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Important Travel Restrictions due to COVID19 situation around the globe


Important Travel Restrictions due to COVID19 situation around the globe-1 We want to reach out to you personally in these uncertain times, as the situation around COVID 19 outbreak continues to evolve. At this point, our priority is to make it as easy and safe as possible for you to manage changes to your travel plans. The situation is changing with time and it's mostly very difficult to keep up with the changing situations here are some pointers to give you general guidance

Important Travel Restrictions due to COVID19 situation around the globe-2 1. From 22nd March 2020 until 29th March 2020 no International Flight will be allowed to land in India.

2. Ladakh region closes itself to both International and Domestic tourists till 30th April, 20.

3. Bali Cancels visa on arrival policy till 20th April – Underlying suggestion only essential travel with an important purpose would be granted visa for Indonesia no Leisure Travel would be encouraged.

4. Maldives remains safe up to now as a destination – however, with the travel ban around the world most resorts and airlines have suspended operations.

5. UAE cancels all visa post 17th March – Travel rescheduling is being done by most partners in a smooth manner.

6. Europe – Travel Ban almost all across Europe till 31st March – It’s a wait and watch the situation with Europe where North Italy has become the main focus area for the spread now.

7. Sri Lanka - Colombo - March 21st, 2020 - 1415 hours -As per the directive from the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka, no passenger will be accepted at the arrival terminal to enter the country from 19th March from 0400 hours until 25th March. All transit and departures to be operated including cargo flights will be accommodated at BIA.

8. Himachal, Uttarakhand and other states in India are too closing borders for outsiders– So if you have any travel planned even domestic before the 31st March – Please do check with the local authorities first – Travel only if it's important.

We have successfully helped all our travellers touring in various location (of course as the chronology of events unfolded that’s when we took the steps as we never had the ways to predict future ) so a lot of clients including me were in various parts of the world whose trips were being managed by our experts are now back safely in India and we being humble observers to this act of COVID suggest everyone in Shoes on Loose family to stay healthy safe and wait for things to be back on track.

In this time of social distancing, we welcome everyone to share your travel experiences on our blogging space -https://shoesonloose.com/blogs and our content team will help you curate them – if they do get published we give a 1000 SOL credit to people which you can use to book your future travel with us – I am sure this too shall pass if we all stick together and help each other recuperate out of this situation in a humane manner.

Rebook your Travel

You can rebook your trip to travel on or before 30 June 2020. You can even fly to a different destination within a specified zone. You can only make one change to your booking.

SOL Credit

Cancel your booking and use the value as credit towards your next trip – Based on the cancellation charges applicable – Most airline and hotel partners are giving us credit notes in the name of your specific travel – But we can convince them to use it other travellers name and give you an option to select a different destination though SOL.

Book before 31st Dec 2020, for travel starting before 31st March 2021.

Request a Refund

You’re entitled to a refund - Since the COVID19 situation is unprecedented – you can place a request for refund – But the booking as booked under certain cancellation policy which most hotels and airline are upholding – refund would be strictly as per the policy mentioned in the invoice

We’re closely monitoring the situation

We will only comment / suggest travel when we know it is safe for our clients /guests and our teams to do so. We’re working closely with the government and health authorities to monitor the situation as it develops and implement network changes whenever we need to.

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