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Equipment You Must Carry for Your Next Camping Trip


Equipment You Must Carry for Your Next Camping Trip-1

"Look at the stars

Look how they shine for you

and everything you do

Yeah they were all yellow”

Dear Campers,

Park your tent amidst the mountains or that infinite stretch of Sea Beach or may be amidst the wilderness, lit a little bonfire by the camp side, surround yourself with friends and family, bring out the guitar and sing in chorus. Camping is not just an outdoor activity but a surreal experience indeed.

Camping because sometimes you need to pause in Life and introspect in the Lap of the nature.

Camping because Die with Memories.

Camp because Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. So who’s up for an adventure?

How about a campsite around the bonfire, catch fish during the day, watch the spectacular sunrise and sunset, sleep under a thousand stars, hear the nature’s melody and discover life. Sounds like a magical experience, right?

Indeed, it is. The camping experience would definitely cast a spell on you.

I will provide you a complete guide so that you can sit back, relax and experience your camping. Hence I am providing you a complete detailed packing list of the equipment you must carry for your next Camping Trip.

Campsite Gear:

A camping checklist should be made right before you head to start packing for your upcoming trip. You wouldn't want to end up reaching the camp without a tent or food items. When going for camping, do bring this stuff to make sure that the upcoming trip is a big hit!

•Tent, Poles and stakes

Tent and tent gears like poles and stakes should be the top priority for camping. Remember the tent will protect you from insects, mosquitoes, wild animals and other danger that lurks in such places. There are few things that you need to consider before buying/renting a tent.

Weather condition: Whether you are camping in the mountains, wilderness, beach or any other place, do check the weather beforehand. If you are camping during the rain or even otherwise, it’s wise to go for a waterproof tent. But if you are camping in a cold hilly region, my suggestion to you would be, to go for a dome shaped tent. They are lighter and easily fit into your bag pack. Moreover, they are manufactured to prevent from strong cold winds and rapid weather changes. Also, they are manufactured in such a way to brace you from cold.

Quality: Always go for tent with strong poles, high quality pegs and secured fastenings. Also please learn to pitch the tent that you are buying or taking it on rent from Shoe on Loose.

Types of Tent:

1)Dome Shape Tents: Freestanding, easy to pitch, stable and can handle changing weather conditions. The basic shape bends a flexible pole into a half circle with both ends fixed to a strong tape or webbing strap running across the base of the tent, often as part of the groundsheet. These tents are popular among family and friends camping groups. You can move this tent while erected making it very simple to use. Also this tent provides you a great head height making it very comfortable inside the Tent. If you are a first time camper and have a very little knowledge about camping I would suggest you to go for this simple yet safe Dome Tents.

2)The basic ridge tent: This tent had a pole at each end and sometimes a cross pole called a ridge holding up a tent-shaped roof. The main disadvantage is its head height. These tents happen to be very stable against strong winds.

3)Tunnel Tents: The tent is made up of two or more poles running the width of the structure; this shape makes for much better interior space and head room. Very popular these days among campers.

4)Geodesic and semi-geodesic: Specially made for experience campers camping in high altitude. Tent where the poles crisis-cross over the surface, intersecting to form triangles. They are used in windy terrain.

5)The Hoop tents: Hoop tents have curved poles at either end to help retain shape and stability. Ropes need to be tied with pegs, staked carefully for optimum pitching. Typically, they are made up of three arched frames for spacious interior areas and head room. The benefit of this shape is that snow and water can simply slide off. Make sure to support any fabrics because if they are not staked down properly, they will rattle and flap in the wind. This type of tent is the lightest and most compact packing tent on the market.

6)Inflatable tents: These tents happen to be very heavy and expensive. This tent requires no stakes, no poles or rope.

Equipment You Must Carry for Your Next Camping Trip-2

Tent footprint (ground cover for under your tent).

A tent footprint basically protects the Tent floor from abrasion. You can buy a tent footprint otherwise I would suggest using polyethylene sheet.

Tent-pole repair sleeve

Hammer or mallet

To drive the tent stakes into the ground. I would suggest you to bring a claw hammer which is useful in removing the tent stakes.

Sleeping bag for each camper

Go for thick, insulated Mummy sleeping bags if you are camping in a cold place.

General sleeping bag/rectangular sleeping bag: If you are camping in warm places. They come in rectangular or tapered rectangular in shape.

Equipment You Must Carry for Your Next Camping Trip-3

• Sleeping pad for each camper

• Repair kit for pads, mattress, tent, tarp (for any damages in Tent)

• Pillows with extra blanket and Pump for air mattresses

Special care should be taken in choosing your perfect camping pillows so that you have a great night’s sleep and wake up absolutely fresh.

Headlamps or flashlights (extra batteries)

Lantern with Lantern fuels in surplus.

Tent Lamp

It really gets dark in the wilderness, so a lantern or a tent lamp is essential. The bonfire will not suffice for dinner. Please carry a LED flashlight which is rechargeable, bright and luminous. With the rope that you are carrying, you can always hang that light from the branches of a tree.

• Hand Held GPS

• Hiking Bags

• Folding Table (optional)

• Folding Chair (optional)

Equipment You Must Carry for Your Next Camping Trip-4

Clothing and other Accessories

Hiking/walking shoes

This depends on the kind of camping trip that you are undertaking. Sneakers and sports shoes would be just fine in most of the places. If you are hiking at a high altitude and rough terrain, carry specialized walking shoes for that. Use trail running shoes, hiking boots and Mountaineering shoes in such cases.

