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Guide To Witness The Beauty Of The Island Maldives In February


All you need is sunny side of life to live the magical moments in Maldives. Crystal clear water, the waves, the sun and some sports make it a ‘Tropical Paradise’. Where you swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Where the whimsical weather and real authentic way of living in the Maldivian beauty will give you paradise vibes. It’s the perfect holiday destination with luxury hotels, resorts and amazing underwater world. Breath the breeze in and love it all out in an utter tropical heaven. Indian Ocean with the shades of blue you only imagine in your dreams. Let your gypset spirit come out to play: whether you’re enjoying a picnic with your loved ones, or taking a dip in the lagoon, just live. Around 1200 islands make up Maldives.

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February: The Driest and the Best! For sure it’s the best time to visit Maldives in February as it the sunniest and low on humidity time. It’s the best time for sports in Maldives. The average daytime temperature of Maldives in February is around 28 degrees Celsius which slightly decreases in the night time. Maldives experiences an average rainfall of 50mm during this time of the year. Plenty of blue skies and sunny days at the crystal-clear blue beaches will never make you feel blue.

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Crowd Pleasing cities of Maldives

Male Teeny grid pattern Maldivian capital is a crowd pleasing and enchanting places to visit in Maldives. It is known for its mosques and tall, brightly colorful buildings. This city gives you a view of real Maldives away from the resort buffet. This place is a pleasingly eccentric. You can pay visit to the National Museum, an ugly historic building gifted by china but a great collection of historical artifacts that leaves the traces of Maldivian history. Old Friday Mosque is the oldest mosque in the country carved beautifully with the coral stones with the chiseled Quranic script. Non-Muslims have to get permission from an official ministry to visit the mosque. Their stone walls are intricately carved. Don’t miss the Fish Market, the soul of Male near the harbor offers the day’s catch caught and brought in the market. Enjoy the freshly caught fish, fruit, vegetables and authentic Sri Lankan fish curry at the waterfront restaurants in Male. Somewhat of a Caribbean vibe is a place in Male called Villingili, reachable via local ferry that operates 24 hours, between male and Villingili. This place attracts a lot of local visitors who come for swimming and other activities during weekends. It is a home to liquid water sports, one of the few hydro sports hubs in Maldives.

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Hulhumale This place has gradually become a popular spot for tourists visiting Maldives. An endless stretch if white sand beach with calm, clear and shallow waters, the beach is an artificial island. And you have to keep in mind that bikinis are not allowed if you plan to visit Maldives, so if you want to run wearing a bikini in the beach, go towards the south of the Hulhumale beach and you will reach the so-called bikini beach as the locals call it. You can go for snorkeling safari. You can see baby sharks, reef fish and turtles while snorkeling. Everywhere you will see there are many water sports like jet skies and canoes. You can also do kite surfing here. There are also scuba diving clubs at the beach for you.

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Maafushi town I kid you not, it is the paradise of the Maldives. It’s easy to get at this island from the airport directly. You can also rent your own speedboat here. And who needs the wind of winters when you have the sharks of summer? Yes!! Your full day shark experience at this island will be jaw dropping. Maafushi is one of the biggest and most popular tourist attractions in Maldives located to the south of male atoll. Alcohol is not served in the hotels here, but there is a safari boat that might serve beer and some other drinks (floating bar). At this island you can try any kind of water sports as you can’t find such water sports at every island. Try Catch the fish and cook! Try catching a sailfish or marlin. Southern part of the island has bikini beach, shops, restaurants, etc. prison is in the northern part of the island. So, you better stay and have fun in and around the south of the island. This is somewhat a crowded island and a party place of Maldives.

**Maldives’s Culture and Cuisine** As we recognize it as a tropical paradise located amidst the Indian ocean, it has also very unique traditions and customs. Lifestyle of people of Maldives revolves around the sea. The official language of Maldives is called **Dhivehi**, related to the language of Sri Lanka and other South Indian languages. Islam is the official and only allowed religion here. Maldivians have been fishing and drying and smoking and barbecuing Tuna. And as the lifestyle, Maldives traditional cuisine largely comes from the sea, symbolizing a unique culinary identity. Fish forms the main part of the food cooked in Indian, Arab and Sri Lankan style. **Local ****food**: **Garudhiya** is a fish served with rice, chilli and onions; **Fihunu** **Mas **(grilled and barbecued fish) is an exotic assemblage of rich flavours; **Mas Huni** is a typical Maldivian breakfast composed of tune, onion, coconut and chilli; **Kulhimas **(chilli tuna) a hot and spicy fish with chapati or rice. Coconut also forms the basic part of the dishes.

Water sports never experienced before An incomplete holiday to Maldives if don’t try underwater sports here. Trust me, it pumps your adrenaline to try more and explore the underwater world because its fantastic!

Catamaran sailing: Offer you luxury and peace. And don’t miss the sunset while you’re on a Catamaran. Best way to enjoy nature without disturbing her and her balance. Fishing: The most satisfying big fish game you will enjoy while you’re in Maldives. Let the waiting game begin.

Jet skiing: Experience the thrill and adventure into the blue ocean and always push the limits to the new heights.

Kayaking: When it comes to extreme sports this is one such that can give you a much-needed thrill and indulging experience. Damn!! It will feel good to be in the magical place.

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Underwater scooters: Dive into the ocean and move forward towards exploring the underwater world while without added effort. Yayyyy!! Experience something unforgettable with your family and friends.

Snorkeling: Best experiences to check off of your bucket list when you’re on a tropical island so beautiful. There is nothing like snorkeling in Maldives. Snorkeling with whale sharks in the Maldives surrounded by bubble-gum blue waters while close to the paradise.

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Just one! Only one word you associate Maldives with? But skip a “Paradise” as we all know it! For me it’s “Happiness”! Pack light and Go, Fellas!

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