Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Surrounded by a horde of forests and built along a farm culture of rice paddies, the town of Ubud has a healing effect on the troubled minds of its tourists, almost literally since the name is derived from the Indonesian word for 'medicine', where the town's roots lie.

The origin's of the town based on a meditation run of an ancient priest, the city is well endowed with a rich culture of preaching and pilgrimage border-lining on the presence of the various temples in the area. Visits to these temples often lead to a self enlightenment, in terms of tradition if not belief in a higher power.

As mentioned, the town is one with nature. This is reinforced with the popular tourist activities being wandering around the nearby Ubud Monkey Forest or the Campuhan ridge. You could go on a walk, cycling tour or raft your way across the Ayung river. Visit the Bali bird park or the botanic garden.

But don't believe for a second that the Bali culture is limited to preaching, for it is an important aspect of life there, albeit not the only one. Art courses in the traditional craftsmanship, cooking classes offering the Bali cuisine on a plate, cultural performances bathing in the native dance forms, and meditation lessons being a fraction of your To Do list while in Ubud.

Be sure to check out this balance of calm of nature and the hustle of society.

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