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Kanyakumari - The Confluence Of Three Seas!

We all know Kanyakumari as the southernmost tip of India. But, what lies hidden about this beauty of South is the tranquility of beaches that will take you away from the buzz of the cities. "Inner Peace" that you find missing in most parts of the country, can be experienced in Kanyakumari. The gushing sound of the waves, the islands that lie amid the sea, the sunset, and sunrise that look extremely beautiful, to top it all the confluence of three seas that is the hidden wonder of India.

1. Sunrise and Sunset

Kanyakumari - The Confluence Of Three Seas!-1

I just can't emphasize enough on why you should marvel at the beautiful sunset and sunrise that Kanyakumari hosts. The breath-taking show with the hues of blue, red and orange in the sky that ultimately make its way in the sea is a delight to watch.

2. Vivekananda Rock Memorial

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 Take a short cruise to this point that is located at a distance of 400 m from the shore. The memorial is situated in the middle of the sea and is dedicated to the Swamy Vivekananda. The reason why this spot is a must visit is the spectacular scenery that your eyes will behold from this point. Vivekananda Memorial offers the beautiful scenery of the sea and the amazing show of sunset and sunrise.

3. Triveni Sangam

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The fact that most of us are ignorant about Kanyakumari is that this place hosts the wonderful confluence of three seas. The waters of the Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean meet at this very place but the three shades of blue look distinct. Meaning, you can differentiate between waters of three seas from your naked eyes. The Triveni Sangam is the point from where you can speculate this wonder of nature.

4. View Tower

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If you want to behold the entire beauty of Kanyakumari from one spot then you can visit the View Tower that offers the mesmerizing view of the confluence of three seas,the huge Thiruvalluvar statue, the Vivekananda memorial amid the sea and the skyline of the city.

5. Beaches

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 The Southern part of India is loaded with the beauty of beaches and waterfalls and so is Kanyakumari. The most famous beaches of this place are- Muttom beach offering the skyline of the city, Thengapattinam beach known for a peaceful getaway from the city, Sanguthurai beach down the road and Sothavilai beach with the awesome view and a small market on the sea shore.

6. Waterfalls

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The important waterfalls of the city are  Thiruparrapu falls- 15 m high waterfall which makes it way into the river Kothai, Olakavuri waterfalls, located in the middle of Western Ghats Mankayam waterfalls, Pazhaya waterfalls, Meenmutty waterfalls ,Vazhvanthol Water Falls and Kutralam waterfalls among the other waterfalls located in and around Kanyakumari.

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