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Deoria Tal Lake: A place where I found my peace


Battling my demons in my mind didn’t work very well after all. So I asked myself for answers, What should I do? And as always I got the same answer. “I don’t know.” But my heart whispered. “Take me somewhere, I actually belong.” That hint was more of an answer. I wasn’t sure that time but now I am. Travel had been my sole purpose. Something which has always made me feel alive. Bored of the monotony of life, I decided to travel. That's when I packed my bag, went on to my buddy’s place and called him up at midnight. Interestingly, I heard YES after so long for such a sudden plan. It gave me a feeling, that I was on my way home.

Moreover, the best part was that I had been to Deoria Tal five years back. Actually, I was exploring Uttarakhand by bike in summer vacations of my college days. I was heading to Chopta as I heard a lot about it by the native people as well as it was mentioned on the web in many blogs. As I remember, I was 20 km from Chopta and took a wrong turn thinking I was going the right way. That how I reached Sari Village and got to know about Deoria Tal. I am glad I made that wrong turn. That's why I decided my friends should see this hidden gem of Uttarakhand.

Deoria Tal Lake: A place where I found my peace-1 We were on the highway around 1 am. After a journey of 5 to 6 hours, we reached the Land of Yogis, Rishikesh. I love this city. Moreover, I love the guest house where I stay, every time I’m in Rishikesh. Its name is Mango Tree Guest house. But I call it my second home.

Deoria Tal Lake: A place where I found my peace-2 It is exactly in front of the Laxman Jhula’s one end where the 13-storey temple is situated. One can have a perfect view of Holy Ganga, mountains and the sunset. Plus point, morning and evening aarti can also be seen from here. We stayed there for a night, feeling the silence of the place altered by the chill breeze and sound of the Holy Ganga river flowing through the city.

After a comfortable sleep, we woke up around 9 AM. After bath, we had our breakfast, packed our bags and bid our goodbyes to Harshit, the owner of Mango Tree Guest House.

Deoria Tal Lake: A place where I found my peace-3 As we were traveling in the month of May, it was very hot. I wanted to take my shirt off. But around noon, we were greeted with cloudy sky and later by drizzling which made the weather very pleasant. It was around 2:30 PM, we had our lunch at the local dhaba. We were like 60 km from Sari Village and the uphill driving went to a whole new level. It was getting colder and colder as we were going up. So, you can guess how things were turning out for us, especially for my gang who were going to this paradise for the first time. They were mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the place and weather.

Deoria Tal Lake: A place where I found my peace-4 We reached Sari Village at 4:30 PM. Sari Village is the place from where the trek to Deoria Tal starts and it is 20 km from the famous place, Chopta in Uttarakhand. This village is surrounded by lushed green mountains and itself is on plain land. The slopes, as well as the plains, have been used well for the cultivation of various crops and the view of the village is very beautiful while you are climbing for Deoria Tal.

Deoria Tal Lake: A place where I found my peace-5 We stepped down from the car and put together all our basic requirements like torch, medicines, clothes in one bag and decided to carry it one by one in regular intervals of 20 minutes. It was around 5 in the evening, it was an hour to dark, but we decided to go up. Before starting the trek, we tried to book a camp. Luckily, we got one for 800INR for all 3 of us, meal and bonfire included in it. Things were going great. We started the trekking and reached in 50 minutes to the top of the place. When we were around 800 meters from our tents, it started raining heavily. We were shivering in cold and the place was all dark. But the native boys who were with us helped us a lot. They gave us raincoats to protect ourself from getting wet. They gave us everything we asked, obviously from the available facilities. Yes, you got that right, Tea. Of course, it had to be tea. All 3 of us, don’t usually drink tea but that night we all had 2 cups each. Now you can guess, how cold it was up there. It took almost an hour to come out of our blankets when we were finally warm.

Around 10 PM, the clouds were gone and the moonlight was amazing for the night as everything was visible. Our camp was on the outskirt of the hills surrounding the lake. It was 5 minutes walk from there down to the lake. We went down to the lake where many people were staying in camps.

Deoria Tal Lake: A place where I found my peace-6 Deoria Tal is a small lake. It is more of a pond. But the spacious lawns surrounded by dense vegetation around it make it an excellent spot for camping, sighting distant mountains and star gazing. The plus point of Deoria Tal is the calm and the silence of the place. You can hear people talking very clearly even if they are 100 meters away. Now you can guess, how quiet the place is really is. A perfect place for ample peace of mind.

We sat there for 2 hours. Sitting and talking about many memories we had shared together. The best surprise was the Vodka. I requested one of the native boys to get one bottle for us from the nearby liquor shop and give to me when I ask for it. My friends really loved the surprise. We had like 4 -6 shots each.I’m not sure of the numbers. HAHA. But the shots were more than enough to ignite the talking sensation of ours to a whole new level.

Around 1 AM, we went back to our tents and had our dinner alongside the bonfire. As we all say, friends are the family we chose for ourselves. So, dinner with your family is always the best thing. But when it is around the bonfire under full moon light, it is on another level of joy and happiness. A happy stomach, a buzzed mind, and a happy heart didn’t take long enough and we slept in a bit of time.

Deoria Tal Lake: A place where I found my peace-7 The very next morning we woke up at 6 AM because the sunlight was penetrating through the tent entrance. A perfect morning as I wanted. I came out of the Camp. I climbed at the top of a hill nearby our campsite, from where I could have an overview of the whole place. As I remember, Deoria Tal Lake was on my bottom left and in front of my eyes, I could see the snow covered peaks, one of them is called Chaukhamba.

Deoria Tal Lake: A place where I found my peace-8

Deoria Tal Lake: A place where I found my peace-9 Followed an hour later, my friends woke up and joined me on the top of the hill. We were loving the mountains views, the lake and the valley and of course each others company. Life couldn’t be better. When I got back home I decided, I would definitely write down about this place and let everyone know about it and see it the way I saw it. You got to go to this place once. Next time, your heart will take you there. I can bet on that. I thank my friends for making this place a more beautiful experience for me. They made me realize, every place can be beautiful if you have your people around. This place made me find my peace. Today it's been like a 3 month since I visited that place. But it brought out the best in me. The wind still makes the sound in my ears. The music of Mother Nature. It was fascinating. I will fall short of words but the beauty of the place is something, I will always have in my heart. I found my peace in this place. Maybe you can find yours too.
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