Dubai As Your Next Luxury Destination


Among the most expensive places to live on the planet, there is no reason to explain why Dubai is known as a luxury travel destination and as well a luxurious place to live in the world.

With the tall edifices rising from the dust of the desert and touching the clouds, the chain of world-class luxurious hotels, the grander than life mall to shop from and of course the home to the tallest building in the world, Dubai leaves no reason behind to call what we call it today. Now that it is no unknown fact about this city in the United Arab Emirates let us put a light on things and activities that you can do here to experience the ultimate luxury and be sure that you aren’t missing on anything on your next Dubai trip.

Stay at the tallest building in the world- Burj Khalifa

Dubai As Your Next Luxury Destination-1 Burj Khalifa does not need any introduction being the tallest building in the world, but here is what you need to know when you are standing in front of this 163- storey building. A home to around 30,000 homes, 19 residential towers, the Dubai Mall and nine 5-star and 7-star rated hotels, one must make a stay at one of the hotels here to get a dose of luxury. The observatory deck on the 124th floor of the building offers the panoramic beauty of modern edifices and dusky deserts. The top of the building offers the 360- degree view of the Dubai city offering the marvellous skyline of the modern city that rose above the deserts. The most interesting fact about this opulent building is that you can enjoy the sunrise twice, observe the sun setting from the ground floor and take the elevator to the observatory deck on the 124th floor to marvel the sun fading away once again.

Apart from Burj Khalifa, there are others hotels as well which are as good as this one, Burj Al Jumeirah located on the man-made island amidst the sea in another place to make a luxurious stay.

Visit the Palm Jumeirah to see the affluent living culture

Dubai As Your Next Luxury Destination-2 It is only in Dubai that you can marvel such great architectural wonders. A man-made world made on water with a dream location that came true on the surface of the earth. The island is full of luxury resorts and hotels that are located within a close proximity of the sea. The affluent human settlements attract the richest people and celebrities around the world. Who wouldn’t want to own a villa amidst the azure sea? There are several resorts and hotels to choose from to live amid the luxuries lifestyle of the richest. The monorail is well developed to take you from the islands to the main Dubai city.

Shop like never before because it’s Dubai

Dubai As Your Next Luxury Destination-3 I can bet the kind of shopping malls that you get to see here are had to find anywhere else because it is not just the shopping experience that they offer but takes you to a different world altogether capturing you inside the glass buildings and shiny high style boutiques. With most of them listed on the Forbes magazine you can’t help but observe what man can make out a simple building. The most famous mall of the city is Dubai Mall- the largest mall in the world spread over an area of 540k sqm with 1,200 retail hops inside the premises. There is a plethora of luxuries restaurants, high-street boutiques, artificial ice-rink, underwater zoo and aquarium.

The other famous shopping destinations are Mall of the Emirates, Mercato Mall, The Village Mall and Ibn Batuta Mall, which are not only great shopping destinations but architecture wonders as well.

A cruise down the Persian Gulf

Dubai As Your Next Luxury Destination-4 The Dubai creek is the hub and your getaway to board a luxury cruise ship and enjoy the time cruising on the waters of Persian Gulf enjoying the skyline of the Dubai city and luxuries of the cruise ship. The Dubai offers the world class cruise facilities to its tourists. Regent Seven Seas cruise, Azamara cruise, Costa cruise are few of the most famous cruise tours in Dubai that are available for day/night cruises and for several days as well. The Dubai creek is a UNESCO world heritage which has seen Dubai rise from the sand dunes. It divides the city into two parts Deira and Bur Dubai and offers the tons of recreational activities.

The amusing world of theme parks

Dubai As Your Next Luxury Destination-5 After catering the tallest building of the world, Dubai is also the home to the largest amusement world of the world. IMG Worlds of adventure is not only a delight for the kids but is a treat for adults as well with the number of adventure rides, roller coasters and slides that will carry you back to your childhood. It is a temperature controlled theme park which has marvel and cartoon network themed park and also the tallest and most exciting roller coaster of the world.

Apart from IMG, Motiongate is another popular choice for the amusement park in Dubai. It is famous for its theme parks which are replicas of the famous Disney and animated movies. The newest attraction of the park is The Hunger Games arena.

Then it also has Legoland which is a paradise for the minion lovers and it also has a water park a number of thrilling rides.

The biggest waterpark of Dubai situated right in the heart of Atlantis- Aquaventure is stuffed with world’s best rides and has something for everyone. For a true adventure enthusiast, it offer’s the world’s largest waterslide - Aquaconda.

The nightlife of Dubai speaks a different story

Dubai As Your Next Luxury Destination-6 Filled with a number of nightclubs which mostly caters the best crowd of the city. The nightclubs needless to say, are adorned in the vibrant lights and unique state of the art interiors thumping with the music played by the best DJ’s from around the world. The nightclubs here are very specific about the dress codes, the appearance and personality and also the minimum drinking age (which is 21 years in Dubai), which makes sure only the best crowd are seen in the clubs.

Few of the familiar names of nightclubs in Dubai are: Club 360, which is located on the rooftop and offers the views of the skyline of the city. Trilogy is a must visit for the music lovers who love to dance all night long. If you in Palm Jumeirah, then you can visit n’dulge to share the nightlife with the cream crowd of Dubai.

The artificial underwater world like never before

Dubai As Your Next Luxury Destination-7 Among other things, Dubai has crowned itself as the best place to witness the vivid aquatic world which has been cleverly designed by the architectures of the city. Dubai aquarium and the underwater zoo is one place that is beyond the definition of zoo and aquarium. The place swiftly takes you into the sphere of underwater. The aquarium homes close to 140 species of sea creatures. When in Dubai, always expect something extraordinary. Here in the zoo, you not only get to witness the exquisite variety of sea creatures, but you can also enjoy a number of underwater sports such as scuba diving, shark scooter ride, shark dive and cage snorkelling. Now, this is something you shouldn’t be missing for anything in the world.

Another on the cards is- The Lost Chambers Aquarium. It is an underwater aquarium built around the ruins of the ‘fictional’ city of Atlantis which submerged under the sea. A tunnel that is leading to the magnificent underwater world where you can witness the lost civilization, it’s ruins and wrecks! Also, there is huge of variety of aquatic animals such as sharks, starfish, lobsters and even tiny seas horses which are separated from you by a mere wall of glass.


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