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Everything You Should Know About Goa Carnival 2018


Everything You Should Know About Goa Carnival 2018-1 The party lovers paradise, Goa, is known for its beautiful beaches and chill vibe. Most of the tourists who came here, only see a part of Goa that is famous for. The parties at Anjuna, Candolim and Mapusa continue through the night making it just the perfect mix of tradition and fun. However there is a different side to Goa too that not many have experienced. There are numerous villages and cities that are steeped in culture and celebrate the festival with much pomp and vigor. On any other day, the villagers go about their daily lives that revolve around fishing, eating Goan food and making merry but during festivals, the spirit of Goa comes alive and the locals leave no stone unturned to have a great time. Goa Carnival is one such festival that is celebrated every year with much enthusiasm. Called Carnaval, its Portuguese name, the four-day-long festival is highly awaited by the locals and preparations begin much in advance. Here’s what happens during Goa Carnival.

What Is Goa Carnival All About?

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The Goa Carnival has a long story and can be traced back to the Middle-Ages. Started in the 18th century by the Portuguese. Goa was once a colony of the Portuguese Empire, a Christian country and the Goa Carnival was developed from a traditional annual festival held before Lent. These celebrations were introduced almost 500 years ago when Portuguese first arrived in this coastal town. Originally the festival was based on Mardi Gras (otherwise called Fat Wednesday), a Christian tradition. Over the years the combinations of Goan and Portuguese culture have infiltrated the Goa Carnival to make it what it is today.

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The 4-day celebration was marked by unrestrained fun and frolic with lavish foods and overflowing drinks, just before the month of Lent. For religious Catholics, the month of Lent signifies fasting and self-restraint which ends with Easter. Today the Goa Carnival has become more of a cultural festival, celebrating the unique Goan food, dances, music, traditions, etc. Thousands of tourists from India and abroad also participate in the festivities, irrespective of their religions.

Everything You Should Know About Goa Carnival Celebrations

Everything You Should Know About Goa Carnival 2018-4 The colorful Goa Carnival will be held from February 10th to February 13th this year. Fun and Frolic, merrymaking and all around revelry characteristics, this one of a kind festival which is celebrated all over the tiny but scenic Indian state of Goa. A striking spectrum of vibrant color stands out during the carnival as performers of all orders come together with dancing and music filling in the air. The electric events and exciting performances will keep you enthralled for hours on end. An electrifying parade moves through several Goan towns enthralling one and all. The crowning of King Momo and the hugely popular Red and Black dance are a part of this Goa carnival where men and women dress in Black and Red outfits.

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The carnival will commence with a spectacular parade led by King Momo. A riot of colours, the parade, features it all; dancers, fortune tellers, hawkers, men and women disguised in various characters. Types of crackers are another attraction of the procession. Breathtaking folk dances, astounding feasts and abundance of drinks are some of the things you can expect from Goa Carnival. The carnival ends with the traditional Black and Red dance, where young men and women perform dressed in red top and black trousers and skirts respectively. The Carnival celebrates the Goan way of life, which is a unique mixture of Indian and Western cultures. Extravagant, vibrant, Goa carnival reveals the very heart of Goa.

So, there you have it! A bit of history, some information on getting involved, and some preparation to help you loosen up your waistline. This is all about Goa Carnival 2018, While the town gears up to present all that it holds, it’s time for you to get emerged in the festival too.

Advice: Most of the celebrations of the Goa Carnival take place around Panjim, Margao and Vasco da Gama and the events are ticket-free, so you can just head down and enjoy the party!

Make sure you plan a trip to Goa this February to enjoy the thrilling Goa Carnival.

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