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Saboo Resorts In Ladakh Will Make You Forget All The Other Exotic Resorts


'It's better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.' - Anonymous

The real meaning of this quote may distinguish for different places for different people, but there is one place for which we all can agree to this. And, its none other than the mystical land of Ladakh.

Residing at an altitude of 9800 ft. in the lap of the relentless Himalayas, Ladakh gloats of enormous picturesque excellence due to which it has been pulling daring voyagers from India as well as around the globe since a long time.

May to September is when Ladakh drops its icy demeanour & opens itself to the world. It is not every day you get an opportunity to capture star trails, dramatic landscapes, monasteries on searing hilltops, world’s highest passes, & culture so unique and ancient.

Saboo Resorts In Ladakh Will Make You Forget All The Other Exotic Resorts-1 Perfectly blending the isolated beauty of this cold desert with modernity, Saboo Resorts is THE NEXT BIG THING IN LADAKH. Yes, this beautiful and secluded resort has been gaining popularity for being a world of its own.

What makes Saboo Resorts so unique?

Quaint Location

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With the growing tourism in Ladakh, Saboo Resorts will savour the best solitude and great hospitality. Located 14km from Leh in Saboo village, this scenic hamlet is indeed a paradise with the green carpet in the barren land amid the lofty mountains.

We crave to escape the city life and stay in the lap of nature to find solace. Guess what? Away from the irritating sound of vehicles' horns and market rush, Saboo Resort's location makes it the perfect place to stay in the vicinity of nature.

Premium Cottages

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Fifteen comfortable cottages mix into the spectacular landscapes of Ladakh. The grand rooms with private verandah here gives you the most scenic views of the Stok range along with cultivated fields and the captivating Indus river. Just imagine how it would feel waking up on your cosy bed and then head to your private verandah with a cup of tea or coffee staring at the scenic view in front of you? Is it just us or you're lost in the picture too?

Multi Cuisine Restaurant

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Make yourself feel warm at the beautiful inside seating or choose to sit at the porch and enjoy eating the yummy food, looking at the beautiful landscapes.

They have an extensive menu wherein you can choose your not just favourite dishes but sauces and fillings too. For an equally exciting menu for vegetarians this place scores well. Eating at this restaurant will make you realise, that at 10000 ft., Leh has everything to satiate your culinary cravings.

Moreover, they also have an exclusive Café serving bakery dishes. Already feeling hungry?

Star Gazing

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Across the country, however, there are still vast swathes of wilderness that offer unveiled views of the incredible universe. Whether it’s the Milky Way or a meteor shower, you want to see, you won't be able to resist gazing up at the jaw-dropping beautiful night sky above.

Sitting in the dark admiring the constellations will be a great experience at Saboo Resort. One can feel a little about something bigger than ourselves. Close your eyes and imagine that you are witnessing something like this, I guess words won't be enough to express the feeling. So, what are you waiting for?

360 Degree View

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Saboo Resorts lies in the lap of nature where you can have the 360-degree view of Saboo village encompassed with the Himalayas and captivating streams. If morning breakfast or dinner with Shamiana buffet system with such a look won't intrigue you, then I don't know what will! Still, not enough, check out this fantastic video to get an overview of Saboo Resorts. After watching it, maybe you won't look for further reasons and make Saboo Resorts on the top of your bucket list!

Cultural Evenings

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When it comes to culture, heritage and tradition, Ladakhi people will win your heart. With their super sweet nature and impeccable hospitality, Ladakh won't be just about beautiful landscapes but also it people and you will want to come to this heavenly abode again and again. Living a nomadic life, these people are totally into their culture. Moreover, as the resort resides in the village Saboo, cultural evenings are a treat to watch here as the locals showcase the beauty of their culture and tradition performing their dance styles with vibrant coloured Ladakhi costumes. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Let The Games Begin

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Adventure in Ladakh is everywhere, but there is room for some fantastic sports activities too! Playing Polo or Archery game in Ladakh sounds like something unreal as well as exciting. Well, if these activities intrigue you, how about we tell that you can do it at this resort.

Though it is an exclusive arrangement, it is worth it!!

For those who want to explore Ladakh like a traveller, Saboo Resort is one heck of a place. With time, this place has gained popularity and has been attracting travellers from around the globe. Moreover, Bollywood stars like Sonam Kapoor couldn't resist this beautiful resort. Go, stay at this place and see it for yourself!!

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Feeling Ladakh from a 10x8 inch frame is one thing and having first hand experience is another. It's your choice to make!!
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