booked Citrus Hotel to stay. Luxurious rooms with enough space and commendable amenities a 5-star hotel provide, Citrus was a delight. After having ample rest, we decided to head towards the beach.

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My Beach Love Affair with Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka-2 Hikkaduwa beach is really quiet and big. The waves of the sea were huge! We took a long swim and played a bit with the waves, who won of course. After splashing water, floating in the sea and clicking sunset pictures, our tummy started to bounce asking for good food. With so many restaurants on the beach, we got confused where to go.

My Beach Love Affair with Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka-3

My Beach Love Affair with Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka-4 After taking reviews by half dozen of people on the beach area, we decided to go to Mamas Beach Restaurant & Bar. Trust me guys, it is good food place where you can hang with your gang or special one too. The cafe is facing the wide stretch of world famous Hikkaduwa beach. The food, hospitality and the friendly atmosphere made us feel great. We ordered prawn curry, prawn avocado salad, prawn chop suey, and a few drinks. I recommend visiting this beachside cafe because it is worth for every penny you spend. Moreover, the sunset here is exceptionally beautiful, so a sundowner is a must. After a happy tummy time with a fuzzing cocktail, we headed back to our hotel as it was around 11 pm and we had planned to do scuba diving the next day.

We woke up next morning around 9 AM and went to the scuba diving shop, Dive For You. Our Scuba diving instructor was Brice, a French man who used to travel the world and work as a part-timer to make money and continue his nomad voyage. He was generous and cooperative. After an hour-long training session, we sailed our speedboat in the middle of the sea(diving spot). Though it was my first time still I wasn't scared like my friend was. He had hydrophobia and that was the reason we decided to do Scuba Diving. When we reached our diving point, I was dreaming a world which I had seen in the videos of scuba diving on Youtube. Then, I jumped and everything changed.

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The very first feeling I encountered while SCUBA plunging was the absolute freedom. It's like you are liberated from gravity. You feel weightless as if you are flying. After the SCUBA jump, you understand that you look like an astronaut who is exploring a whole new planet. You tenderly touch the stones, sit on the base of the sea and play with the sand. Simply take a gander at yourself; you could be one of those fearless National Geographic explorers!

After half an hour of marine life exploration, I and my friend thanked Brice for giving us such a wonderful experience and being such a wonderful mentor. Now, we know why Brice loves Scuba so much and we share the same feeling. After returning to the shore, all we could do was stay quiet. We felt a connection with nature so strong which we never felt in the past.

Moreover, you can try other water sports at Hikkaduwa like surfing, snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, transparent bottom boat paddling, and much more.

My Beach Love Affair with Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka-6 After you intake enough of sea love, you can head to buy some souvenirs for your loved ones as there are various street shops here. My friend and I bought keychains, sculptures and handicrafts. Then, we went back to our hotel to relax and then get ready for the nightlife of Hikkaduwa. After many references and even being praised on the internet, we decided to go to Vibrations.

My Beach Love Affair with Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka-7 Friendly vibe, safe and fun, vibrations is literally good place to enjoy the nightlife of Hikkaduwa. Moreover, the DJ worked for the crowd with classic anthems and recent beats. With a mixed crowd of locals and tourists, Vibrations will show you a good time. After partying all night, we went back to our hotel for good nap as we had to head to Kandy next day for the most scenic train ride.

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I agree that our venture of Hikka was short on duration but the way we lived and enjoyed, it is more than enough. We'll come to Sri Lanka again and Hikkaduwa will always be our first priority.
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