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Hottest New Beach Clubs In Bali Trending In 2019


Alluring travellers from all around the world, Bali offers an exceptional experience thought its natural landscapes, world-class cuisine, hundreds of year old traditional heritage and many recreational activities to entertain its guests. One of the ways to experience this beautiful destination is by spending time in Bali’s globally renowned pool clubs. These clubs are nested in beautiful surroundings and offer a number of serene views of its oceans, jungles, and breathtaking sunsets. Experience this and much more with the Bali tour packages. Here is a list of our top hottest new clubs tending in Bali for you to experience relaxation in waters with a cocktail in hand.

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1. Ibiza In Bali

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Alluring its guests with a stunning glass aquarium pool, Ibiza in Bali is one of the best places to enjoy and relax at the ‘Island of Gods’. Undoubtedly one of the hottest venues in Bali, this Spanish club is the first Mediterranean beach club on the Kelan beach. The venue offers luxurious daybeds next to the pool and on the beach and a rooftop bar with a Jacuzzi suited for private clubs. The pool also has a swim-up bar where you can enjoy a selection of cocktails in the water. Take out time to visit the restaurant and taste the exquisite Spanish cuisine made with fresh ingredients and authentic flavours. Also, try the Lagoon Bar for creative cocktails and a beautiful view of the sunset. Enjoy an uninterrupted view of the ocean and the serene sunset along with the clubs' cool decor to experience relaxation at a perfect destination.

2. Jungle Bali Pool Club

Hottest New Beach Clubs In Bali Trending In 2019-3 Experience the only rice field pool club in Bali with Jungle Bali Pool Club, Umalas. Rice fields are one of the hottest reasons to visit Bali and Jungle Bali makes you experience the fields like no other. Overlooking the beautiful rice terrains, the outdoor jungle atmosphere takes it a notch higher than the other clubs in Bali. The decor of the club resonates with the tropical vibe of the surroundings and the furnishing has an organic and rustic touch to them. The club offers a variety of facilities and activities for you to enjoy the location. You can relax in the outdoor seating area and enjoy a beautiful sunset over the countryside while sipping on a cocktail. The location also provides the facility of an on-site cafe and a restaurant where you can enjoy snacks or experience the taste of culinary excellence. The service is outstanding and the beautiful location will make your day.

3. Wanna Jungle Pool and Bar Club

Hottest New Beach Clubs In Bali Trending In 2019-4 Located in a picturesque setting, Wanna Jungle Pool and Bar Club overlooks the lush green jungle of Ubud and is a hidden gem of Bali. Perfect for couples and solo travellers looking for relaxation and calmness, the club is adult only and does not permit entry for 15-year-old children or less. With a three-level infinity pool facing the green valley, you can relax in the water while enjoying the view of countryside Bali. The club offers an open restaurant and bar to its guests which are perched on the side of the cliff overlooking the Oos River Valley. The seating of the restaurant makes sure that you enjoy your meal without compromising on the scenic beauty of the tropics. The decor of the space reflects the organic surroundings and all the furnishings in the club use natural textures to give it a lived-in aura.

4. Finns VIP Beach Club

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Witness the sun dance over the blue oceans at the Finns VIP Beach Club, Canggu. Enjoy a high-end beachfront experience with the best of Bali's DJs and a magnanimous infinity pool. Along with top-notch lux decor and a comfortable ambience, the beach club provides all sorts of facilities for a relaxed experience. With amenities like lockers, morning tea & coffee, afternoon refreshments, fruit skewers and exclusive access to private change rooms, the clubs make sure that you enjoy the Balinese waters in the most opulent way possible. The club also provides a variety of dining options. It hosts a rooftop bar and lounge, casual dining in the gardens facing the ocean and sandbar dining. With so many features and luxuries, Finns is one of the best places to enjoy the happening life of Bali.

5. Tropicola Beach Club

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With spectacular colours and a fun vibe, the Tropicala beach club is a relaxed and comfortable escape in Bali. This beach club exuberates a chilled out atmosphere with its vibrant decor choices and a beautiful view of the white-sand shores. Tropicala has an 80’s inspired leaning pool with clean lines, surrounding plants and an amphitheatre shaped facing the beach which showcases views of the ‘golden mile” of Seminyak beach. The club provides the luxury of three bars that are spread over various levels surrounding two pools with a menu showcasing cocktails inspired from all around the world. The food menu is also spectacular with a variety of choices curated to go along with the cocktail menu. With all this and much more, Tropicala is the perfect place to enjoy a fun afternoon in Bali.

6. Titi Batu Ubud Club

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Titi Batu Ubud Club is one of the few clubs in Bali loved by both children and adults. Open to all ages, the property hosts a playful pool catering to children and adults alike. The pool also has a jumping bridge that offers a thrill for the children and makes for a great photo opportunity. The club also offers a 13-jet Jacuzzi pool surrounded by a stunning landscape for a relaxed time. You can enjoy the all-day breakfast menu at the Indigo Coffee shop which overlooks the beautiful pool and daybeds setting. For a proper meal, head to the club’s official restaurant and experience the healthy, local, and sustainable food options with a choice of many international dishes and a variety of mouth-watering cuisine. With all this and many more activities for all ages, Titi Batu is a must-visit when in Ubud.​

7. COMO Beach Club

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Showcasing a contemporary interpretation of the traditional surf shack, the COMO Beach club stands out from its rivals in the Canggu beachfront. The vibe of the club and the relaxed atmosphere is designed to attract surfers and other travellers as well. COMO Beach Club is open all day and entertains its guests with various live acoustic musicians and original DJ sets from all over the world. The infinity pool overlooks the beach and has dramatic panoramas of the surf and sunset. The property also offers poolside seating and comfortable swing-chairs to make sure that you enjoy the view with all the luxuries. The restaurant serves an eclectic global menu with fresh and local ingredients cooked on an authentic wood-fired grill. The bar serves cocktails and mocktails with modern twists to their traditional recipes.

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