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Destination Aam – The Mango Trail

The season of Mango is upon us. Summers are incomplete without tasting its different varieties. For travel lovers, it cannot be more fun than enjoying mango at the places where it is grown. Like Alison Pill once said, “Sometimes, a Sunday afternoon needs a whole mango to be kept entirely for oneself and eaten in one sitting.” Here is a small list for all the travelers who want to get a bite of this sweet pulpy fruit one variety at a time.

Mango Tourism at Ratnagiri

What place can be better to start your mango trail than the capital of Mango itself. This beautiful Konkan countryside is known for a lot of things, Turtle nests, beautiful coastline, waterfalls and pretty Konkani girls are few of them. But what makes it stand as the mango capital of India is Alphonso or Hapus that comes straight from this place. A number of farms in Ratnagiri have opened their doors for Mango tourism here that invite visitors.

The Insuperable Nawabi culture of Lucknow and Dasheri

lucknow How can one miss Lucknow and entire UP belt when mango is mentioned. After all, it is the home of Padamshree Haji Kaleemullah Khan the pioneer of Mango grafting and his mango nursery. The legendary Dusheree aam is also a specialty of this region, primly grown in Dusheree village these mangoes are an important part of Nawabi lifestyle.

Chill at a Mango Farmstay in Karnataka

talawadi How can one forget Karnataka when mango is mentioned? I can totally go on with a separate article about Karnataka and Mangos. In this state Mangoes come in different shapes and sizes. And with an abundance of Mango farms many of them have started farm stays. Belgaum is one such location where there are a number of farm stays such as Dwarka farm stay in Talawade. Stay at such scenic location increases with their lovely hospitality and mango themed cuisine such as aamras, aam panna and raw mango pickles.

Enjoy Mango in serenity of Coorg

Kaad-Mange Coorg is known for a lot of things. The beautiful mountains surrounding the region, coffee plantation, friendly and cheap stay homes and delicious pork curry are few of them. Coorg is home to the wild mango called Kaad that is used for Coorgi mango curry known as Kaad Mange.

Banarasi Langda

Varanasi Banaras is the favorite destination for seekers of peace and tranquility. The mass favorite Langda aam is also grown here. While there are number of high class and popular mango varieties still langda is moved by the masses because of being cheaper compared to others. It is said that the water of Ganga and the simplicity of the farmers makes langda so tasty.

The Royal Kesar of Junagarh

junagarh Junagarh has a royal history. Surrounded with the mighty Junagarh fort and the gateway to Gir forest the home of Asiatic Lions it is also famous for the Kesar aam. If Hapus is the king then Kesar is the queen of Mangos.

The Andhra Superstar

ugadi-pachadi People of Andhra Pradesh are famous for worshipping their movie stars. One such superstar is Banganapalli grown basically in regions around Vishakhapatnam that is already popular for its lovely beaches, weather and temples. How Andharites are fond of this mango can be guessed by the fact that Andhra new year is celebrated on the time of its ripening. Banganapalli is also the main ingredient of Ugadi Pachadi and Palusu, a famous mango based curry.

Mango and the Myth – Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram It is said that once Goddess Parvati covered Shiva’s eyes that sent entire world in darkness. After a lot of prayers and offering a lingam under a mango tree she was able to please Shiva and restore order in world again. This 3500 year old Mango tree today stands in courtyard of Ekambarnath Temple in Kanchipuram. The four branches of this tree bears fruits in 4 different shapes and tastes. It doesn’t only represents how strong India’s mythical connection is but also is a proof that we were the pioneers in Mango cross breeding or grafting for ages.

Mango based sweets of Kolkata

Mango-Yogurt-Kolkata Kolkatans wait for the summer season with great enthusiasm. The city of joy turns at its best as new fresh mango arrive from nearby towns of Malda and Murshidabad. During this season sweet shops in Kolkata come up with varieties of mango based sweets like Aam Shorbot, mango yogurt, mango flavored Sandesh and kulfis are few of the delicacies you must try this summer. Too much sweet and mangoes around? Start exploring and taste the India!
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