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Konkan Coast for the Weekend

As the woodland panorama slipped in the sight, we became more impatient for the view of countryside. The breath of fresh culture, raw lifestyle and unadulterated neighbourhood away from the crowd is always enticing. So we decided on an unforeseen journey to the Konkan coast in an hour and headed out after tucking in some money and extra clothes.


Newbies on the road, we blindly followed anyone who seemed like having an idea about the place, for we had none.Android phones and GPS came to the rescue butwe missed quite a few turns in the night. The entire stretch of highway was lined with trees, the occasional dhaabas and some small shops, our chai and sutta stops. We had a few lucky escapes from accidents too; we hit a cat, were almost hit by a truck (twice), and slept off while driving. Talk about luck! Anyway, we hit the hills just as daylight broke and after a long night of randomness, we reached Dapoli.


Now, I am one of the few who have never been able to decide if they were a beach person or a mountain lover. Well, both have an overwhelming effect on my senses and leave longing memories. The Konkan coastal range thankfully had BOTH! The beaches in Dapoli are a monumental treat for soul. Shades of nature in perfect harmony - blue waters on white Konkan sand, light drizzle in the air, green mountains erect in the backdrop. What more do you want? 

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Dapoli, as the locals there told us, remained cold throughout the year. But once in the water, all the shivering and teeth chattering were put behind. Some play in the water, chit-chat sitting by the waves, and we were famished. Standard chai and sutta, with chicken, scrambled eggs and pau(the staple food of Maharashtra) and we headed to the next stop, Guhagar.

Romanticizing the journey to Guhagar will not be too much - vision covered by the stretch of clouds and occasional patches of rain, old Bollywood classics on the tape, five friends singing on the highest pitch, while colliding into each other on every steep turn.

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Guhagar and around is more inhabited than Dapoli, the beaches relatively crowded and lacking the heavenly backdrop. And the full sun was disappointing. No tans for me please! So I let my friends dive in the sea, fixing myself a comfortable place on the sand with a drink. While drive in Guhagar, one will see quite a few Shiva temples on the roadside and this small cut of vaguely shaped island that grows heart-warming shades of greens and pinks. Tower climbing, tarzan swings on the trees and the hill top are the main attractions. Go do your thing.

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Surprisingly it did not take us more than four hours to drive back to Mumbai. And it shouldn’t take you that long to reach either. This makes it a pretty neat getaway. Four hours including the time we stopped at local shops to straighten our backs? We must be really high then to spend double the time reaching the place.

Completely exhausted back home but there was this happiness about the weekend spent in such a theatrical seascape. Thinking about Monday brought a crease on the forehead, but till the much mournful-day happened, I closed myself to the weekend epics. 

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