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Whenever we think of travel, we think of fun, hassle-free and enjoyable moments. However, sometimes it's unavoidable to encounter problems that we face while travelling. Even though we really hope for the best when we step out of the ordinary to explore a new place, but the problems still occur, and it does not always go as smoothly as we hoped. To not let these problems ruin your trip, we have listed down various case studies from our customers who travelled to Maldives and found out what is best for the traveller over what we assumed by the traveller will best for him/her. Go through our Maldives case studies listed here, and we're sure you’ll find the information useful that you can note down to have a memorable Island Holiday.

Maldives Case Study-1

1. If the weather on the departure day becomes terrible and the seaplanes wouldn’t be able to leave the island, the only option that’s left is to extend your stay in the resort. In that case, the client has to bear one day’s accommodation on his own. For example one of our clients were on a trip to Maldives a couple of months back and the weather on departure day was horrendous due to which the seaplanes were unable to leave the islands. They arrived at the airport about half an hour after scheduled departure to find that very few people were waiting. Their international flight was conveniently held because the weather has caused a delay in the international flights too. But you have to be ready for any situation like this before going on a trip to Maldives.

2. Think carefully about how much you want to spend. Apart from whatever you pay upfront, the costs of food, drink, water sports like scuba diving, spas etc in resorts can be substantial. As you will be staying on an island, you can't wander off for a cheaper meal elsewhere. So it's worth checking out food and drink prices in the PDFs of their menus.

3. In Maldives, you will find yourself on the resorts which are built on very small islands(e.g. you can walk right around it in ten minutes) you may get a bit claustrophobic after a few days - particularly if you don't enjoy water sports, which enable you to explore the environment away from the land. Islands vary in size quite substantially. Some are big enough that you can borrow a bike to explore. Some resorts span several connected islands. Others really are just tiny. It's a matter of your choice.

4. You will reach your resort by seaplane or by speedboat, depending on location (or in a few cases, via a scheduled domestic flight and then a boat). Pro's of a boat journey: The journey by boat is shorter, obviously, and a much easier/quicker transfer to your resort from the airport. Con's: Male (city and industrial island) is visible from some of the nearer islands in both North Male Atoll and South Male Atoll). So you need to decide whether the sight of civilisation in the distance is a problem for you or not. Some people prefer to feel isolated entirely on their desert island (in which case, pick a more distant resort and take the seaplane). The seaplane ride is a fun experience, definitely worth doing at least once. The views are stunning and landing on water is fun. The planes are also very small, very hot and the engine noise is very loud.
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