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Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!


Popularly known as God’s Own Country, Kerala is famous for not just it’s backwaters but there are tons of other stuff, one can do when there. From the scenic beauty to the tea gardens, from the beaches to the year-round pleasant weather, you will be stunned to find the number of things Kerala has lined up. This is the destination which ought to be on your list of places to travel to if you want to relax or do something new. As Kerala has something for everybody, this can be the go-to place for travelers, new married couples and families.

To help you out with where to start from, we’ve compiled a list of things do in Kerala-

Alleppey Backwaters

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-1 The Alleppey Backwaters are a beauty which shouldn't be missed. This is the most famous and known activity of Kerala. It is the major contributor to the tourism of this state. Explore the tranquil backwaters of Kerala and visit Vembanad Lake in a houseboat cruise and get a freshly cooked meal. The boats can accommodate one whole family and serve breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. It is a wonderful experience for all the honeymooners and families who are traveling to Kerala. Our advice to you would be to book the houseboat in advance. Also, you can visit the famous Kumarakom bird sanctuarysanctuary

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Bamboo Rafting

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-2 Known for it’s forest reserves, Periyar National Park is where you can either opt for a jungle safari through the reserve or go with bamboo rafting in the lake. The rafting lasts for a duration of 3-4 hours and every minute is worth it. You’ll definitely want to come back to Kerala for this one. They also offer hiking in this region and if you’re close to the banks of the lake, you’ll be able to spot tigers, elephants and other wildlife animals.

Witness a Snake Boat Race

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-3 If you’re going to Kerala during the months of April to September (Onam Festival), you’re in for a treat. You can watch the ultimate snake boat race which takes place in Alappuzha. The 130 feet long snake boats consist of hundreds of rowers, rowing in unison. Thousands of people show up and cheer for their favorite teams. Pick your favorite one and cheer your hearts out! We guarantee that it will be better than a cricket or hockey match!

Camping in Munnar

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-4 Munnar is much loved because of the chilly weather, it has to offer. It is a breathtakingly beautiful location and you will be taken into the charms of nature. Get to experience what it’s like, to be out there in the open with a stunning view of twinkling stars and a campfire where you can toast both friends and marshmallows. You can also go for trekking and cycling while you’re at the camp. Munnar campsites do offer such activities (start brushing up your storytelling skills for the camp!)

Munnar Tour Guide.

Visit the Coffee/Tea Plantations

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-5 Kerala is known for its exotic flavors of coffee and tea. Do pay a visit to the coffee plantations that are situated in Wayanad or you can also visit the tea plantations in Munnar. Get to drink your cup of coffee or tea at the place where it’s originally made. You can also stay at the coffee/tea plantation, resort or homestay for a night which would include activities like trekking, night safaris and a campfire. Sounds exciting right!?

Ride on the Elephants

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-6 Elephants are the animals which define Kerala’s culture. There are many places in Kerala which let you ride the elephants. They are of great significance and Thekkady is the most famous area where you can ride on these majestic creatures. What’s better than enjoying the lovely weather of Kerala on the top of an elephant in the Periyar Wildlife sanctuary? These animals are super friendly and all you have to do is sit and relax. You can also get tons of pictures clicked with your respective elephant. Watch them bathe and later on scrub them with coconuts! (add on the bucket list)

Stay in a Treehouse

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-7 Make your childhood fantasies come true. Stay in a treehouse for real in Wayanad. Those of you who are seeking some serenity and peace from your crazy life, head to Wayanad. The houses are made of wood and bamboo along and have netted windows. Get this rustic experience with your loved one or with your closest of friends and create memories here, which will forever be etched in your heart. You will have exotic birds for company, up there!

Get the Authentic Kerala Ayurveda Massage

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-8 Who doesn’t love an authentic ayurvedic massage to calm their nerves? I know I do. Kerala offers mind-blowing Ayurveda massages which help in the circulation of blood and rejuvenates the body, mind and soul. All you have to do is relax and let the masseuse work her magic on you. Oh, and the best part is that the massage also helps in preventing aging and degeneration (yes, you read it right).

