Mashobra, Himachal Pradesh, India

Mashobra, Himachal Pradesh, India

A place of unique beauty is the oak and pine retreat of Mashobra, at an altitude of 2,149 meters (7,700 ft.). Mashobra is home to stunning natural landscapes, enchanting historical encounters and cultural attractions. From sparkling watercourses to majestic mountain ranges, Mashobra provides you an opportunity to revel in the true spirit of the Himalayas. Once the most preferred leisure locale of the British Raj, this wonderland bears a unique natural magnificence.

Just 3 km from Mashobra, Craignano is at an height of 2,279 metres (7,800 ft.). A winding path leads through the forest of pines up a gentle incline to the breath taking beautiful gardens filled with an abundance of flowers, amidst clumps of trees, in the spacious lawns, are stone benches and lovely secluded picnic spots. The area adjoining to Mashobra is famous for apples orchards.


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Craignano - Picnic Spot

Mashobra is a quaint hill town located very close to Shimla. Craignano is one of the main attractions of Mashobra. It is an Italian style villa constructed by the Italian photographer who named it aft...

Reserve Forest Sanctuary

Reserve Forest sanctuary is abundant in the exquisite variety of flora and fauna. It is the highest watershed in the whole of Asia, which supplies water to the Shimla district. You can spot a huge var...

Mashobra Sightseeing

If you are in search of peaceful and tranquil landscapes, Mashobra is the place for you. Percehed on the banks of the rivers Indus and Ganga, it is regarded as Asia's largest watershed, supplying wate...