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Let’s Explore Magnificent SPITI

The mountains are calling and I must go.

-John Muir

I had this thought in mind when I started looking for a new place to explore. I heard people talking about a lot of places around but I wanted the one less travelled, solitary and aesthetic.

Then someone suggested me this place called Spiti and I started googling about it. I came across a lot of travel blogs and tourism websites that tempted me to visit this place at least once and I suggest the same to you. Don’t carry expectations and you would experience something beautiful, adventurous and exciting at every stop of this journey.

I would not leave you just with this one line suggestion but below are few places you need to stop and just admire.


Let’s Explore Magnificent SPITI-1 Located at a height of about 14000 feet, this lake is located at a distance of 6 kms from Kumzum Pass. It is also called as Moon Lake because of its crescent shape. There is no population around the lake except the camping enthusiasts. It gets completely frozen in winters. Local people around believe that this lake is visited by fairies in the night. The most beautiful panorama of this region is here.


Let’s Explore Magnificent SPITI-2 Surprised much?! This is the Udaipur of Himachal Pradesh. Named after the king of Chamba Udai Singh is known for its two pilgrimages considered holy by both Hindus and Buddhists. Markula Devi temple is the one dedicated to Goddess Durga and Trilokinath Temple is the one which is highly regarded by Hindus and Buddhists both. The architecture of these temples is one of its kind. Other than this, this place serves as a gateway for various routes like Zanskar, Kibber etc.


Let’s Explore Magnificent SPITI-3 Kaza is situated along river Spiti and is the base camp for lots of treks. It is known for its festivals and ancient of all monasteries like Sakya Tangyud and Tabo monastery. Apart from this, there is an ancient palace of the king of Kaza.


Let’s Explore Magnificent SPITI-4 Pin valley is situated along riven Pin and offers good trek to Kinnaur. The region is rich in flora with rarest of plant species along with fauna which includes snow leopards, red fox, snow cock, woolly hare and much more. Indian nationals are supposed to take a permit to explore the national park whereas the foreign nationals aren’t allowed in. This area is a great amalgamation of nature’s beauty with adventure. Must watch!


Let’s Explore Magnificent SPITI-5 Dhankar monastery stands firm on a hill at a height of 13000 ft was once a fort and considered as one of the most remarkable monuments of Spiti valley when you drive between Tabo and Kaza. It has about 150 lamas residing in it and holds rich Buddhist scriptures with beautiful descriptions and depictions of Buddhist culture on its walls. Not just these places but there are a lot more to see and capture. Apart from architectural sites, there are people of this valley who tell you about the traditions, festivals and culture of this place and greet you warmly. Interacting with people here was the most exciting part as I got to know a lot more than what a regular tourist can see. Go check out some exciting offerings on Shoes On Loose to travel this dreamland and have the time of your life.

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