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10 Best Shopping Experiences in Dubai you must Visit!

10 Best Shopping Experiences in Dubai you must Visit!-1

If you haven’t heard about Dubai being the center for commerce, then pen this down in your notebook that Dubai is exceptionally famous for business. It has attracted all traders across the world for generations. No doubt Dubai has gained a lot of wealth and supremacy through oil but it is also a very important center for trading. Dubai’s market place and souks are something to talk about because of the charming vibes it creates. It is not only the place for those who love beaches and late light parties but it is a heavenly place for shopaholics. Dubai has shopping options from modern mega-malls to traditional ones and local street outlets. From coolest shopping malls to dazzling merchandises and gold ornaments, you won't be able to stay away from these souks on your Dubai vacation.

Wafi Mall

Looking for an exquisite shopping mall in Dubai? Well look no more, established in 2001, the Wafi Mall is located on Oud Metha Road. It became prominent because of its pyramid shaped structure with the embellishment of Egyptian theme throughout the entire area and pretty collection of artworks. There are many attractions where tourists get astounded by the displays, one of the most famous is the Cleopatra Spa. The mall has lot of huge centers with 350 stores of apparels, accessories and crafts.

How to reach: 10 minutes from Dubai International Airport and the Sheikh Zayed Road. You can either take a cab or bus to reach Wafi Mall.

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Dubai Mall

Regarded as the world’s largest mall, The Dubai Mall is located near Burj Khalifa in Financial Central Road. The mall is furnished with luxurious decors adorned with 12000 lavish and premium brand stores, an Underwater Zoo, Dubai Aquarium, Ice Rink, Reel Cinema, Theme Park, Dubai fountains and numerous stores and brand outlets. For chocoholics and Candy lovers, there are outlets like Hershey’s Chocolate World and Candylicious store. This is the right place to come and enjoy with the family and one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

How to reach: Take a direct cab or take metro till Burj Khalifa Metro Station and then take a bus or a take a cab or shuttle bus to the mall.

10 Best Shopping Experiences in Dubai you must Visit!-3

Ibn Battuta Mall

Located on the Sheikh Zayed road, it is considered as the world’s largest themed mall in the world. This mall is built because of the Arabian Explorer Ibn Battuta. The mall has several divisions usually comprising six divisions – India, China, Tunisia, Persia, Egypt and Andalusia and has shops nearly to 275. These shops represent the places travelled by Battuta and they also hold exhibitions of these places. For example, the China courts has an exhibition center and display lot of cultural activities.

How to reach- The mall is located just opposite to Ibn Battuta Metro Station, travelling by metro makes it easier to reach

10 Best Shopping Experiences in Dubai you must Visit!-4

Deira City Mall

One of the oldest shopping malls of Dubai, located at the water front of Port Saeed Road. The Deira City Mall has brand outlets ranging from ornaments, dresses, electronics, local outlets of cashmere rugs. It has a huge movie hall, a bowling alley and a magic planet for kids. The Arabian interiors of the mall give the mall a very distinct appeal

How to reach- Take the metro till Deira City Centre or hire a cab. The mall also runs shuttle buses from 11 major hotels in Dubai.

10 Best Shopping Experiences in Dubai you must Visit!-5

Mall of the Emirates

The mall of the Emirates is extensively large consisting of more than 475 shops like sports, electronics, home decors, jewelries, kids play zone and multiplex cinema. Are you an adventure freak?? There is a skiing resort and you are bound to feel the adrenaline rush. Explore and enjoy all the thrills this amazing mall has to offer.

How to reach- Take a metro to the Mall of the Emirates Station and the skywalk to reach the mall.

10 Best Shopping Experiences in Dubai you must Visit!-6

Gold Souk

Even if you don’t buy anything from this souk (traditional name for a local market), it’s worth visiting this place. It’s a hub for all those who love jewelry, precious ornaments and metals and also tourists who are looking for souvenir and mementos. The craftsmanship is something to look upon as the artists are trained in making the designs with a tinge of Arabic look. It is located in Deira, adjacent to the Dubai creek along with wide passageways.

How to reach- Take a cab to Al Khor Street, Deira and drive to Gold Souk Market

10 Best Shopping Experiences in Dubai you must Visit!-7

Spice Souk

Located in the same area as the Gold Souk, Spice Souk is lined up with plenty of shops selling various spices like saffron, turmeric, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg, sumac and many more. The market is considered a vibrant one with top chefs and home cooks. There are narrow gullies are brimming with the fragrance of spices as well as dry fruits, nuts, hookah, masala and flavored tobacco. It is a must visit if you want to explore the exotic side of Dubai. Don’t wait to buy these magnificent spices and treat yourself the Arabian way.

How to reach- Take a cab to 2634 Street, Deira and drive to Gold Souk Market.

10 Best Shopping Experiences in Dubai you must Visit!-8

Perfume Souk

This souk deals in variety of perfumes from the scented ones to the most traditional ones, pure perfumes, essential oils, incense sticks wood and rock form. The most famous among these is obviously the frankincense. It also has Arabic Ittars to the branded international perfumes. You can also ask the vendor about the classical perfumes and he will proudly help you sample some of the best traditional scents in Dubai. For a fragrant experience, do not forget to visit this amazing souk.

How to reach- Take a bus or a cab to reach the place. Gold, Perfume and Spice souk is very near to Al Ras metro station, hence travelling by metro is a good option. Do not take your car as the place is crowded and finding a parking space is the main problem.

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Textile Souk

In Bur Dubai, the textile souk deals in variety of textiles like silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, readymade apparels footwear and souvenirs to name a few. Choose your favorite garbs and suit up in traditional attires which are also known as Abaya for women and Kandoura for men.

How to reach- reach Deira and cross the waterway in a water taxi or take metro till Al Fahidi Metro Station.

10 Best Shopping Experiences in Dubai you must Visit!-10

Meena Bazar

This Bazar is famous for the enchanting wedding jewelry, watches, textiles, furnitures and spices from India. Meena Bazaar is one of the most famous predominantly Indian bazaars in Dubai where you can for a leisure stroll and enjoy the vibes. It is located in the local market near Bur Dubai, adjacent to Al Bastakiya area.

How to reach- The mall is adjacent to Al Fahidi metro station in the green line

10 Best Shopping Experiences in Dubai you must Visit!-11

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