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God Has Put A Bit Of Everything in God's Own Country- Kerala


I don’t know what is your definition of perfect, but for me it is one word- Kerala!

Kerala is fondly known as God’s own country, and we all have heard it several time. I thought it was just a hyped metaphor for this place until I got a chance to travel and explore the place myself. And, nothing could be more accurate than calling it a God’s own country. Looking around, the beauty, the people and the culture built by the people, it had me wonder how much efforts God must have put in while crafting this beauty!

There is something about the place, it will embrace you (contrary to the beliefs that North Indians are looked down on in South). It will offer you things which will make you fall in love with it instantly and will make it difficult for you to say goodbye.

God Has Put A Bit Of Everything in God's Own Country- Kerala-1

Here are few of the reasons, among the tons of them, that will make you believe that Kerala in indeed a creation of God and that it is made for all types of people, with different kinds of wishes while they travel.

1. Food Feast

God Has Put A Bit Of Everything in God's Own Country- Kerala-2 Kerala is definitely a food haven, for those who like to die for good non vegetarian food. You will hardly find any bad food here, no matter what place you choose to dine in, big or small. From all the days I spent in Kerala, and the places I ate at, there was not even a single time that I was disappointed by the food. Kerala has plenty of spices and the people here aren’t scared to experiment with it. Spices are probably are secret ingredient of every dish here and you can feel the taste of every spice distinctively with each bite you take. Kerala is a paradise for sea-food and beef. And they have plenty of sea-food dishes to serve you. The best thing about Kerala food is super each. The meal for two at most places would cost you less than Rs 200, and when a say meal, it’s a good delicious meal.

Tip: You must try the local dishes, stick to just Kerala cuisine and you would not regret it!

2. A place for love

God Has Put A Bit Of Everything in God's Own Country- Kerala-3 There is so much of peace and everywhere, that you are sure you bring out the inner romance. Kerala does that you. There are places with exceptional beauty, and experiences that are set out just for a romantic escapade. Places like Munnar, Kovalam, Alleppey are lover’s paradise and there is no exaggeration here. Munnar has these infinite tea gardens, where you could live amongst the tea plantations, enjoy the freshness in the air. Kovalam is known for its beach resorts with the experiences of spa and ayurvedic sessions. Alleppey has houseboat experience for you, where you can rent a boat for the night and live amidst the backwaters of Kerala. Everything has romance hidden in it, you gotta explore!

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3. Boom for backpackers

God Has Put A Bit Of Everything in God's Own Country- Kerala-4 If you want to get a backpacking experience before heading out for a big world tour, Kerala is where you start from. There are reasons for it. The cultural contrast will get you used to new people and their never seen before culture. The language barrier will help you to deal with the new tongue. And, here comes all the good part.

Kerala is an extremely clean place, you will find clean toilets everywhere. Infact, there are pay and use toilets at most places, at the bus stations specially, which are so clean you can use them without a doubt. The food is super cheap, even the best of it, which helps the backpackers. Most importantly, Kerala is super safe. You can leave your stuff behind and there are very less chances somebody would steal it (talking from an experience), it is safe for women as well, so you can keep your worries aside and travel freely. Kerala will give you that sense of freedom and security!

4. Beaches, Kerala please!

God Has Put A Bit Of Everything in God's Own Country- Kerala-5 Kerala has undoubtedly some of the most beautiful beaches of the country. And, also some of the unique beaches that you will find nowhere but in Kerala. It has the only cliff beach of the country- Varkala beach. It has the only drive-in beach of country, it has the most beautiful white sand beach- Marari beach. It has the beach with the Chinese nets- Kochi. It has a beach with sea and backwaters on the two of its side- Kappil beach. I am sure I am missing out on a lot of beaches, but yeah, you get the idea.

5. The variety of nature is amusing

God Has Put A Bit Of Everything in God's Own Country- Kerala-6 You will be left in wonder by the kind of variety of nature that you will find in Kerala. God has truly done some work here to make this place, what it is. Kerala has beaches, most beautiful of them. It has backwaters where you can calmly enjoy the nature around or you can go for a water sport. It has the mountains, with green wrapped around it. It has the cities with their beautiful culture. It has the national parks and the wildlife sanctuaries with the exquisite flora and fauna.

I can’t think of a place with little bit of everything!

6. Looking for wildlife?

God Has Put A Bit Of Everything in God's Own Country- Kerala-7 If you are an wildlife enthusiast, then Kerala has got a treasure hunt for you. Kerala is filled with green beauty and its homes a variety of animals. Thekkady is a paradise if you are looking forward to witness some wildlife and you want to do some wildlife photography. You can also go to Wayanad National Park for some beautiful treks with some spotting of the birds and animals on your way.

7. Clean, calm and pure

God Has Put A Bit Of Everything in God's Own Country- Kerala-8 Kerala is definitely one of the cleanest places in India. It is poised and calm in its own way. The streets are filled with shadows of trees, there is hardly any littering, people know their ways, they make efforts to keep their home and city clean. The people are law abiding and you won’t be disappointed to see the lifestyle of people here.

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