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Cities In India That Will Give You The Best Nightlife Experience


How do you unwind after a long day at work? Or are you a tourist exploring new cities? Are your friends visiting your city for the weekend and you wish to show them the bling your city has to offer? Or is it just a weekend that needs some real fun and partying to unwind? Whatever be the reason for celebration, the nightlife of a city can be the added feather in the crown that makes living in it even more happening. Let’s find out about the eight most happening cities in the country that can satiate your undying craving to let your hair loose tonight.

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1. Goa

Cities In India That Will Give You The Best Nightlife Experience-1 Goa is the best and can you beat that? No! Goa is probably known worldwide for it raging nightlife scene. Apart from classy pubs and lounges, you will find ample number beach shacks that have plenty of booze and naturally relaxing ambiance to offer. You will also find plenty of beach parties, music festivals, psychedelic trance parties, jazz parties and what not. The Candolim, Calangute, Anjuna, Colva and Paula Beaches are like the hotspots of finding such parties in Goa. For a great clubbing experience, you can always try Club Tito’s, Cafe Mambo and Club Cabana near the Baga Beach. If you wish to give your fun fiesta a luxurious twist then go ahead and try one of those luxury cruise ship parties or earn some money at a Goan Casino. All in all the nightlife in Goa is unbeatable and is undoubtedly one of the bests in the country.

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2. Mumbai

Cities In India That Will Give You The Best Nightlife Experience-2 Mumbai or the city that never sleeps is an unmatched destination for all kinds of party goers. Mumbai is the city of dreams and definitely a place where your dreams come true. A hotspot for Bollywood and Page 3 parties, if you are lucky enough you may actually live your fantasy of being surrounded by the stars. If not that then you can always go around pub hopping across the classiest pubs in the town. Try out Toto’s Garage, Play- the Lounge, Tryst, The Road House, Wink, H2O, The Liquid Lounge, Bar Stock Exchange, actually the list is endless and any new discovery in this city is surely not going to leave you disappointed.

3. New Delhi

Cities In India That Will Give You The Best Nightlife Experience-3 New Delhi has its own little party heaven called the Hauz Khas Village. If you want to indulge in some powerful musical performances while you sip on a delicious cocktail or you’d rather prefer getting drunk and dancing your night away to some EDM then this is where you must head to. Apart from Hauz Khas Village, the Connaught Place, as well as Greater Kailash area, are also adept in pretty hip nightlife scenes. From pubs to clubs to discos to lounges to swanky restaurants you will find it all in Delhi to enliven your nightlife.

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4. Gurgaon

Cities In India That Will Give You The Best Nightlife Experience-4 When you are in Delhi how can you not be in Gurgaon? Gurgaon may seem like running in a rat race during the day with its plethora of multinationals and start-ups gearing up for their day’s work but as the sun sets in this city there is a whole other kind of uprising happening in its favorite party destinations. Sector 29 is adept in some awesome brewery and pub joints such as Adda by Striker, Downtown, Molecule Air Bar etc. and once you are done there you can definitely head towards the ultimate party destination for every Gurgaon dweller, the DLF CyberHub for some ultimate fun places such as The Hard Rock Cafe, Soi 7, Imperfecto, Rasta Cafe and the likes of it.

5. Pune

Cities In India That Will Give You The Best Nightlife Experience-5 Pune is like the other brother of Mumbai and is definitely not lagging in its nightlife game. With its crowd comprising mainly of students and young office goers and upon recently being named as one of the best cities in India to live in, Pune is not so far behind in rocking the nightlife. With amazing places like Stone Water Grill, Mi a Mi, High Spirits, Flying Saucer Sky Bar and Swig, Pune could turn any evening into a rocking one.

6. Hyderabad.

Cities In India That Will Give You The Best Nightlife Experience-6 When you think Hyderabad you think Biryani but wait Hyderabad is way more than its lip-smacking Biryani joints or the Char Minar. With cosmopolitan population and swarming night clubs, pubs, lounge, and restaurants, Hyderabad loves to shake a leg or two every now and then. When you have places like 10 Downing Street, H2 the Pub, Zouk, Bottles and Chimneys and The Heart Cup Cafe at your city then what is it that is not setting the party mood right for you people? Go rush right now.

7. Kolkata

Cities In India That Will Give You The Best Nightlife Experience-7 Kolkata is called ‘The City of Joy’ for numerous reasons and if you are looking for a great nightlife experience here in Kolkata then you must know that you are in for a treat. Kolkata has some finest pubs, bars, lounges and nightclubs that can give you endless party goals for the year. Roxy and Underground are great for a happening clubbing experience. Hoppipola, Xrong Place, Irish House, Beer Republic are great if you just want to relax and chill while quenching your thirst for few beers and if you wish to engage in some conversation while listening to some cool musical performances then Someplace Else is where you should be.

8. Bangalore

Cities In India That Will Give You The Best Nightlife Experience-8 When you think Bangalore you think techies, multinationals and the likes of it but do you know that Bangalore has a raging nightlife that can unfold into some of the most magical experiences you will ever have. M.G. Road is your little haven if you are looking for some serious pub hopping. You can visit Hoppipola, Fenny’s, Toit, High, Arbor Brewing Company, The Biere Club for a lovely evening when in Bangalore.

Now that you have a list of the most happening places in the country, what are you still waiting for? Go make your way to a frolicking time at any of these party paradises.
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