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15 Must-visit Places In Prague: The City Of 100 Spires


Prague is a beautiful central European city and the capital of the Czech Republic. This small magical city on the banks of River Vltava is a great architecture jewel. The city will remind you of the romantic fairy tales but at the same time surprise you with its dark folklores that date back to the medieval era. Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe. The city is a labyrinth, and the best way to explore it is by taking a walk!

Here’s a list of 15 best places to visit in Prague.

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1. Admire the cobblestone streets

Prague is one of the most walkable cities and as I said the city is a labyrinth, and the best way to explore Prague is to take a walk on the royal route. This historic coronation route begins at the Powder Tower, one of the original gateways to the Prague’s old town and leads to the Prague Castle. Encompassing a large portion of old Prague, it is probably the most beautiful sightseeing route in the city. Cobblestone lines the streets throughout Prague and boasts beautiful patterns that change from block to block. People often get happily lost on these maze-like streets. (Fun fact: the narrowest street in Prague is just 50cm wide!)

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2. Explore the Old Town Square

This plaza is surrounded by former palaces and gothic churches. In this place, you’ll find some of Bohemia’s most famous building. The square is home to the Astronomical Clock, the Old New Synagogue, the Rococo Kinský Palace and many other impressive buildings. You might want to stand in the middle and take a 360° spin.

Historic buildings with wonderful architecture, art galleries showcasing Prague’s modern artists, beautiful outdoor restaurants and street food, this place has something for everyone. With various street performers, musicians and merchants on the streets of the town square, it is a surety that you will go back thoroughly entertained. Prague’s largest Christmas market is also organized here every December.

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3. Watch the Prague Astronomical clock strikes an hour

Time your visit to the Old Town Hall so that you can watch this magnificent medieval astronomical clock taking the turn of the hour. This 600 years old astronomical clock has an intricate design and still amazes the tourists from all around the globe with its procession of Apostles, moving statues and visualization of time. Despite being repaired many times in the past, this clock is regarded as one of the best preserved medieval mechanical clocks in the world.

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4. Church of Our Lady before Týn

Across the Town Square is the one the most breathtaking gothic religious buildings of Prague, the Church of Our Lady before Týn. The Church is said to have inspired Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle! The gothic cathedral is rebuilt in the early baroque style for the inside and at present serves as a blend of Gothic, Renaissance and Early Baroque works. This early baroque masterpiece has many paintings including one by Karel Škréta from 1649. The oldest pipe organ in Prague stands inside this church. Afterwards, must explore the 11th-century Ungelt Courtyard behind the church with its many fine restaurants and cafés.

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5. Cozy sidewalk cafes and galleries showing works of Prague's modern artists

Beer is cheaper than hot chocolate. Yes! You heard in write. Czechs are rightly known around the world for producing the world's best beer and when in Prague, you must try the Hot Wine. Also, the local stalls sell a delicious trdelink – a sweet bread of sorts and mulled beer rich in spices to warm you up. While walking through the narrow lanes, don’t forget to explore the tiny cafes where you can get amongst the locals. Make sure you visit a sweet smelling shop called gingerbread museum. Unlike what the name suggests, it is not really a museum and you will find beautifully decorated gingerbread cookies there. You can always step aside from the royal route and explore the small cafes, and galleries showcasing Prague’s modern artists.

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6. Charles Bridge

The famous Charles bridge is known as the Prague’s heart. For years it was the most important connection between the Town Square and the marvelous Prague castle. You must have seen it in numerous Bollywood movies. Even a simple walk across the bridge is a memorable experience, maybe that’s why the bridge over the River Vltava is the most famous tourist destination of Prague. Strolls across the Charles bridge during the evening and watch one of Europe's most beautiful sunsets.

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7. John Lennon Wall

Located on the Kampa island across the Charles Bridge, John Lennon Wall is a must visit when traveling to Prague. Once a normal wall, since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles' songs. Although the wall was painted numerous times after that, until today it’s been known as the John Lennon Wall, always covered in quotes, images, and lyrics from his songs. The police would whitewash the wall and two days later the poems, the symbols, and the portraits would appear there again.

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8. Prague Castle

A UNESCO world heritage site with a history dating back to over a 1000 years. Also, with an area of 18 acres, Prague castle is the largest castle in the world. Before climbing the hill to the castle admire the sculpture of wrestling titans and beautiful courtyard. It houses some incredible churches, art galleries, and museums which are of great importance to the history of Czechoslovakia. Within the castle walls are numerous Prague's most popular tourist sites, including St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George's Basilica, the Powder Tower, the Old Royal Palace, and the Golden Lane. The castle ramparts offer a majestic view of the River Vltava with the old town and its countless spires in the background.

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9. St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is located on the grounds of the Prague castle. The 600 years old gothic spires rising above the castle of the St. Vitus Cathedral, the resting place of Bohemia’s kings, emperors, and saints. St. Vitus has beautiful stained glass windows depicting the Holy Trinity which fill the entire cathedral with light. The Czech crown jewels are also safely kept there. Avoid visiting the cathedral on Sundays as the building stays closed until the parishioner’s Mass has been finished.

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10. Explore the houses of the Golden Lane

Once the homes of the castle guards and the alchemists who were secretly trying to turn ordinary metal into gold. These houses painted in bright colors which are now used as souvenir shops or small cafes. Golden Lane has once also been home to the well renowned German writer Franz Kafka for 2 years, inspiring him to write in the peace and quiet of these lanes. Make sure you check out the free armory museum while you are there.

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11. Petrin Hills Observation Tower

Petrin Hills Observation Tower provides the most gorgeous view of the whole Prague city. Watch the city of Prague turn into a world of wonders as the sun sets. The medieval food, the folklore, and city lights, everything turn dreamy and magical as soon as the sun goes down. Make sure you reach a few minutes before the sunset and enjoy the beautiful view.

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12. Drive around in a vintage car

The most relaxing and royal way to drive around the beautiful city of Prague. Book a vintage car ride and enjoy your private tour of the historical city center with castles and gothic churches in the background. Your driver will give you live commentary of everything you see and even take a picture of you when asked for. The 2-hour long car ride will make sure that you experience Prague like a local.

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13. Ghost Walk in Prague

As the night comes alive, experience the dark and mysterious side to Prague. Sign up for a ghost tour in the dim lit alleys and narrow streets of the Town Hall. As you walk through the cobblestone pathways, you will hear of stories that will give you goosebumps!

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14. Cruise dinner and boat tours

Go out on a river cruise on the Vltava River and enjoy a candlelit dinner by the streaming water with your loved ones. With live music in the background and finest European food, the evening couldn’t get any better!

The cruise and boat tours are one of the best ways to discover Prague, the small wooden boat will pass through many of Prague's attractions. Cruise down the narrow canals of Prague’s “little Venice” and learn all about its history from your captain. The view from the cruise will take your breath away. ,

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15. Beer Spa

Relax and rejuvenate by soaking in a beer spa and immerse yourself in the Czech culture. Beer spas offer unlimited light and dark beer to drink along with beer saunas and relaxation in wheat straw bed by a warm fireplace. What’s even special is that the rooms are barrel-shaped and give you the feel of being in a brewery. According to science, the beer spas are actually good for your skin.

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