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11 Best Budget Holiday Destinations in India.

Ever thought of planning a trip with your college buddies or a weekend getaway with your family, but then you had to cancel due to budget issues? Well, this happens a lot. Now, you need not worry, as here is a list of places in India where you can enjoy a perfect holiday within your budget. If you cut some expenses in commuting and lodging, exploring and traveling is damn cheap in India. With few thousands in your pockets, you are all set for your upcoming holiday.

1. Kasol- Pocket-friendly homestays.

11 Best Budget Holiday Destinations in India.-1 Serene environment and beautiful views, Kasol is perfect for a budget holiday in the mountains, with cheap hotels and homestays for INR 500 per day! You can divide it among your friends, and it won’t hurt your pocket at all. One can also easily access the buses operated by HRTC. Food, beautiful sights, short treks and other STUFF! This place has everything you want for a perfect getaway.

2. Goa - Rs 30 for a King’s beer and Rs 150 for food!

11 Best Budget Holiday Destinations in India.-2

Goa is a perfect place to chill with your besties. The place has the cheapest booze, a pint of beer costs just Rs 30. Also, a good seafood meal will cost as low as INR 150. You can hire a bike on rent at Rs 250/day and enjoy the Portuguese architecture, forts, local markets and of course the beaches. During the off seasons, the prices tend to get even lower.

3. Pondicherry- A French experience in India

11 Best Budget Holiday Destinations in India.-3

Don’t want to spend much and still want a taste of the French architecture? Pondicherry is the place for you! Long walks on cobblestoned streets during the day, admiring the beaches in the evenings and almost a free stay at the Aurobindo Ashram if you’re a follower. You can also think of partying as alcohol is very cheap!

4. Rishikesh- Adventure and camping

11 Best Budget Holiday Destinations in India.-4 One of the best getaways from Delhi for an adventurer. A trip to Rishikesh tops the chart among the adventurous budget holiday destinations in India. Thrilling white water rafting, beach camping and camp activities, all of this at a feasible price. Beach camping costs just Rs 1600 per person. The place is alcohol-free and completely vegetarian.

5. Nainital- weekend on the hills

11 Best Budget Holiday Destinations in India.-5 Round trip from Delhi to Nainital by bus can be done in 1000 bucks or even less! Budget stays starts from as low as 400/night. Famous for the Naini lake and the panoramic views of the Himalayas, Nainital is a perfect place to be on weekends to spend some quality time with your family without worrying about your bank balance.

6. Dharamsala And McLeodganj- Budget treks at rock bottom prices

11 Best Budget Holiday Destinations in India.-6 A beautiful hill station and home to Dalai Lama, the Buddhist leader who runs his government in exile from Dharamshala. A great place for meditation and exploring the Tibetan culture. Home stays at these places won’t cost more than 500 per night. Numerous short treks began from here, you can easily undertake the marked treks without a guide which will save a lot of your money. One such trek is the trek to Triund and camp out if you so wish.

7. Kodaikanal - Quality and Tasty Food at Unbelievably Low Cost

11 Best Budget Holiday Destinations in India.-7 Rs. 200 for a room and Rs. 20 for fried chicken or any other variety of the like, this place is a heaven for travelers with a tight budget. It’s an affordable honeymoon destination with a scenic view of the Western ghats.

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8. Jaipur- Easy and cheap getaway

11 Best Budget Holiday Destinations in India.-8 The pink city offers an easy getaway if you’re from Delhi. You can visit the splendid forts and appreciate the royal architecture. The city provides cheap accommodation options. If you’re traveling from far, you can spend a day here, and then leave for a final destination. The food is not costly, Rs 200 is enough for a good healthy meal.

9. Amritsar- Free food and free stay for a devotee

11 Best Budget Holiday Destinations in India.-9 Stay at the Golden temple is free for girls, and guys can get accommodation at an affordable price. And as we all know, Gurudwara offers free food to everyone. Stay at the Gurudwara and feel the calmness of the place. You can keep your luggage in the cloak rooms and head to the city to visit Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border and many other sites in the vicinity.

10. Alleppey- Venice of the east

11 Best Budget Holiday Destinations in India.-10 Alleppey, Venice of the East, is famous for its natural beauty, lagoons, and the waterways. The place offers home stays at Rs 250 to Rs 700 per night. Prices of the boathouse are slightly higher starting from Rs 6000 per day for 1BHK, which you can share with your friends. If you are a conversation striker, then you can talk to a local fisherman, and he’ll let you take his own kayaks so you can go and explore on your own in just 100-200 bucks.

11. Varanasi- Essence of spirituality

11 Best Budget Holiday Destinations in India.-11 Varanasi is one of the seven holy cities of Hinduism, situated on banks of the Ganges. The Ganga ghats are best sites to experience the cultural flavor of India. There are a number of guesthouses and hotels that will fit well within your budget. Also, Varanasi offers amazing yet affordable food options and striking locations for the tourists.
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