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How Shoes On Loose has planned to #SaveLadakh in 2020?


How Shoes On Loose has planned to #SaveLadakh in 2020?-1

There are situations which creates a dilemma. Not lately the recent trip to Ladakh put Shoes On Lose in one. From the first time our team visited the barren majestic mountains of Ladakh to now, we bet Ladakh changed. Some great changes were definitely the ease in connectivity and the hundreds of accommodations which made the stay at the whooping altitude a cake walk. But some changes came as a disappointment as we were the contributors. Any guess what it is? Those wrappers and plastic bottles were some addition we made to truckload of waste; plastic waste in the heap of dumping yard which Leh had to create.

It wasn’t until we realised how our mere presence is costing the existence of locals in there. Isn’t that tragic? The reel world shows the serene Pangong Lake, with roads opening to the desert in the skies and shimmery river gushing by the snaky trails. The real world isn’t far fetch from the reel world in terms of the magic Ladakh weaves but backdrop at each point shows garbage and distant glaciers. Mass tourism has caused the glaciers to melt and overconsumption of the water available causing shortage in the cold desert with barely any annual rainfall.

Why Shoes On Loose took an initiative?

We all at some point wished or visited the land of lamas. Believing in fulfilling dreams, to travel pan world; we definitely didn’t want to put an halt to discoveries and traversing. ‘It’s better late than never’ as a wise man said; we at Shoes On Loose decided to take up an initiative. A campaign safeguarding our Ladakh, our pride. And there began #Saveladakh. We chose to be nature frontier over an ignorant tourist.

Trying to figure out who you want to be? Read here to find more about it: https://shoesonloose.com/nature-frontiers-or-ignorant-tourists-who-do-you-want-to-be-when-you-tour-to-ladakh/

What Shoes On Loose did for Ladakh?

A perfect balance between the commercialization and sustainable future, we had to wisely decide what we had to do for Ladakh.

1) Global Himalayan Expedition

The initiative started years back. Feeling immense pride in our very first step towards the Ladakhis, with a bunch of like minded adventure junkies and cause supporters we reached the land of Ladakh and formed the GHE- Global Himalayan Expedition. With as basic as an amenity of electricity, we lit up the village of Sumda Chenmo. Solar panels lighting up the homes back in the village en-route the moonland- Lamayuru to Chilling, was our way to go sustainable and responsible at the same time.

Want to know how we lit up a small hamlet back then? Click here to Know.

2) Water dispenser to closedown the plastic outflow

They say, no idea is a bad idea and we totally agree. Low on budget and highly efficient, Shoes On Loose will have an extraordinary inclusion in their packages in the coming year of 2020. Carrying a water dispenser throughout the journey with water bottles, mind you not plastic ones; we have taken an oath to say no to plastics. Not disposing off plastic bottles on our way, we have decided to leave no carbon footprints but only weaving series of memories en-route. Isn’t that a brilliant way to reduce some ton of garbage off the dumping yard?

3) Clean-up drive because #Swachbharat ka Iraada

No campaign runs solely. Taking up the trend, volunteering is the new way to adhere to a social cause. We believe our initiative for Ladakh needs more hands and thus the idea of clean-up drives. In the year of 2019, on 15th August, in collaboration with Ladakh Ecological Development Group (a local NGO) & Ultimate Frontier Outlands, we collected more than 100kgs of garbage around the Leh market. This was followed by an event which was graced by Sonam Wangchuk(Founder of Ice Stupas) & Tsewang Dolma(Environmentalist), where we discussed with locals & travellers the ways of reducing waste & how to be travel responsibly.

In the year of 2020, our packages would revolve around “Clean Ladakh, Better Ladakh.”

How Shoes On Loose has planned to #SaveLadakh in 2020?-2

We saw the changing Ladakh, but we prefer a better change and thus we say- ‘To make a change, BE THE CHANGE!’ Ladakh has been saving our holidays with unforgettable memories, it’s time WE SAVE IT.

Watch how the event unfolded here.

Come one Come all, Let's #SAVELADAKH.

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