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Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey


“Time goes faster than the hollow it is. Lives with no meanings goes straight past you, like trains don’t stop at your destination” -Carlos Ruin Zafron. One of the famous and inspiring train quotes talking about the train journeys to be astonishing yet exhilarating. Back to the pre-Independence period, where Britishers were the pioneers of the Indian Railways, the first commercial train in India ran from Bombay “Boree Bunder” to Thane on April 16th 1853 with 14 train coaches hauled by 3 steam locomotives. In late 1850’s and 70’s the Indian Railways expanded in order to transport many resources starting from Timber, cotton, coal, Aluminum, Iron Ore, Tea, Rubber, and Grains to Gold, Precious Stones, Wildlife etc. Hence the Indian Railways have come a long way since the time Britishers invaded India, to the times when we are used to hearing the words from tea vendors “Garam Chai” Pao Bhaji”. Today, we have super-fast luxurious trains where tourists all around the world embark their journey opulently. Thanks to the diversity of India engulfed with scenic beauty and stupendous holiday destinations, giving the tourists and the travelers experience of a lifetime. These splendorous luxury trains are not means of carriage but also sense of extravagance and richness filled with satisfaction and bliss.

1. Maharajas Express

From North- West to Central India, this luxurious train covers 12 destinations costing upto 17 lakhs in 7-8 days. It depends which suite are you taking, hence there is a variation the pricing. The starting price is 28,000 INR going upto 19 Lakhs. Considered as one of the most expensive and affluent trains in the world, with staggering interiors providing first class service to the passengers. Maharajas Express has been voted as of the expensive trains in Asia for three years (2012, 2013, 2014). Any luxury junkie will be bewildered with the design of the suite which includes vintage furniture, WIFI, live television, lavish dining rooms accommodating grand lounge bar and souvenir shop. With such remarkable benefits the train has a palace demeanor and traditional designs of bathrooms along with rich paintings.

Maharasthra (Mumbai <-> Ajanta) <-> Rajasthan (Udaipur <-> Jodhpur <-> Bikaner <-> Jaipur <-> Ranthambor) <-> Agra (Uttar Pradesh) <->Delhi (New Delhi)

Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey-1

Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey-2

Super Luxury interiors and decors of The Maharaja Express.

2. Deccan Odyssey

Needs no introduction, one of the sorted luxury trains after Maharajas Express covering the tourists destinations from Mumbai, Rajasthan, Aurangabad, Tadoba providing a very blend journey on Deccan Odyssey giving the travelers to witness the spectacular Deccan Plateau. The facilities provided by this train involves a mini gym, parlor and many other resources on board. Initiated by the Maharashtra tourism the cabins are something to boast about with exquisite and astounding interiors. Don’t get awed by the amazing cabins, but there is plenty to do in on board starting from spa massages, food presented by expert chefs from multi grub restaurants. The journey is of 7-8 days starting from Mumbai- Vadodara- Udaipur- Jodhpur- Agra- Sawai Madhopur- Jaipur ending in Delhi.

Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey-3

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The vibrant outlook furnished with excellent designs along with first class lounge bar, restaurants and bedrooms.

3. The Golden Chariot

The Karnataka State tourism proposed this heavenly luxury train connecting some of the important tourists states like Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. There are 11 cabins which are named after the ruling dynasty with flabbergasting Ayurvedic Spa center, dazing lounges and in-house fine dining restaurants. Along with the picturesque routes, the compartments are made of purple and golden colour with artful interiors. The breakfast service is one of the unique facilities providing in bed with a luxurious grandeur. Golden Chariot has been awarded as the ‘Asia’s leading luxury train at World Travel awards 2013

Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey-5

Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey-6 You wound't want to take your eyes off from this stunning interiors provided with lavish food , comfort, bedrooms and bathrooms.

4. Palace on Wheels

If you want to commemorate the royal era then Palace on Wheel is the place for you. Costing starts from 51,000(Deluxe Cabin) and goes uptil 3,78,000(Super Deluxe Cabin).It again depends which suite you wish to take.There are 14 deluxe rooms with fully air conditioned with historical coaches giving a stunning aesthetic Rajasthani look. This luxury train has the capability to charm the travelers not only from India but also foreigners. You will have a luxurious ride for 7-8 days starting from Delhi- Jaipur- Chittorgarh- Udaipur- Golden City- Jodhpur-Agra ending in Delhi.

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Adore the luxury surrounded by blue domestic with deluxe dining.

5. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Richness in heritage, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels will take you too many extraordinary places and fortresses built on Rajput region. One can expect a luxury hotel with a great hospitality with deluxe saloons and stunning decorated cars embellished in Rajasthani Style. The pricing starts from 44,000 INR if you are taking the Deluxe Cabin, going up to 117,300 INR if you book Super Deluxe Cabin. The warm welcome of Royal Rajasthan On Wheels while boarding is a sheer brilliance with beauty and glory of grand musical carpet greet in a Rajasthani way. The cabins give a noble outlook fuming Rajputana history. ,,New Delhi <-> Rajasthan (Udaipur <-> Jodhpur <-> Chittorgarh <-> Sawai Madhopur <-> Khajurahi <-> Uttar Pradesh (Varanasi <-> Agra) <-> New Delhi.

Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey-9

Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey-10 Don't you want to take a train journey riding through the land of kings and warriors in a luxurious way?

6. Royal Orient Train

Connecting two vigorous states of India i.e. Rajasthan and Gujarat, one will feel the princely vibe taking the tourists back to the age of kings. The train provides all the luxury and comfort like all the other trains mentioned above. When it comes to food there are variations starting from Rajasthani, Gujarati, Indian, Chinese and other continental food. The interior designs are colossal giving a tinge of Gujarati look. Pricing of the ticket depends on which month you are going and again the type of cabin one wishes to halt. The minimum charge is 12,000 INR and maximum is 18,000 INR depending upon the cabin. If you are looking for something new than this is the right town, thereby taking you to the places like Chittorgarh Fort, Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Sabarmati Ashram, Lake Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar etc.; . So, what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy your 7-day extravagant journey.

Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey-11

Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey-12 It has a 5 star hotel grandeur with appealing cabins.

7. Fairy Queen

Adorned with one of the oldest engines in the world dated back to the British times. Since the inception of British Revolt 1857 the train is garnished with lavish outlook. The train runs between Delhi and Alwar. The journey will remind you of the old and vintage days. The costing isn't as expensive as the other trains mentioned above hence costing you just twelve- thirteen thousand INR per person. Besides luxury, an adventure junkie would cherish the journey and will get an opportunity to do the adventurous Jeep tour to Sariska National Park. Apart from this the train provides Lunch, breakfast, Lunch, also the overnight stays, cultural programs at this cost for 7-8 days. Well who wouldn't want to try out the luxurious benefits at thirteen thousand? Wonderful isn't it. So, pack your bags and give yourself a break.

Relish your journey in a vintage way taking you back to the old times!

8. The Darjeeling Toy Train

This train needs no prologue or pre-face, this train has been witnessed in the famous Bollywood movies to the Tv serials. Since our childhood days, this train has been extremely famous and loved by children, adults, travelers and honeymoon couples. It had garnered so much attention that it has become a tourist attraction and considered one of the best train tours in India. Darjeeling is the hub of Himalayas; hence the train passes through beautiful rocky terrain and thrilling landscapes. For any adventure junkie will feel the adrenaline rush with a terrific ride experience. Take the adventurous tour with a journey of 2 days from Darjeeling to Ghum. The costing starts from 600- 1000 INR. Who wouldn't want to grab seat and enjoy a tranquil ride in one of the famous trains in India?

Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey-13 Journey through majestic snow- capped mountains along with extravaganza services provided by this train will never disappoint you.

9. The Maharajas

Voted as the world’s leading luxurious train and if The Maharajas isn’t in your bucket list, book your tickets now and take the ride. The Maharajas has been around for 7 years and is new in the world of luxury trains. This train has won many accolades like the best in travel awards for showing first class travel experience in the world and also one of the best luxury trains in India. The budget of the trip is between 200,790 - 1,635,300 INR hence making it one of the costliest trip. The services provided by The Maharajas is the most hyped thing starting from treated like King and queen where one will have a personal and private butler. The butler will cater to your needs from breakfast having a personalized wakeup call to proving tea, coffee. One of the best things about The Maharajas Express is that the butler will escort you to the place where you need to deboard. Hence it is the perfect place if you are looking for a memorable family or for a honeymoon vacation. The lavishness of the train will amaze you in every sense and worth every penny spent leaving no disappointment by the passengers. The medical facility is one of the stunning facilities provided by The Maharajas. The doctors would be at your door if something happens at any point of time bestowing services 24x7. The passengers would get pampered with such quality treatment thereby boasting about deluxe rooms of different variations, western food and ravishing interiors.

Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey-14 Every penny spent on such trains giving you bliss and full satisfaction.

10. Heritage on Wheels

One of the India’s oldest luxury trains, The Heritage on Wheels runs through the traditions of Rajasthan where most of the compartments have been taken from Palace on Wheels. One would definitely fall in love with the beauty of the train be it interior the hospitality and food. The journey starts through Bikaner, Nawalghar, Shekhawati and some parts of Rajasthan. The budget of the trip is between ten thousand- twenty thousand INR running two days a week from Jaipur. The decorum of the train is extremely beautiful with continental local restaurants, huge cabins with a royal outlook with an outstanding bar making it more copious and gorgeous. If you want to treasure memories and enjoy refreshment and delicacy book your tickets for Heritage on Wheels before its late. Relish the most significant spots in the deserts of Rajasthan among the land of kings, rulers and warriors treating you like a prince.

Top 10 Luxury Trains In India To Experience Heavenly Journey-15 A palace set up with outstanding princely designs where one will feel like a queen or a king.

Do you want yourself to treat you like a king and a queen? Are you stupefied by the luxury trains which I have mentioned above? Give yourself a hiatus from your monotonous daily or in the office working 9 hours, take the ride and savour some good times with your friends and family. Come and relive the memories with your loved ones spending quality time and fancy the mildness, quietness of the train journey!

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