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Kerala is healing now, safe for tourists to visit God's own country


This year our country witnessed one of the worst natural disasters in history when one of our states had to go through so much due to the havoc of nature. In the July of 2018 in Kerala which is fondly known as God’s own country was destroyed to its lows due to the Act of God. Thousands of people were displaced, houses and properties were destroyed, billions of money was lost and the beauty of the state was ruined which lead to the halt in the tourism industry.

It was the worst of time for floods to hit Kerala as 2018 was the year for the famous Neelakurjinji flower to bloom which happens once in 12 years. The loss couldn’t have been grievous for the country as it was a hard blow not only to the economy of the state but of the country as well.

But, such are the times when the unity of the country is reflected. We all came forward to help Kerala with whatever way we could, contributing what we each could make in bits and pieces. The results were shown in no time as Kerala was put back to life and is recovering fast. Though it will take time for the people and for the state to recover completely from such a huge loss people have shown tremendous humanity and strength to bring back Kerala to its senses and pump back life in the state.

With the end of this September, the tourism industry of Kerala will revive back and will start accepting tourists with open arm. This is the time when Kerala needs you more than it has ever does. If you are planning to travel South, you can surely consider Kerala and if not completely you must at least include Kerala in your itinerary. The tourism industry is one of the biggest contributors to the GDP of Kerala and your tourism will not only give you the aesthetic pleasure of the beauty of Kerala but will also contribute to the development of Kerala.

Kerala is safe now!

Kerala is healing now, safe for tourists to visit God's own country-1 Sure you want to help in whatever ways you can to revive Kerala, but safety is a big concern. Let us put your worries to rest and huge measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the tourists who want to visit Kerala now. If you want to visit Kerala, the tourist places such as Munnar have opened again for tourism and Alleppey has again started its houseboats, you can go back to Thekkady for a jungle safari.

Places to visit Kerala after the floods


Kerala is healing now, safe for tourists to visit God's own country-2 Known for its beauty of tea gardens but this year everyone in Munnar was excited for the huge inflow of tourists due to the blooming of Neelakurinji flower in Ernakulam. Although, the Munnar was hit by a series of landslide but by the end of August people started working in reviving the tourism industry. Now, Ernakulum National Park has been rebuilt and is opened to the tourists in 2018. Surprisingly, the flood didn’t scare away too many tourists as people from all around the world are still in full spirits to witness the rarest of the rare phenomenon of the Neelakurinji flower. We assure that Kerala is safe to visit now and you must not cancel on Munnar if you were planning to visit Kerala this year. You’d still be blown away to witness the beauty of the Munnar especially the hills of the Western Ghats which have been carpeted by the blue Neelakurinji. Also, the Munnar won’t be overcrowded with tourists so it works as an advantage for you.


Kerala is healing now, safe for tourists to visit God's own country-3 Alleppey, the Venice of the East was submerged in flood water in August. But, with the beginning of September, the water started depleting and Alleppey is healed both for local and tourists. With the beginning of the month of September people have already started coming to Alleppey for the much talked about houseboat experience in Kerala. Alleppey has been redeveloped in no time to bring people back to normal life and to bring back the tourist industry in pace. It is safe to visit Alleppey now and you can go without any worries.


Kerala is healing now, safe for tourists to visit God's own country-4 Although Thekkady wasn’t hit so badly by the floods but due to the flood in the neighbouring areas, it became difficult for people to access Thekkady and since it is a full package of Alleppey, Munnar and Thekkady, the tourism in all three areas came to stand still. But, now since Munnar and Alleppey have healed, it is needless to say it is absolutely safe to visit Thekkady now. Thekkady is home to the exquisite variety of flora and fauna, elephants, deer and other species of the Western Ghats. You can enjoy a jungle safari, elephant ride in Thekkady.

Marari Beach

Kerala is healing now, safe for tourists to visit God's own country-5 Lined up with the coast of golden sands and palm arrays, Marari beach is one of the serene beaches in Kerala. It is located in the village with the same name and is also known as 'Fisher's man village. Marari beach is located in the Allapuza district of Kerala. It was one of the areas of in the state which was hit by the floods and has recovered from the disaster in no time. Visit the Marari beach for the offbeat experience with the undisturbed beauty of sea and sky.

Let’s come together to witness the beauty of the Neelakurjinji flower, have a little talk with locals about the disaster that they had gone through, let's give these people back their life who are waiting with their arms wide open for their tourist guests. Let's fill the tea gardens with joy and beaches with life. Let's put Kerala back on its track and let boost the recovery. Let's revive Kerala by flourishing the tourism industry of the state. Let’s bring back the beauty of God’s own country and let’s visit Kerala in 2018!

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