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Let’s travel Unconventional – CHAKRATA

Since my college began, I have been hearing a lot about this offbeat place near Dehradun. All the camping enthusiast of my batch went there and had loads of stories to tell. And now that I could visit this beautiful place, I want to share my rich experience about the whole trip.

Chakrata known as Jaunsar Bawar in earlier times is situated roughly 100 kms from Dehradun district surrounded by tall oak trees away from the city hustle bustle. If you ask me, this is the best place for nature lovers and trekkers. Be it summers or winters, the weather is likeable here. Not just weather but there are lots of enigmatic and alluring places you can find here that adds to the trip.

Below are a few of them I enjoyed exploring and I’m sure if you visit the place, you’ll love them too.


Let’s travel Unconventional – CHAKRATA-1 Deoban (Deo refers to God and Ban refers to Forest) is God’s own dense beutiful forest about 10 kms from Chakrata base and it is the place not to be missed. The journey to ‘VYAS SHIKHAR’ an ideal spot to see the panoramic view of Himalayas through the dense forest is what you can never forget. Full of adventure and natural beauty is this place you must visit. It is said that Rishi Vyas wrote Mahabharata sitting on this spot.


Let’s travel Unconventional – CHAKRATA-2 If you have not tried rappelling so far, this is the best place to have the experience. You won’t be able to see the exquisite fall from a large distance as it is all surrounded by the forests but you can get the noise of water falling in the forests. And once you get the sight of it, it is mesmerizing.


Let’s travel Unconventional – CHAKRATA-3 This is the highest peak in Chakrata and the best place for exploring the flora and fauna. Winters are the season to see the migratory birds and butterflies are everywhere in summers. Not just this, but the stillness of this place takes you to the next level of thoughts. Best place for introspection and meditation.


Let’s travel Unconventional – CHAKRATA-4 There are these Budher caves 20 kms away from Chakrata. From the road, it’s a trek of about 3kms through dense green forests of deodar trees around you with butterflies sitting on your nose or maybe you playing with them along the way. And then you reach these caves which according to locals was built by Pandavas, which should be explored with the guidance of a local guide else they can prove dangerous but it worth trying exploring several structures in the caves.

Not just this, but there are a lot a lot of more sights that can be explored if you have time. And camping is the best part of the whole travel. I hope you have as much fun as I had on this secluded yet exquisite place in India. Want to add something more to my travel diary? Drop in the comment section below.
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