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Impromptu Traveling Made Easy and Affordable

Impromptu Traveling Made Easy and Affordable

Last moment traveling is such a stressful job. Particularly, when you have to travel abroad. The last minute packing and planning, winding up all your important tasks at the eleventh hour and don’t get me started on the steep-high airplane fares that you would be paying. We may not be able to help you out with other tasks but we surely will help you out A LOT with the airplanes fares reducing your traveling cost by upto 25%.


Last minute fares to places burn a hole in the pocket especially, if you are looking at one of the most sought after destinations – Bali – the ideal fare for booking on a date within 1 month range could be as high as 40,000 – 60,000 per person for a flight with a considerably better timing. We have seen that these factors to lower demand at least by 25 per cent. To counter this and spur travel demand, we are now putting our buck on ‘fixed departure packages’.

We are offering several packaged tours for Bali. For instance- A honeymooner’s paradise at Rs 53,000 for a six-day holiday and Goa for Rs 20,000 for a 4 day vacation with several choices for dates. We are able to give affordable options through the inventory we booked much in advance, so the price remains unaffected by the current crisis and the rise in demand closer to the dates.

We also provide flexibility to travelers in case they don’t have their passport ready with them they can give us the passport copies 21 days prior to the departure dates as the names in the flight ticket have be updated 21 days prior.

Also it gives our team to give focused service to the traveler removing any apprehension from the travelers mind that when they are about to book the flight cost might change while the payment is processed

We expect our customers to accept this as the new normal and help us provide more stable quotes which won’t fluctuate with time.

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