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Magnetic Fields Festival- It Brings Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat To Life


Magnetic Fields Festival- It Brings Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat To Life-1

Sitting here, thinking of the right header and the right words to use so that I can do justice to what this place is all about. Although I know, no matter how hard I try I would fail to provide with the right words of the experience that I have had. It's a completely different zone altogether, something that you don't get to see a lot in this country. Something that takes you to a different place, far from cliche and normal. Because this is Magnetic fields festival!

What is THIS place?

Can it be explained by writing down few words? No. Magnetic Fileds Festival can only be experienced. Once experienced it will leave a mark on your memories forever. The idea of partying for three straight days, the sound of it is enough to get you going. Add the never heard before hip-hop and psychedelic music, the people coming together from different parts of the country with their different stories, the alcohol and other stuff, the vibe is perfect to take you to a different world, the one that comes only once a year.

I will try to tell you what this place is like and hope that you make a similar picture in your head as I have in mine. You know they say,' live in the moment' 'Carpe Diem', this is one place to give it a meaning and truly live up to it. For three days you have nothing to worry about in the world, your grudges, your worries, the sadness, the emotional breakdown, roll them in a paper and smoke it up, Magnetic fields is just the answer to truly bust your stress. It will make sure you think of nothing else at least for the time that you are here. The loud music won't let you hear anything else, the dance and party will make you too tired to think about other things in life, the alcohol will get you enough drunk to take you into the party zone away from the outside world. To keep it short, it will leave you so exhausted that you will only live to survive and party.

The party

Magnetic Fields Festival- It Brings Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat To Life-2 I won't be exaggerating even by a bit If I say, the party never stops here. The music begins to play in the evening when the sun begins to set and continues till it is ready to shimmer again on our heads the next morning. There is pre party, the main party, the after party and some extra music thereafter to make sure you have enough of it. The stages are nicely lit, the music is just perfect for people on trips to make them feel in the right zone.

Party in the palace, crash in the camps

Magnetic Fields Festival- It Brings Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat To Life-3 Magnetic fields festival is a three-day extravagance music festival that takes place in Alsisar Mahal in a remote region of Alsisar in Rajasthan. The palace is magnificently built and you can't think of a creative place than this for a rave party. Alsisar Mahal that defines history, culture and architecture of the country is turned into a rave party venue for three days. Beat that BJP! Can you think of anything better than this? I cannot. Alsisar Mahal is so beautifully built that you want to click every corner of it, but you stop at one point because you realise you cannot capture all if it in your camera roll. The terrace of the Alsisar Mahal offers the breathtaking view of the Alsisar village surrounded by the endless arid Thar desert.

Magnetic Fields Festival- It Brings Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat To Life-4 Coming to the camping site, where the stay is arranged in the camps for you to party as hard as you can and then you can peacefully crash in your tents which is just a few steps away from the palace. To top it all, the bonfire makes the ambience warmer and welcoming. It not only attracts the heat but the people and their interesting stories and their alcohol and weed as well. All great things come to one place. While the party is a place to let loose, go crazy and dance all you like, the campsite is where you meet people, make friends, make memories and stories, get drunk and get stoned and get warm in the bonfire. It is the two best experiences of life coming together, which is what makes this place so great.

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