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Himachal Customer's Case Studies


With the rise in travel fever in the minds of this generation, there are multiple challenges which came into the picture which the travellers face like which places to explore, how to make the optimum use of the available time duration, effort and of course the value for money. There are numerous ways that you can choose, but it's considered good advice when it eliminates the setbacks during the trip.

Himachal Customer's Case Studies-1 In this blog, we have collected multiples case studies from our customers who travelled to Himachal and found out what is best for the traveller over what we assumed by the traveller will best for him/her. Go through our Himachal case studies listed here, and we're sure you’ll find the information useful that you can note down to have a memorable Himachal Holidays.

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1) Issues With Flight Timings

The major problem that clients face is the confusion with flight timings as per the itinerary. They sometimes book flights which are not as per the scheduled plan in terms of time management. Hence, this leads to change in ground operations like a change in booking dates of the hotels after confirmation.(Which is entirely dependent upon the room availability as well as extra money has to be paid)

Case Study 1: One of our clients, Mr Nagaraju booked his flights apart from the mentioned timings in the Itinerary. This led to a lot of confusion and trouble as the bookings were made and then our Himachal Travel Expert Neelam had to change it after confirmation. Luckily, there was room availability in the hotels, so there was NO EXTRA COST added. If this had not been a case of availability, they had to pay the cancellation charges and another day booking amount.

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2) Check-In Policy Of Hotels

The second most faced problems by the clients are for the Check-in and Check-out policy of the hotels. As the standard timings of the hotels are 12 PM for check-in and 11 AM for check out, the clients who undertake an overnight journey wish to have early check-in, but as it is subject to availability we as Trip Experts have to make them understand this is sometimes Troublesome,

Case Study 2: Our client, Mrs Jyoti was keen to get early check in at the hotel in Amritsar, as she was planning to reach early in the morning after an overnight journey from Delhi. Our travel expert educated her about the hotel policy and asked her to change her transfers timings from Delhi so that she reaches Amritsar by 11 AM and doesn't have to pay extra for early check in as it was a matter of few hours only.

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3) Traffic Issue During Peak Season

During the peak season, there is no way you won't find traffic jams while commuting in and around the locations during Sightseeing. The traffic sometimes makes the clients to miss the mentioned sightseeing points in the itinerary, thus affecting the overall trip experience.

Case Study 3: Around the New Year time in 2017, our client Mr Shashank was heading back to Delhi after his trip to Manali. As it is considered Peak Season for Himachal, he returned to Delhi after a tiring journey of around 21 hrs and missed his flight to Mumbai(the reason was traffic jams). Our Himachal travel expert told them about such operational issues which might show up but to celebrate the New Year, the client insisted. It's not like no one should celebrate New Year Eve in Himachal, it's just that the client should be mentally prepared about the room charges in peak season and the traffic problems which are most probable to show up. We prefer to adjust the travel plan a week earlier or later in accordance to such important days in today's life or keep an extra day in their itinerary to not miss out their flights due to delay in reaching the airports.

With hassle-free travel as our motto, we want our customers to have beautiful memories when they travel with us. To make that happen, we have been trying hard and finding the little things as we all know its not always about the big things but the little things which can make a huge difference in the customers trip and making it a beautiful memory.

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