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Best Places To Visit In Ladakh

To the north of Indus Valley lies the Ladakh region also described as ‘Magic Land’ or ‘Moon Land’ for it is all about snow covered peaks, beautiful salt water lakes, and ineffable culture. To experience the journey to heaven on earth, one must travel to Ladakh at least once in life. There are two ways to reach Ladakh by road either from Srinagar or Manali with a one night halt on the way. And the favourable time to be there is between May and October. Ladakh is widely known for its high-rise monasteries and the Hemis monastery is amongst the most popular ones. 

Talking about the best places or reasons to visit The Magic Land, have a look below

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1. Lake Pangong

Best Places To Visit In Ladakh-1 This 134 km long water body is the hotspot for people travelling to Ladakh. This is the same beautiful lake that was seen in the movie 3 Idiots. It is so clean and you yourself won’t feel to litter it. It is all frozen in winters and if you have courage much, you can try ice skating. The characteristic feature of this lake is that it does not remain blue throughout the year.The Pangong lake gains much of its popularity after it became a hot-spot for many of the popular Bollywood movies. The surreal beauty and the crystal clear waters of this lake has won the hearts of numerous tourists since time immemorial.

2. Shanti Stupa

Best Places To Visit In Ladakh-2 Residing at a height of about 4200 meters, Shanti Stupa is a place where you can witness the panorama of snow carved mountains. It is just opposite to the Leh Palace and was built at the completion of 2500 years of Buddhism and to promote world peace and prosperity. It is one of the most visited places in Ladakh. Shanti Stupa is located at such a place that it is visible anywhere from the Leh city. The Leh Palace was the tallest building of its time. It is also popularly known as the 'peace pillar'.

3. Leh Palace

Best Places To Visit In Ladakh-3 Situated on a steep hill, Leh Palace is a 9-story architecture belongs to the 17th century is now being restored by archaeological survey of India. The roof of the palace gives you an exquisite view of the whole valley.

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4. Magnetic Hill

Best Places To Visit In Ladakh-4 This is one mysterious place in the Leh Valley where you leave your vehicle at the foothill and the vehicle starts moving upwards itself. The phenomenon behind it adds to the curiosity of the visitors there. Nearby is one Gurudwara Pathar Sahib adding to the attraction.

5. Nubra Valley

Best Places To Visit In Ladakh-5 Nubra valley is the beautiful town of Ladakh, about 150 km away from Leh. To reach there, you drive over the world’s highest motorable road through Khardung La pass. There you can see the rare two-humped camels. Diskit Gompa, a monastery is one attraction of the valley considered as the oldest monastery in the valley. Moreover, there are several prayer festivals that take place in the Nubra Valley. One of the most renowned prayer festivals of the Nubra Valley is Desmochhey festival.

6. Dras Valley

Best Places To Visit In Ladakh-6 Dras Valley is India's coldest inhabited place, is mysteriously alluring. Dras is blessed with a stupendous scenic beauty which can captivate heart and soul of every traveler in just a few minutes. Discover the raw beauty of Dras Valley as you watch dusk fall over the barren brown mountains. The shadows create different shapes and textures as they move across the craggy landscape. It's an ideal place for a 3-days long good trek to the enchanting Suru Valley.

7. Festivals of Ladakh (Hemis & Losar)

Best Places To Visit In Ladakh-7 Hemis festival is celebrated in the month of June or July to mark the birth of the founder of tantric Buddhism Guru Padmasambhava. Dance and drama are performed all over the region wearing masks and colorful robes whereas Losar considered as a new year for Tibetan people is a month-long fest celebrated with great pomp and show.

Other than monasteries, there is a lot that can be done that could be an experience for the lifetime. Trekking, Ice skiing, Paragliding, shopping are some of the thrilling activities you can perform in Ladakh. Moreover, you can rent an automobile to explore the magic land. And all this can be done by coming along with ShoesOnLoose. Go check out exciting options and offers to experience the magic of Ladakh. The natural beauty of Ladakh is something you must certainly explore once in your lifetime.

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