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10 Indian Cities Best Known For Their Food


10 Indian Cities Best Known For Their Food-1 If you are ready to take on a gastronomic ride across this country which is a haven for people who gorge on food, who live for food. Be it the famous Delhi ke Golgappe or Bengali Puchka. There’s no limit in this country. Them tasty aloo, pyaaz and paneer gobi ke parantha to the mouthwatering gourmet dishes India has it all. It is time to take your taste buds on a hefty ride. From the famous Chole Bhature of north to the famous Hyderabadi Biryani of the south, to khaman dhoklas of Ahmedabad and smoked pork of Nagaland.

Here are the top ten food destinations India


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Thank the Nawabs for the best Awadhi cuisines in the world. The world famous tunday kebab served with rumali rotis tastes the best! Lucknow is gold’s den for kebab lovers. Be it the Galawati kebab that melts in your mouth within seconds or the lip smacking Boti kebab. Lucknawi biryani has its own aroma that tempts you to jump onto it. Oh so soft Malai ki Gilori is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth, you won’t be able to resist them and would definitely end up gulping a few. How can you miss out on Lucknawi paan, any meal without this sweet little mouth savoring buddy filled with gulkand, supari and many more items.


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Genuinely the best all time snack the hot and spicy Pyaaz ki Kachori with pudina ki chutney is one thing to die for. Jaipur has the best of architecture and the best of the food too. The Rajasthani smell lingers all around the city. The food here is full of oil and ghee which is a delight for old-school foodies. The desert state is also known for its most popular dal-baati-churma, pakoras and mawa. Bite into the most succulent of dishes like Laal Maas, yummy Gatte and kadhi. Balushahi, Ghewar and Gujia are sweets that you are looking for to delight you. Creamy lassi and kulfi make it up for the heat out there.


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The Gujarati's are best known for their food, a place perfect for all the vegetarians out there. From khakharas, fafdas, khaman dhoklas, theplas and ghughras it has everything. This dry state has the best Chakna what an irony! Manek Chowk or Khau Gali is the place you must visit to fulfill your midnight cravings, don’t miss out on Jasuben’s Old pizza. This city never disappoints anyone and so for all non- vegetarians Bhatiyar Gali is the perfect place to have some really great mutton samosas and chicken kebab. Desserts are the best part Aamras, Basundhi, Shrikhand, Bundiya, Ghari and what not. Don’t miss your chance to spare some days in this beautiful city to explore the best of the Gujarati dishes. The list here never ends!


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Rasgullas and Sandesh are the first words that come to your mind when you hear about Kolkata. This city of joy offers you some real joy with its never ending list of culinary delights. Yummy rolls, chow Mein and Puchkas are the most common street food. Whether it is the Tibetan food in Tiretta Bazaar, the Chinese-specializing Tangra or the street food in Dalhousie, Kolkata delights every food lover, every time! The fiery jhaalmuri, puchkas will set your tongue on fire and the unforgettable taste of Hilsa will leave you entranced.


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This state resides in the heart of the country and so to fulfil your tummies it has got some real good and tasty food. Poha-Jalebi is the best street food here. This city is known for its namkeens and chaats. The spicy lehsun Sev, tamarind minced tamatar sev and many more varities of sev are available here. People come from far across to have the Chapati Indori chaat! Bhutte ka kiss is another famous dish, this mouth-watering specialty of Indore is a must try.


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The one food item that would never disappoint you is the world famous “Hyderabadi Dum Biryani”. Even the name of this fiery dish can set the fire to your taste buds, known for its spicy finger licking masalas; it is one of the most scrumptious food items. Try the several types of Biryani that the Telangana Capital has to offer, especially the Kachhe Gosht ki Biryani. Among other delicacies are the Haleem, Paaya, Hyderabadi Marag, etc. You are surely coming back after putting a few kilos on you.


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Desi Ghee, butter, and Lassi constitute the basic part of any Punjabi household food. The food here is so rich in flavours. One must not leave this city without having a Langar at the Golden Temple. The Amritsari chhole kulche, maah ki dal and machchhi (fish) are strongly preferred among the gourmets. The Dhabas here offer a variety of Punjabi food, chana masala, dal makhni, shahi paneer, butter chicken are the most irresistible. Amritsari Kulcha is well known in the country for its taste. For your sweet tooth Jalebis from Gurdas Ram Mithaiwala are heavenly. Every single Punjabi meal is incomplete without a humungous glass of thick and creamy Lassi topped with kesar.


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From luxurious gourmet restaurants to the best street food servings Mumbai has it all. This city serves almost every kind of food from Sushi to Misel Pav. Eat the best Bombil Fry and best Frankies in the whole country. Take a stroll down the Juhu Beach and you will find Pav Bhaji, Bhel puri, Sev puri, Dahi puri all in one place. Typical Maharashtrian Puranpuri is not the food item to miss out on!


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India’s party capital is also its seafood capital. The very famous Goan cuisine tempts you to eat the whole lot with a few pints of beer, it becomes an amazing experience! Try out different preparations of prawns, crabs, squids, fishes, etc. to relish the taste that Goa offers. Goa is the perfect place to drink, dine and dance. Goan sausage and pao, vindaloo and sorpotel at several beach shacks as well as at popular restaurants such as Mum’s Kitchen and Martin’s Corner. Feni- a fermented drink made from cashew nuts is the speciality of Goa.


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Name a food item and you will get it in even in the farthest corners of this capital city. Chandni Chowk, a foodie' s paradise, from over 50 varieties of Paranthas to the best lip smacking desserts like Ras Malai, Moong dal ka Halwa, Gajar ka Halwa, Rabri jalebi and much more. Delhi offers the best Chhole Bhature in the entire world! And don’t even talk about Tandoori Chicken, do you already feel the temptation in your mouth? Well, don’t wait then just rush to Delhi to explore the various food routes. Bengali market’s Chaat, Golgappe and what not! From cafes to street side stalls Delhi has it all. Rajma Chawal is the soul of every Delhiite.

Now don’t just sit there reading such articles that make you tempt rather pack up your tummies and rush to one of these cities!

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