Do not forget the camping gear mentioned below-

• Gloves

• Hats and sunglasses

• Long-sleeve shirts (for sun, bugs)

• Moisture-wicking underwear

• Moisture-wicking T-shirts

• Sleepwear

• Rain wear (jacket and pants)

• Insulating jacket or vest

• pullover sweaters (for high altitude camping/ winter)

• Umbrella

• Shocks (synthetic or wool)

• Sandals

• Towels

Pack your clothing which will adapt in changing weather conditions. Go prepared for rain. It is wise to have an extra pair of clothing. Keep your jacket and gloves handy if you are camping in cold places/ high altitudes since the temperature drop is sudden. Carry 2-3 pairs of shocks.

Equipment You Must Carry for Your Next Camping Trip-5

Personal Items

• Sunscreen lotion

• Bug Spray

• Mosquito repellent

• First-aid kit

• Aspirin/paracetamol - general painkiller

• Medications

• Toilet Kit & Soap

• Carbolic Acid/ Bleaching powder as snake repellent.

• Nylon cord

It is necessary for stringing clothes as well as for securing the tent.

• Pocket knife or a multi-tool set

• Fishing Gear (optional)

• Hand sanitizer

• Large Plastic Bags

• Mountaineering ice-axe (High altitude Campers)

Kitchen/ Food Item

• Stove

• Matches/lighter

• Charcoal & Fuel

• Water bottles

• Water filter or water treatment tablets

• Pot and Pan, Plates , bowels and other utensils

• Plastic plate and cup

• Food-storage containers

• Packed Dry Food and Eateries

• Biscuits, Bread and Cakes

• Biodegradable soap

• Extra bin for washing dishes

• Sponge, dishcloth, dishtowel

• Kitchen set (self Cooking)

• Tea/Coffee

• Eggs (freeze-dried or fresh)

• Energy drinks

• Fresh fruits like apples and bananas

Food item is the most important aspect of Camping. Carrying surplus food item is a must because there may or may not be favorable condition near the camp site to cook or may be in some camp sites cooking food using oven is not permitted. Thus it is always a good idea to carry food items with you.

Suggested Food Items to carry for your trip of camping-

Instant hot cereals, dehydrated eggs, pancake mix, breakfast bars, granola, quick dry cereal, instant tea, coffee, powdered milk, juice, fresh fruit, dried fruit.

Other Items:

• Camera and other camera Accessories.

• Campsite reservation confirmation

• Emergency contact number

• Maps and Guide Book

• Notebook and other accessories (optional

• Hiking Pole

• Binoculars (optional)

• Star charts for the star gazer (optional)

• Walkie Talkie

• Portable power bank

• Bicycle Mountain Bike

• Camp Stove

Equipment You Must Carry for Your Next Camping Trip-6

I would suggest you to customize the Camping Equipment list according to your requirements and keep the bag pack as light as possible. The requirements would differ according to the following:

1)Geographical location of the camp site.

2)Time of camping: whether it’s a day time camp or a night camp.

3)The duration for camping.

4)The time of the year.

5)The number of campers and many other factors.

Please don’t forget to carry the compulsory Camp equipment and other items. Always remember the safety of you and your fellow camper’s should be the priority for great outdoors.

You should always pay extra attention on your First Aid box. Check the medication and always take extra medication for camping. Inspect and re inspect all your equipment before leaving for camping. Understand and learn the usage of all the equipment before leaving for camping. Always try to keep your camping equipment, foods and personal belonging organized.

During the day you can go for fish catching, meet locals and interact with them, hike for few hours or else sit back at the camp and relax. You can bring books to read and find solace in the lap of nature. Always camp in a serene place and away from the bustling crowd. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. Apply sunscreen lotion during the day and put on your sunglasses if you are hiking during the day. Don’t make yourself too tired and exhausted. Don’t get intimidated and always have a positive attitude during camping. During camping you will be able to witness a very different side of Life. Always take very good care of your fellow campers (friends/ family). Keep yourself clean throughout the camping days. Change clothes as when needed during camping and don’t wear dirty clothes. Always clean the utensils, cups, plates before cooking or before having lunch/ dinner. Use hand sanitizer. Don’t forget to carry a portable power bank since you will not be able to find electricity in wilderness, mountains, beaches, natural parks where you are camping.

Try keeping the camp fire burning throughout the night to keep you safe from wild animals. Do avoid sprains and strains while camping. Always camp with caution. Even in warm areas the temperature might fall at night in the wilderness so always carry a cosy shirt with you. Arrive at the camp site early at around afternoon so that by sunset you can put up your tent, organize your belongings , spray the carbolic acid/ bleaching powder around the camp area and be prepared to witness the sunset, take pictures and relax. Please try to keep your food items out of your tent since many animals can infiltrate in your tent. Always keep your cell phones handy in case of emergencies but I would suggest you to refrain from using otherwise and soak in the beauty of nature and unwind yourself. Do bring with yourself some extra hard cash for emergencies. Please check the weather forecast of that place beforehand. Avoid going for a camp when a storm is predicted. This would surely be your great learning experience in Life.

Equipment You Must Carry for Your Next Camping Trip-7

Few Camping Etiquette:

Please keep your keep Camp site neat and clean and dispose all the food items in the waste paper bin (if there is one or else keep with yourself to dispose later. Don’t litter.)

Cook making sure there is no damage to the environment otherwise please try using packed food items

Please extinguish the camp fire before leaving the camp site.

Don’t cause any harm to the wild animals present near the camp site.

Don’t pluck flowers/ tree leaves near the camp site. Preserve nature.

Happy Camping Folks!

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