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Kerala Tour FAQ And Their Answers!


Planning your Kerala holidays? Some questions running in your mind over and over again? Give your mind some rest as Shoes On Loose has got the answers you are seeking.

After months of research and interviewing the best of best, we have listed down the important questions every first timer has in mind while heading to God’s Own Country. Pick your pen and add the keynotes that we are giving away with the FAQ about Kerala.

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What type of climate does Kerala have?

Summers (April-June): The summer season in Kerala is hot and humid with temperature ranging from 26 -33 degree Celsius. However, the weather in the hill stations is cold and pleasant and is best suited for a vacation.

Monsoons (July-September): Kerala receives a high amount of rainfall in the monsoon season. The months of July to September are considered best to visit Kerala as it provides a refreshing look to the place. The temperature varies from 22 - 27 degree Celsius.

Winters: The winters are not very cold in Kerala due to its tropical climate. It is considered a good time to go for a trip to Kerala. You can enjoy a pleasant weather on the hill stations and as well on the coastal areas with temperature ranging from 24 - 32 degree Celsius.

Can I hire a private houseboat in Alleppey?

Yes, depending on the package you are booking you have both shared and private houseboats available for rent in Alleppey. You can ask your travel expert to book a private houseboat for your trip.

Is vegetarian food served in the houseboats?

Depending on your preference, they serve both vegetarian and nonvegetarian food on the houseboats. It is recommended to enjoy seafood

Do they have televisions in houseboats?

Yes, there are televisions in houseboats but the cable service is not available. It is advisable to carry pen drives with the shows and movies you want to watch.

Are houseboats air conditioned? Does it work 24-hrs?

Yes, houseboats have air conditioners. But, they will work according to the houseboat you book. Deluxe houseboats turn on the AC from 9 pm-6 am. In premium houseboats, AC works 24 hours in bedrooms only. In luxury houseboats, AC works for 24 hours in the houseboat.

What type of clothes should I wear in Kerala?

The light cotton clothes are preferred during the summer season. Do not forget to keep some raincoats and waterproof attires if you are visiting in the monsoon season. For the winter light winter clothes are suggested.

How many airports are there in Kerala?

There are 3 airports in the state of Kerala - Trivandrum International Airport, Cochin International Airport, and Karipur Airport, Kozhikode.

Can I go for a houseboat ride during the monsoon season?

Yes, the houseboat rides are open during the monsoon season. However, if it is raining heavily the rides might shut down for safety reasons.

Do people in Kerala speak Hindi?

Hindi is not widely spoken in Kerala. You can either communicate with the people in Kerala in English or Malayalam.

What are the best things to buy in Kerala?

Kerala is best known for its variety of spices. For souvenirs, you can buy Kavasu saris (traditional Kerala sarees), Mural paintings, Kathakali masks, coconut shell handicrafts and Aranmula Kannadi (a special type of mirror made only in Kerala).

How many days do I need to travel all around Kerala?

You can thoroughly visit Kerala in 7-8 days. You will be picked up from Cochin and dropped at Thiruvananthapuram for a package of 7-8 days.

What are the famous cultural shows that I can enjoy in Kerala?

Kerala is most famous for its Kathakali dance form which you can best enjoy at Kerala Kathakali centre in Kochi. Apart from Kathakali, you can enjoy Kalari show in Thekkady, Theyyam in Kannur, Pulikali during Onam and Punarjani traditional village in Munnar. (Ask your travel expert for information about tickets, shows, and venues).

Is Kerala a safe place to travel?

Yes, Kerala is one of the safest places to travel in India with the very low crime rate and high literacy rate in the state.

Where is the famous Padmanabhaswamy Temple located in Kerala?

Padmanabhaswamy Temple is in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala.The 16th-century temple is one of the famous tourist destinations in Kerala.

Note: Men are required to wear dhoti kurta and women sarees if they want to visit the temple.

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