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Europe for Nature-lovers: 10 Natural Wonders Of Europe Worth A Visit


Europe is known for its rich cultural heritage, astonishing historical monuments, beautiful churches, and magnificent art. But what people do not know about Europe is how rich it is in biodiversity, beautiful landscapes, magnanimous waterfalls, and crystal clear beaches. Europe is undoubtedly a dreamland for all nature lovers. Here is a list of all the beautiful cities in Europe every nature lover should visit once in there lifetime.

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Europe for Nature-lovers: 10 Natural Wonders Of Europe Worth A Visit-1

1. Explore the stunning coral reefs of the Azores

Europe for Nature-lovers: 10 Natural Wonders Of Europe Worth A Visit-2 The Azores is an autonomous region of Portugal with exuberant landscapes, fishing villages, beautiful green pastures and huge shrubberies of blue hydrangeas. There are many islands in the Azores and are brought together to make an archipelago. Each of the islands has there own natural landscapes as well as unique traditions and distinctive natural legacies. All the islands are beautiful and charming with sculptured by ancient volcanoes and coral reefs. There is an abundance of activities and places to visit in the beautiful islands. You can relax in natural carbonic water and waterfalls of the islands or go for kayaking and sailing.

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2. Experience serenity with luxury in Capri

Europe for Nature-lovers: 10 Natural Wonders Of Europe Worth A Visit-3 Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in entire Europe, Capri is an island in Italy’s Bay of Naples and is famous for its astonishing landscape and the luxurious style of holidaying. With its beautiful beaches and vibrant mountains, the island is a haven for nature lovers from all around the world. It's dreamily sea views and rocky seashores make it a perfect destination to relax on the beach and enjoy the serenity of nature. Make sure to go on a boat trip around the island. You can admire the beautiful coastlines of the island and rustic landscapes in a leisurely fashion.

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3. Indulge in the coastal landscapes of Cavtat

Europe for Nature-lovers: 10 Natural Wonders Of Europe Worth A Visit-4 Cavtat is a beautiful southern Croatian town known for its quiet beaches and dense vegetation all around the coastline. This town is adorned with enchanting summer houses and magnificent coven. Cavtat is a perfect amalgamation of natural beauties and a rich cultural and historical heritage make it one of the most attractive destinations of Croatia. You can go to the Sea path and try recreational riding through the Konavle nature. You can also visit Cilipi, a town which hosts countless folklore and cultural exuberance. People who love to have an active vacation can enjoy beach volleyball, surfing, jet-skiing, diving, underwater fishing, underwater photography, sailing, and various water activities.

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4. Relax in the scenic thermal baths of Reykjavik

Europe for Nature-lovers: 10 Natural Wonders Of Europe Worth A Visit-5 Embedded in the middle of astonishing landscapes, Reykjavik one of the smallest capital cities in entire Europe. Reykjavik is known for the beautiful surrounding mountains, thermal baths, and impeccable nightlife. Take a bath in the infamous geothermal pools in nature's wilderness which have been an important part of the Icelandic culture for a long time. There are plenty of natural hot springs in the city but the capital's famous pools also offer a distinctive spa-like experience, with saunas and steam rooms. Also, make a point to visit the Old Harbour which served as the city’s major fishing hub and has a lot of docked boats.

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5. Enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere of Corfu

Europe for Nature-lovers: 10 Natural Wonders Of Europe Worth A Visit-6 This beautiful Greek town is unlike all the others because of its cosmopolitan Mediterranean nature. The city is adorned with rich multi-cultural heritage, its historic monuments, its enchanting natural landscape, its crystal clear seas, and its excellent weather all year round. The city has a lot of beautiful docks and old Churches and forts all around the beautiful landscape of mountains and beaches. Make a point to visit the Paleokastritsa village in northwestern Corfu to enjoy the beaches, caves, and monasteries. You can also visit Sidari for cliffs, nightlife and beautiful water parks.

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6. Experience the peace and charm of Locarno

Europe for Nature-lovers: 10 Natural Wonders Of Europe Worth A Visit-7 Locarno is an Italian speaking town in Switzerland. It is famous for its beautiful location on the shores of Lake Maggiore which is surrounded by lush green mountains and beautiful valleys with a fairly warmer climate than the rest of Switzerland. Locarno prides itself in its numerous beauty spots such as the botanical gardens and Camellia Park with over 900 species of this beautiful flower, camellias, mimosa, and magnolias, some of which are very rare. The clear autumn days attract a lot of visitors who are looking for a quiet holiday amidst the stunning landscape and the peace of nature. Locarno is also famous for its international film festivals and the beautiful historic and architecturally rich town.

7. Traverse in the honey-colored stones Malta island

Europe for Nature-lovers: 10 Natural Wonders Of Europe Worth A Visit-8 Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast and it's known for its scenic landscapes and architecture which provides a magnificent backdrop wherever you go. Malta looks stunning with its honey-colored stones which pop out on the against the deep blues of Mediterranean. With the year-round sun, it makes for a perfect holidaying destination for exploring the beautiful cliffs against the gorgeous beaches. There are a lot of natural attractions in Malta, such as, The Azure Window which is a 28-meter-tall natural limestone arch on the island of Gozo in Malta. Also, visit Comino which is a limestone islet and a bird sanctuary and also a home to the blue lagoon bay.

8. Enjoy canoeing in the Dordogne valley

Europe for Nature-lovers: 10 Natural Wonders Of Europe Worth A Visit-9 Dordogne is a valley in Southwestern France famous for its beautifully preserved natural environment and the grand cultural heritage. Dordogne valley is named after the river Dordogne which is the only river in France to be a part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves making it an important environmental and biosphere hub of prestigious recognition. The clean waters of the river provide the tourists with a lot of fun activities, such as swimming and canoeing, all year round. With its limestone plateaus, the region is also famous for its infinite number of cliff dwellings with carvings from the prehistoric era. The valley is perfect for all of the nature lovers with activities such as hiking, biking and riding tracks in unspoiled countryside.

9. Marval at the grandeur of fjords in Bergen

Europe for Nature-lovers: 10 Natural Wonders Of Europe Worth A Visit-10 Bergen is a well-established cruise port in the country of Norway. The city is small and has an old world charm. Bergen is known as the gateway to the fjords as it lies between two of the world's most enchanting once, that is, Sognefjord and the Hardangerfjord. Because of its rich natural heritage, it is a favorite amongst nature enthusiasts. It is also a European City of Culture and UNESCO World Heritage City making this a city.of historic importance along with a young outlook. The city has colorful harbors with a beautiful view of the sea and the seven mountains in the backdrop.

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10. Explore the natural healing water springs in Eger

Europe for Nature-lovers: 10 Natural Wonders Of Europe Worth A Visit-11 One of the most famous Hungarian towns, Eger is a hub for natural healing water springs, wonderful wines, beautiful lakes, and mountains. The city has many noteworthy monuments because of its rich historical heritage. Egar is also known for its viniculture with beautiful vineyards and the region's grapes. The city is adorned with Eged Mountains, Lake Tisza, Bükk Forest, natural springs, rutting stags, meteorites, and waterfalls. It is also known for its dense wildlife preserve and the great outdoors near the Hungarian plains. You can also paraglide and plain tours to admire the beautiful Eger landscape.

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