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I have heard about Dalhousie to be the little piece of England, but witnessing it was a charm. Dalhousie is a quaint little town situated in the serenely beautiful district of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh.

My trip to Dalhousie began in the most interesting way. We left from Delhi in the evening and by 10, next morning we had stepped on to the soil of Dalhousie. The bus wasn’t allowed to go uphill till our hotel, so getting down and climbing all the way to the hotel, dragging our tired bodies (literally dragging) with us was the only option. Walking with our heads in the cloud literally, with the cloud and piercing wind trying to open our half closed eyes was one the only exciting thing I experienced during this top hill climbing. Well the wind succeeded! Everyone was in their full spirits and were busy capturing memories forgetting the 12 hour long- back breaking climb. But I guess that’s what Dalhousie and weather like that does (13 degree Celsius) to you.

1185876_10204959193518753_5582362449123443284_n-300x200 After taking a little nap, we made plans to explore the small town. Just at the end of the road down our hotel, there was a small church and the mall road market. The mall road market is pleasantly small. There are small shops selling shawls and other woollen clothes but nothing out of the ordinary. The main attraction for us was the shop selling apple pickles and beautiful ethnic jewellery with Buddha and leopard made out from German silver. The eateries are a tad bit expensive but there are small stalls that sell Maggi and believe me, it tastes wonderful in such a weather and place.

10629879_10204959243760009_3990611080451236425_n The next day we headed to Khajjiar, almost 40 kms from where we were staying. It is an almost plain area surrounded by hills. It’s a very popular tourist spot. One can do zorbing, horse riding click pictures with the rabbits or just trek- like we did. It was one hell of an exercise. The most interesting part was interacting with the locals and telling hilarious ghost stories while sitting around a bonfire! If you are an adventurer or someone who can’t live away from the big city lights, Dalhousie will disappoint you. But if you want to relax, you want to be by yourself or are just looking for a place that you and your friends could hang out and talk about existential crap staring at the little lights in the mountains, then head to Dalhousie now and you will not regret it. The weather is awesome and I loved it. The poet in you will love it.
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