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Monsoon Hide and Seek with Jog Falls


Karnataka is blessed with natural wonders. From green Western Ghats to cascading waterfalls and from unique flora and fauna to migratory birds, you can find everything at one place.

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When it comes to waterfalls, there are few of the most beautiful cascades located in this state. One of the highest plunge waterfall of Karnataka, Jog Falls is located at a distance of 130 kilometres from Shimoga District.

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Jog Falls consists of four waterfalls Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer. This waterfall is formed by Sharavati river that falls from the height of 830ft. Raja is the highest of them all followed by Roarer, Rocket and finally Rani. The view is an experience of a lifetime. One can easily sit around mesmerized by the sheer beauty of nature here. If there is something like magic then it happens here.

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The monsoons are the perfect time to visit Jog Falls. During the monsoon, a white blanket covers the entire area of Jog falls, the fog in this region is so dense that it becomes really difficult to see anything around. Also, the roar and rumble of the falling water are so loud that it becomes impossible to hear the person standing around. The Western Ghats receives a huge amount of rainfall between July to September causing most of the rivers to flood. When a flooded Sharavati river falls from the height of 830 feet, the roaring sound covers the entire area where Jog Falls is located.

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Apart from the falls, there are turbines of a hydroelectric project at Linganamakki dam and the area is covered with temples from medieval era dedicated to Lord Shiva with great architecture but Jog falls for a traveler is not about the grand sight or the views. It is about the experience and embracing the nature in its true self. A drive to this place is itself a great experience. The path covered with forests, green paddy fields accompanied with cool breeze along with drizzle will make your journey to this place, an experience you’ll never forget.

**When to visit –** You can visit Jog Falls between the last week of June to mid-September. This is when you can see the waterfall in its full force.

How to Travel – Shimoga is connected by rail and road and you can travel from Bangalore itself. From Shimoga, you can take a bus till Sagar and then another bus to finally reach Jog Falls. You can also drive from Bangalore to Jog Falls skipping Shimoga to save time.

Where to Stay – You can find backwater resorts in Shimoga and Sagar. For budget travellers there are a lot of options at bus stands or Shimoga and Sagar.

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