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We Invite You To Our New Look: New Website Launched

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website with enhanced design, enriched content and improved functionality which focuses on the company’s innovative and hassle-free voice, allowing customers to access detailed information of trips and blogs. This will help our valuable visitors to have an informative and user-friendly experience as we continue to grow and increase our market presence.

We Invite You To Our New Look: New Website Launched-1

Material Design visual language has been used to design the website which is the latest technology in the industry. This creates effects so as to interact in a good way with the visitors of the website with its responsiveness, transitions, padding and depth effects such as shadows and lighting. It is also fully responsive with mobile devices making the website easily accessible and navigate from all types of browsers and portable devices.

Apart from this, changes have also been made in the Homepage of the website which creates transparency between the user and us; describing Who we are, What we do, and what is our ideology. Visitors to the site can stay informed with the latest information about travel in the revised blog section. User can also filter down the blogs as per his/her requirement. Richer content and valuable information is throughout the website which educates user with useful and robust information.

We Invite You To Our New Look: New Website Launched-2

Trip Page and Tour Packages Page has been designed to showcase the extensive trips’ information to help customers understand the company’s complete product range. The Product filters are integrated which will allow the users to easily narrow down the package portfolio by selecting the key elements and customize the package as per their requirement. This will also help the visitors to easily navigate through the site in a faster and streamlined manner resulting into getting desired product(s) in no amount of time.

The most important thing we did is to strengthen our customer feedback loop. For this, the Review Page is redesigned which focuses on the most important thing, and that is the valuable feedback from our customers. The page also features the trips and photos of clients and shares their journey on social media platforms and website (with prior approval of course). All these changes will help Shoes On Loose to know what our customers need and how we can improvise day by day.

This is a redefining step in the amazing five years journey of Shoes On Loose, and hope to take the organisation to the new heights.

We invite you to view our new website and let us know your thoughts. You can drop us an E-mail or DM for a feedback.

For more information about Shoes On Loose, please visit our website - www.shoesonloose.com

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