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Kerala Holidays Customer's Case Studies


One of the biggest challenges in travelling is knowing where to go and how to use your available time, effort, and money to the make of your holidays. There are countless different ways that you can go forward with, but it never shows the real deal we are looking for!

Kerala Holidays Customer's Case Studies-1 In this blog, we have collected multiples case studies from our customers who travelled to God's Own Country and found out what is best for the traveller over what we assumed by the traveller will best for him/her. Go through our Kerala case studies listed here, and we're sure you’ll find the information useful that you can note down to have memorable Kerala holidays.

1. Arrival and Departure Timings Issues

Kerala Holidays Customer's Case Studies-2

Our clients Karan and Nisha planned their Kerala honeymoon with us in December 2017 (which they still can't get over their minds). But, it wouldn't have been the same had they not taken care of their arrival and departure timings. Usually, the traveller looks for the cheapest flight over the flight which can actually make a difference in what you get to do the day you reach or head back home.

Earlier, Karan was looking forward to booking flight tickets from New Delhi at 2 PM and reach Cochin by 5 PM (approx.). But the real deal was they had to pay the hotel and transfer costing even though that means you don't do anything that but just head to your hotel room after reaching the airport. Our Kerala Travel expert Himanshu suggested them to book their early morning flight so that they can actually go for a sightseeing tour in the daytime and try out delicious eateries options to get the taste of God's Own Country.

Saving on a very marginal difference of flights should be avoided as it should be preferred to make the maximum use of the day over saving on small things which actually cost in experience and we all know a trip is actually about Experiences and not money.

2. Meal Plans Issues

Kerala Holidays Customer's Case Studies-3

When we think about the relaxed holidays, we think of meal plans included in the itinerary. So this was the case with Ranjeet and his friends who planned their holiday with us in March 2018. Similar to Ranjeet, many customers prefer MAP(Modified American Plan) in which they get breakfast and dinner at the place they stay.

In the case of Ranjeet, our Kerala travel expert Meenu suggested them to switch their meal plan to CP(Continental Plan) in which just breakfast is included. Why did Meenu recommend it? Well, it's because mostly the hotels in Kerala serve the South Indian food and not all the people remain happy eating the same type of food for four nights and five days(most prefered travel duration for Kerala holidays).

It's better the customers have their breakfast in the hotel to start the day with the taste of God's Own Country, head out to explore the place and then try the food at the restaurants of their choice and satiate their hunger side. Moreover, it actually costs less compared to the MAP plan. So, it's WIN-WIN advice to our Kerala travellers.

With hassle-free travel as our motto, we want our customers to have beautiful memories when they travel with us. To make that happen, we have been trying hard and finding the little things as we all know its not always about the big things but the little things which can make a huge difference in the customers trip and making it a beautiful memory.

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