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Why One Should Must Visit Chadar Trek ??



Why One Should Must Visit Chadar Trek ??-1 Life turns monotonous in the never ending circle of everyday activities and hence, it becomes imperative to indulge in something different and interesting, in order to get rejuvenated and to take on life all over again. Trekking is exactly one such activity, that is both refreshing and challenging.

If trekking is your way of life and your answer to boredom, Chadar Trek is definitely one of the treks you must try. Pick up any travel magazine and you will be able to see countless pictures of Buddhist monks walking on a frozen river, bare footed. This seemingly improbable scenario is the essence of the Chadar Trek. The fame associated with this trek can be gauged by the fact that films have been made on the Chadar Trek by the coveted National Geographic and Discovery Channels.

People coming from the trek also have numerous stories to narrate and an incredible experience. The trek is certainly not easy, so you need to be physically and mentally prepared for what you are signing up for. It can even take up to six days to cross the river, in inhospitable conditions so you need to have time at your disposal. It is given, that a trek over a frozen river will be exceptionally cold and thus, falling temperatures (plummeting to a minus 10 at times) should not come as a surprise. At night, the conditions are even more challenging, so be sure to pack all the knitwear you can find. Be ready for the frozen trek which will change your life for good.

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Why One Should Must Visit Chadar Trek ??-2 If you are enthusiastic enough, then the trek would not be difficult to handle as the conditions are not that hard to beat. The experience is one of its kind, giving you memories that you will cherish forever. The trek is also picturesque. The frozen river provides an extremely serene and beautiful location with a peaceful atmosphere. You can also find caves, scenery and a lot more. It is bound to leave you wanting more and is also definite to instill a new spirit of adventure in you. After all what can be possibly be more of an adrenaline rush that the feeling of having conquered a frozen river all by yourself.

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Why One Should Must Visit Chadar Trek ??-3 The area is accessible conveniently through Leh. Thereon it takes a drive and a short trek to Tilat Sumdo, from where you can embark on the journey to reach the final destination. The short pauses during the trek are sure to give you a sense of being in the lap of nature, as you will not only experience nature in all its beauty but also feel your connection to the hustle and bustle of city life, slowly fading away.

If you want stories to tell, memories to share and experiences to live, then do not wait and straightaway make up your mind to explore the frozen river in subzero temperatures. It will reignite the lost traveler in you!

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