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If You Are A 'Beach Lover' Here Is Something You Must Read


Travelling is all about digging into different aspects of nature. While there are some people whose idea of a perfect holiday starts and ends with the landscapes of mountains and valleys. For some, a perfect vacation cannot do without the sea and beaches. And that’s how the world is divided into a ‘beach person’ and a ‘mountain person’. God is unbiased, hence the beauty of both the sides of the coin is breathtakingly beautiful. But, have you ever wondered that your idea of a vacation, your choice of places to travel reflects a lot about your personality? If not, then you have got a strong reason to read this article. While, the last article I wrote about was about ‘Mountain person’, and I being a beach person myself saved the best for the last. So all, my fellow beach lovers read further to know a better you.

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Personality of a beach person

If You Are A 'Beach Lover' Here Is Something You Must Read-2 Reading this is no less than reading about your zodiac signs. Read along and know some of your personality traits and shout ‘yeah! that’s exactly how I am’. Since I have mentioned zodiac signs let me also mention that Cancer, Scorpio, Pieces, Sagittarius are some of the signs that are biasedly in love with the beaches. Are you one of them? I am.

1. The personality traits of a beach person include being warm, energetic, funny and the life and soul of any party.

2. If you are a beach person, you like spending a good time with people and you are a smooth talker.

3. You love socializing. And when I say socializing do not think it is about Facebook and Whatsapp. You like socializing with people in the real world too.

4. You are a music lover. There are chances that you know how to play an instrument. If not, then you have always wanted to learn one of the instrument.

5. Being a beach person, you have a big group of friends.

6. You are good at making new friends easily and love to have the small talks.

7. A beach lover loves to live in the moment and does not think a lot about future.

8. About the choice of partner, you prefer him/her to be calm and mature.

9. Beach person has a more affectionate personality.

That’s so you! Am I right? How many of them precisely describe you?

Health benefits of a day out at beach

There is a famous story about the queen of Spain. She was seriously ill and nothing could cure her. So her doctor suggested her to take bath in the sea water every day. Within a short period of time, she was cured. You think that was a miracle? The doctors from the very beginning knew the health benefits of sea beaches.

Here are some of the perks you earn when you are a beach person.

1.Beach is the best stress buster

If You Are A 'Beach Lover' Here Is Something You Must Read-3 Ever wondered why you feel so happy on the beaches amid the calm sea and beautiful waves? Well, it has been scientifically proven that beaches help reduce stress level. Both the sun and waves work together to relax your body, remove the aches and distress you from all the tensions. So next time when you are pissed off, you know where would you drive yourself to.

2.A day at a beach gives you a good sleep.

If You Are A 'Beach Lover' Here Is Something You Must Read-4 For all the insomniac who have a trouble sleeping at night, Why don’t you head to a beautiful beach for some hours? Beach helps to relieve three key factors that inhibit sleep: high stress and anxiety level, lack of physical fatigue and hormonal imbalance. Now that’s some of the magical things that we never knew a beach and sea could do.

3.Tons of Vitamin D

If You Are A 'Beach Lover' Here Is Something You Must Read-5 Well, we all know from the very beginning that the sun is the best source for Vitamin D. It is difficult to take in the enough amount of Vitamin D through food. However, spending 10 minutes at the beach in the bright daylight could easily fill you up with the day’s dose of Vitamin D. Now, what better way to gain health than heading to a beach?

4. Sand is a natural exfoliant

If You Are A 'Beach Lover' Here Is Something You Must Read-6 Rather than spending huge bucks in the parlor on pedicure why not get it for free at the beach? Walking barefoot on the sand awakens around 3,000 to 7,000 nerve endings at the end of your feet. It also removes the dead skin cells from your skin leaving them renewed and softer than ever.

5.Seawater has anti-aging properties

If You Are A 'Beach Lover' Here Is Something You Must Read-7 This is a boon for all those who spend lots of money on the anti-aging creams and infinite hours in the parlor. Sea water has tons of ingredients that help to preserve the elasticity of the skin which is most likely to turn loose when you grow old. If you live in a coastal city then spending the essential amount of time on the beach could save a lot of money of yours which otherwise you would have spent on the anti-aging treatments.

6. A platform for a number of adventure sports which makes you healthier and energetic

If You Are A 'Beach Lover' Here Is Something You Must Read-8 There are a number of things you can do at the beach to enjoy and you will be losing your calories at the same time. Adventure sports not only makes you fearless but offers the various health benefits. Could easily beat that of a gym. Surfing, jet skiing, swimming, sailing, volleyball are the activities that require lots of stamina and energy. But at the same time burns 200-400 calories on an average. What do you think about playing frisbee or simply walking on the sand? To your surprise, they too give you numerous health benefits. Playing Frisbee burns up to 100 calories. Walking on the sand requires 1.6- 2.5 times more mechanical work than walking on the concrete again helping in keeping you fit. Why head to a gym when you can be healthy enough just by spending some leisure time on the beach?

7.Connect with yourself and know yourself better at the beach

If You Are A 'Beach Lover' Here Is Something You Must Read-9 No wonder being a beach person you like to socialize, but at the end of the day, the serenity of the sea leaves you speechless. For a moment of time, you just want to cut off from the world and connect with yourself and think about yourself. There is no better than place than a beach where you could get lost in your own world of thoughts. Trust me, only sea has such power to do that to you.

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