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Kasol: The Mini Israel Of India


Kasol: The Mini Israel Of India-1 For a pleasant vacation without breaking the bank, Kasol is the place much more than a delight. An ideal getaway for a two-three day for those of you that love snow. This quiet and easygoing place is situated in the Parvati valley and somewhere every Indian dreams of visiting this place at least once in their lifetime. Nestled amidst the forests and mountains environed with breezy winds, Kasol lures thousands of travellers as it is known for a number of hippies for an obvious reason.

Things to do in Kasol


Kasol: The Mini Israel Of India-2 If you are looking for adventure at another level, you must visit Kasol for camping. The camping basically aims at giving the natural touch of the passing by river Parvati aside. The sunrise and sunset here are admirable. Experience the ultimate challenge and seek what you have been looking for.

Try Different Cuisines at Various Cafes

Kasol: The Mini Israel Of India-3 As you trek miles and miles each day during your Kasol trip, your stomach would surely demand food. Kasol is famous for its Cafe Culture. Try different cuisines like Italian, German which will soothe your taste buds. Altogether, this little town in the mountains is the perfect retreat for the hippies. Go there, venture out the different avatars of Kasol.

Beside this, you will be pleased with the homage the locals pay you.


Kasol: The Mini Israel Of India-4 Kasol has plenty to offer for every preference and budget. Ranging from semi-precious stones to sun- beautiful pendants from tees for the lovers to the die-hard followers of Lord Shiva. Kasol is the answer to all your shopping needs. This is a place your negotiation skills will be put to test!

Visit Manikaran Sahib

Kasol: The Mini Israel Of India-5 Divine peace, holiness, one can find here. Perched on the right bank of the roaring Parvati River, Manikaran Sahib is located at a mere distance of 6 km from Kasol. The high point of the gurudwara is a hot water spring which is believed to consist the magical properties to cure your illness if you take a dip.

Kasol: The Mini Israel Of India-6 Kheer Ganga Trek Trekking is one of the most famous activity to do when you are in Kasol. One such famous trek to do in Kasol is Kheerganga Trek. Spanning a distance of 12 km, it can be covered in 4-5 hours. But when you finally reach the lush green meadows, you will find the answer to all your prayers. And what’s better than dipping in the hot water after you come tired from the trekking trail? Absolutely nothing.

Malana Trek

Kasol: The Mini Israel Of India-7

Kasol: The Mini Israel Of India-8 An isolated village nestled in the Himalayas, Malana is famous for its distinct culture and Jamlu Devta Temple. Malana villagers consider themselves descendants of the soldiers of the Macedonian conqueror Alexander. If you are looking for adventure at another level, then you must go for Malana trek from Kasol. The trek is full of rocky mountains and steep climbs. The trek is difficult but yet adventurous. Go there and get super high on mountains.

How to reach Kasol?

Route from Delhi: During your journey to Kasol you will be driven on NH 44, SH 4, NH 205, NH 154, NH 3 etc.

By Bus: There are no direct buses from New Delhi to Kasol. You can catch a bus from Delhi and it would drop you at Bhuntar, which is at a distance of 30 km from Kasol. From here on you can catch the local bus or hire a local taxi. Another way you can get to this place is via Kullu. Get down at Kullu, which is at a distance of 40 km from Kasol. Again, a local bus or hire a cab which will take you to this village.

By Car: Find the right company and drive off for a 550 km ride while playing your favorite playlist and taking halts wherever you want.

*Advice: For a convenient traveling, take turns for driving so that one person doesn’t get exhausted driving for too long.*

By Flight: The nearest airport to Kasol is Bhuntar which is also called Kullu-Manali Airport. Get a cab from there. You will have to travel for the shortest time in this route. However, most of the time tourists love to avail the bus route here.

Approximate return bus fare (Delhi-Kasol-Delhi):

Non-AC: INR 1600

AC: INR 2000

Where to Eat in Kasol?

1. Jim Morrison Cafe

If you like the artwork on walls, cheap food, chilling, lying down in one place for a long time, ginger black tea, a decent WiFi connection right in the middle of the picturesque Kasol, then this is your hide.

Cost: Meal for two costs under Rs. 750

2. Mutton Momos at Didi’s

Right opposite to where the bus stops at Kasol, there is a small food joint. Go there, and have the best mutton momos there is! It is delicious and cheap. Didi is friendly and loves to serve food to the customers with a smile! Moreover, this place mostly has a very fast service (rare in the area).

Cost: Meal for two costs under Rs. 200

3. Bhoj Cafe

Shady, crowded, dimly lit, blaring music- but the food is better than at most other places. Stick to the Falafels and the Sizzlers.

Cost: Meal for two costs under Rs. 600

4. Moon Dance Cafe

Lemon Ana is a recommended mocktail, the Kasol version of a strong virgin mojito served mixed with crushed ice.

Cost: Meal for two costs under Rs. 700

Where to Stay in Kasol?

1. Hotel Negi’s Nest

The Nest offers a stunning landscape just out of the window and the ambiance of a Himalayan homestay at once. 24x7 room service and lush green lawn area. It is where you will leave behind the hustle and bustle of daily lives and simply revel and rejuvenate in the lap of unsullied nature.

2. Parvati Kuteer

It is one of the places to stay in Kasol where guests are gods and service with a smile is devotion. The view was amazing from the entrance to the terrace. The place is filled with indoor to mini outdoor games to keep you connected to the hostelers and staff.

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