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1. How many days are required to travel all around Sri Lanka?

You need at least 6-7 days to travel around the main destinations of Sri Lanka.

2. What are the requirements to get a visa to Sri Lanka?

You need valid travel documents to acquire the visa to Sri Lanka. Passport is required with the minimum validity of 6 months and a valid government ID.

3. What is the process to apply for a visa to Sri Lanka?

There is a facility of online visa to Sri Lanka which is called ETA- Electronic Travel Authorization. You are eligible to stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days, and visa is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. ETA is both applicable for tourism and commercial purposes. Official website to apply for Sri Lanka Visa is: www.srilankavisa.lk

4. How long does it take to get a visa to Sri Lanka?

ETA is generally approved within 1-2 days; however, it can get late due to verification in the application process. There is no need to submit any physical form once your ETA is approved.

5. What is the process to get Visa on arrival for Sri Lanka?

You need to fill an online form beforehand to get a visa on arrival for Sri Lanka. Form can be found online Your visa will be approved at the immigration desk once you reach Sri Lanka.

There is also a rush visa issues by Sri Lanka in case you need to get it immediately.

Urgent: you can get an e-Visa/ETA within 24 hours

Super urgent: you can get an e-Visa/ETA after five business hours.

6. What is the fee of visa to Sri Lanka?

The cost of the visa for SAARC countries (including India) is $70. Although, the Srilankan government has made it free of cost from August 2019 till January 2019 to boost the tourism.

You can check the visa fees here www.srilankavisa.lk/visa-fees

7. What is the currency used in Sri Lanka? Where can I get my money exchanged?

The currency used in Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan rupee. 1 Sri Lankan rupee is approximately 0.40 INR. You can get your money exchanges in India itself. Or you can carry USD and get it exchanged in Sri Lanka as USD is readily convertible. You can also get your money exchanged online. Many forex websites provide this service.

Also, a lot of big restaurants and hotels accept money in USD, and hence you can avoid the hassles of money exchange in some places.

8. What are the necessary things to keep in mind while travelling to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanks is a very clean and hygienic country. Do not throw garbage here and there and make sure you keep the country clean as it is.

9. What are the airlines that operate to Sri Lanka?

The main airlines that operate to Sri Lanka are Air India, Jet Airways and Sri Lankan airlines.

Air India Sri Lankan airways and Jet airways

10. What types of clothes are best suited in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a coastal country; it is recommended that you carry light cotton clothes, hats and sunglasses for protection from the sun. For hilly areas, you can carry warm dresses and sweaters. Make sure you wear moderate clothes and remove your shoes before entering the religious places.

11. What are the languages spoken in Sri Lanka? Are Hindi and English prevalent in the country?

Sinhala and Tamil are the official languages of Sri Lanka but English the medium to connect with the tourists. English is widely spoken in the country, and a lot of people also understands Hindi but can’t speak.

12. Can I access the internet?

The internet is available in most hotels and restaurants. For other telecommunication services, you can either get international roaming if you have Airtel and Vodafone sim or you can buy the local sim once you are in Sri Lanka.

13. What is the food culture in Sri Lanka? Can I get vegetarian food in the restaurants?

Sri Lankan dishes are based on rice, with a large variety of vegetables, fish & fruits. Sri Lanka cuisine is inspired by Indians, Arabs, Malays, Moors, Portuguese, Dutch and English, hence you will find a variety of dishes here. Being a coastal country, seafood is a significant part of the food in Lanka. Prawns, crabs, fishes and other seafood is a must try in the country. Finding the vegetarian food is not an issue, you will see a separate menu for vegetarians in most of the restaurants.

Also, liquor is not served on full moon days.

14. Is Sri Lanka safe to travel? What are the things that I need to keep in mind?

Due to the riots between the Tamil and Sinhalese, the political unrest has been a part of the country for a long time now. But, over the period, Sri Lankan government has taken steps to curb the unrest.

Do not leave your valuables unattended anywhere and take care of your cash, cards and documents.

15. What is the process to book tours, train rides and adventure activities in Sri Lanka?

You will find a lot of adventure sports and activities in Sri Lanka such as rafting, train rides, hot air balloon ride, scuba diving among other adventure sports. It is recommended that you book your trips and packages beforehand to avoid the last minute hassles and high cost. Contact our travel experts for best packages and deals.

16. What are the best souvenirs to buy in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is famous for spices and tea. But, be careful while buying spices and tea products from gardens as most of the time they sell forge items.

Apart from this, you can buy handicrafts, cotton products, Buddha and elephant figures, sarees and jewellery and gems.

17. What do I need to about the train rides in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is very famous for the scenic train rides. The most famous is the train ride to Kandy- Nuwara Ella, Nuwara Ella to Ella. You can visit the official Sri Lankan railway website to book your tickets in advance. Just in case, you haven’t booked your tickets in advance you can get the tickets on the spot from the railway station. The trains are very clean and hygienic and make sure keep that intact.

18. What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is- December to March and April to September. The weather is pleasant during this time.

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