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From the Pen of an Author- Jodhpur Blues

I was dying for a break from my hectic schedule. And the Sun City has been always on my mind among must visit destinations.

“I definitely need a break from corporate chaos”, I said to myself and backpacked my important stuff for this much required journey. My best friend stays in Jodhpur. Its chance to see her and have a good time; I cannot miss this.

Boarded my train at night and stepped on the soil of Jodhpur very next morning. I could smell the freshness and exquisite culture of this place around. I could see the famous fort from the staircase of the railway station which leads you to the main city.

I was excited as well as confused.

“What shall be my first destination for exploration?” I said to myself. I asked the locals and they suggested me Umaid Bhawan which was very close to the place where I was staying.

Umaid Palace

blog1-1024x768 The palace has rich royal history. The complete Palace is divided into 3 parts. One section is open to tourists. The second part is meant for hotel and hospitality while the third part is occupied by the royal family. My friend Priyanka became my guide. She told me about every single thing about this Palace. The palace has an expensive stay, costing around 18-19,000 rupees per night. Yes! Whooping high!

Mehrangarh Fort

mehangarh-1024x768 After exploring the history of this Umaid palace, Mehrangarh fort was my next spot. I had heard about the fort being one of the biggest in India. The fort rises at the top of the city, like a hawk flying above a desert. The best part of this fort is it gives you the real meaning behind why the city is called as blue city. You can get on the top of the fort and see houses painted in blue. Also the fort has been a place of Royal family. They worship every Navratri in the temple of this fort. A part of this fort is closed. The famous Rajasthan International Film festival is celebrated in the same part of this fort. “You can have the best view of sunrise and sunset from here. The sun rises by 90 degrees in this city Jodhpur. It is marvelous” told Priyanka. “May be we could have a sunset or sunrise view someday” she winked as I said those words.

Jaswant Thada

DSCN5061-1024x768 The fort was widespread. And roaming around with my best friend was a complete delight. My next place was Jaswant Thada which was not much far away from this fort. Hanging around the streets of Jodhpur on her “little pleasure Scooty” was more pleasurable. From the name itself, the Jaswant Thada was built in Honor of Maharaja Jaswant Singh Second. The music, white marble and the surrounding made me feel peace and calmness around.

The Food

From the Pen of an Author- Jodhpur Blues-4 Well Priyanka knew that my taste buds are dying to have some Rajasthani food. “I am hungry. I am very hungry” I said to her making a puppy’s face. A cute puppy. “Nirali Dhani…” she said in an instant. And in no time we reached the spot and had some of the best Rajasthani cuisine. The day was worth. I missed some colors of Jodhpur but the trip was worth. Blue color had a different meaning after this trip.

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