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Magnetic Fields Festival - Divergent World of Music & Magic!

India's answer to music festivals has surely seen a change in stature over the years and it has only gotten bigger and better. Though many may call it commercialized, you will definitely get your money's worth when it comes to stage set ups, performances, artists and DJs.

If you can appreciate the splendour and magnificence of history and architecture while your mind sways to the tunes of fresh Indian sounds and underground International stars, then Magnetic Music Festival will definitely be your pick. This festival made its debut in december 2013, primarily centering around rock n’ roll, good food, laughs, arts, and dancing.


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Rajasthan breathes of tradition and royalty at the same time, you can expect no less than a grand trip to this fest. Set in the pristine heritage village of Alsisar , this is a battle hardened palace that has renovated and refurbished into a luxurious hotel.

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Magnificent palace is spread over a lush 10 acre plot, is 23 kms from JhunJhunu . The palatial majesty of the Alsisar Mahal architecture and the glory of its beautifully adorned interiors are just mesmerizing. The alluring courtyards with old fashioned  lawns captivate you in its spell, transporting you to the romance and the awe-inspiring style of the royal era.

Why you must go?

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India's biggest EDM festival and would you believe it if I told you that people from all over the world travel to attend what's happening in our own backyard! Yes, Magnetic Fields is not a mere music festival, it is a megamix of great music, wine, drinks, food, fashion and shopping for consecutive three days. Camping in the desert  is one of their most impressive attractions. It has 3 Stages, 40+ bands, secret parties and much more!


  • It features music artists which often go unheard. It is a pool of talent showcasing India’s fresh sounds and International artist which are usually underground. So, you can enjoy music from vivid geoner’s of jazz, dubstep, contemporary e.t.c performed under the star lit sky of the desert’s on which you can dance your heart out.
  • However, the festival is not limited to just music, For the first time in the history the festival will feature a session called ‘Magnetic Words’ where some of India’s finest journalists, performers, artists and activists are invited to not just dance under the stars but to share their worlds through talks, spoken word and video.
  • For the souls who are not satisfied from the musical sessions going up till 4am, you can throw up yourself to secret after parties or party-till-dawn parties that came along with the added excitement of kite flying and breathtaking views of the sunrise in the desert.
  • You can indulge in early morning yoga sessions; immerse yourself in legendary treasure hunt, get better acquainted with the night sky in our stargazing workshops, find your own little pocket of paradise and lose yourself in our Bedouin dens; secret areas and feast on local delicacies given an alternative twist.


Where to stay?

Magnetic Fields Festival - Divergent World of Music & Magic!-4 When it comes to accommodation the best option is living in Tents/Camps which enhances your experience of the festival by many folds. The luxurious tents, under the starlit sky accompanied by firewoods to keep you warm, is an option that beats any luxury suite! So, book your camping tents as per your requirement with ‘ Shoes On Loose&rsquo. We can also provide snacks/tea on special order. We’ ve proper functional washrooms which makes the stay more comfortable. The next best option is 'BYOT - Bring Your Own Tent'. Rent a tent from us and you can enjoy a hassle-free stay at the festival. To know more/rent,

What all to carry?

Well, traveling to the festival for the first and confused about what to take along? Here is all you need to know:

Backpack: Carry all your luggage in a backpack as it’s compact and thus will occupy less space in your accommodation. Also, you can easily carry it around

Camera: You would surely love to capture the great moments of the three days festival thus do carry your shutter device. Bluetooth Speaker: Well, true there is no dearth of music there, but just in case you want to lie down in your tent and enjoy the good moment under a starlit sky. toiletries: Carry your basic ‘toilet’ essentials. There are toilets available of course, but what’s the harm in being more careful!

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How to reach there?

The festival is in the Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati Region of Rajasthan. The travel option to get there is:

Train: You can get there via train. Trains run on a daily basis from Sarai Rohilla, New Delhi to Sadulpur Junction. You can reach under 4 hours followed by a minimum time of 45 minutes in a taxi from Sadulpur to Alsisar. Drive your own car: You can go there via road. It is a 6 hours drive from Delhi and a 4 hours drive from Jaipur. Airplane: Closest airport to Alsisar is ‘ Jaipur Airport’ You can take a direct flight to Jaipur Airport from where it a 4 hours.
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