Visit the Famous Athirapally Waterfalls

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-9 Kerala is famous for its stunning waterfalls and the Athirapally Waterfalls comes on the top. If this location is on your list, then keep in mind that the best time to visit it is during the monsoon season (June to August). The view will be the perfect background for all the pictures that you’ll click there and the sound of the water will be echoing all around you. The waterfalls has also been in the Baahubali film and hence adding to the fame.

Start Your Day with World’s Best Breakfast

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-10 Kerala’s breakfast is rated as one of the best breakfasts and tastes so good that you won’t be able to stop licking your fingers. Start your day by indulging in the Keralan flavors with Uppma, Masala Dosa, Appams (have these with vegetable/chicken stews) on a traditional Banana leaf. Once you’ll be back, you’ll miss the Keralan breakfast more than anything!

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Sunbath at the Beaches

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-11 Kerala has some really pretty beaches which are huge. Go to the any of the beaches in Kerala early in the morning or in the late evening to chill and to soak in the positive vibes. You can explore the water of Kerala or sunbath on the beach. The sand on the beaches of Kerala is much cleaner than that of other states’ beaches. Visit different beaches of Kerala such as Varkala Beach, Kovalam Beach, Marari Beach and many more hidden gems. After visiting the beach, treat yourself with the coconut water which is easily available, outside every beach.

Watch a Kathakali Performance

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-12 Kathakali is a famous classical dance form which is also the soul of Kerala. With the help of this dance and their expressions, the dancers narrate an enchanting story which will mesmerize you and make you short of words. Usually, these performances take place during the night time.

Biking Through the Paddy Fields

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-13

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-14 It’s no biggie that Kerala is famous for its scenic beauty. This state wins the hearts of every tourist or vacationer who goes here. The next time you’re in Kerala, do go for cycling through the paddy fields at Kuttanad. What can be better than strolling through the fields in the perfect weather of Kerala? You can ride through the waterway banks, old sanctuaries, chapels, markets, flavor tapping and plantations. Feel the natural water and mud on your feet and feel every moment of nature.

Paraglide in Vagamon

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-15 This is one experience which will change your life forever. Paragliding is flying in the sky for some amount of time with a pilot and feeling like a free bird. There is no such feeling as pure as being there, up in the sky. It is so intoxicating that you’ll come back as a different person. GoPro gadgets are available for paragliding which are used to make videos of paragliding. Imagine, how jealous all your friends are going to be when they see the pictures of you in the sky! Paragliding in Kerala is done in Vagamon and Munnar so don’t forget to add these places to your itinerary.

Visit the Edakkal Caves

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-16 Travel back to the stone age by visiting the Edakkal Caves. Situated in the Wayanad district, these caves lie above the sea level on Ambukutty Mala. To reach these caves, you’ve to trek on a mountain and on the way up, you’ll be able to spot many coffee plantations. The trek is only for 45 minutes and totally worth it. The greenery and the aroma of coffee completely capture you, making the trek an unforgettable one. There are some depictions and drawings in the cave which dates back to 7000 years.

Royal Heritage Trail

Don't Miss Out On These Things To Do in Kerala!-17 In this trail, get to know everything that should be known about the history of Kochi's dynasty. You can also interact with the members of the royal family over high tea and traditional Keralan snacks. You can also visit their home and talk to them unofficially. The family is very kind and will answer any questions that you'll have regarding the dynasty and the Heritage trail. The Heritage Trail will make you feel like you're in China. There's tons of stuff that you can learn from this trail like the culture, architecture, art etc.

Best time to visit Kerala? Actually, there is no best time to visit Kerala as the weather is pleasant throughout the year. So, Just take a break from life, plan your Kerala holidays and add good times to your memories.

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