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How to pitch Quechua T3 Tent

'As you make your bed, so you must lie in it.'

And lie you must. The above video perfectly describes how to set up a Quechua T3+ tent, detailed to the extent that you can't make a mistake even if you wanted to. There are various techniques to pull this off, but here we present how we do it at Shoes On Loose. If you are still left with any query, we are always available at your disposal to clarify!

The short version:

1. Unravel all parts of the equipment, and lay out each individual part.

2. Spread the sheet (i.e., your tent) across the floor.

3. Fix in four pegs across the four corners of the sheet, in the respective niche. The sheet is now fastened at its ends.

4. Set up the two folded compact curved rods and place them in a criss-cross fashion on the sheet, fixed with the hook installed at each peg.

5. Lift the (curved) rods from the middle to create a gateway of the same pattern, followed by attacheing the hook on the top of the tent to the intersection point of the rods.

6. Put on the cover/hood of the tent and bolt in the remaining rods to form the spine of the tent, preventing it from falling apart (the rods are inserted via the openings along the ends of the fibre).

7. Finally, fix four more pegs equidistant from the tent, and affix the tent to these via ropes. The tent architechture is now permanent, and ready to move into!

8. Pat yourself on the back.

9. This should've been number one. THE HAMMER IS HEAVY. TAKE CARE.

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