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Canggu: The New Hippies Hideaway in Bali


Cool cousin of Seminyak, Canggu is the ultimate definition of laidback lifestyle in Bali. Why wouldn’t it be? With the boho culture, a long stretch of serene beaches, yoga points to vegan food, Canggu sets the never-ending fire inside every hippie who comes here once.

Canggu: The New Hippies Hideaway in Bali-1 The perfect escape from busy Seminyak and Kuta, Canggu is hidden from the tourist map for a long time. But with the rising popularity of Bali over the years, the Australian, French, Spanish, Italian and other global nomads are finding it hard to resist Canggu’s beachy life as the vibes of this place are truly exemplary.

Hub to beautiful locations, cafes, perfect sunset points, rice fields, beach clubs and yoga centres, there are lots of things to do in Canggu which will get you confused about what all things you can do. Have a look!

Enjoy Sunset at the Beaches

Canggu: The New Hippies Hideaway in Bali-2 There are five main beaches around Canggu; Canggu (Batu Bolong) Beach, Echo (Batu Mejan) Beach, Berawa Beach, Perenenan or even Nelayan beach. Although all the beaches are beautiful if we had to pick two favourites, we would choose Batu Balong and Echo beach.

If watching the sunset with surfers riding the waves is your piece of cake, Batu Balong beach will be the perfect option for you. Moreover, nearby there is busy Old's Man Bar where one can treat themselves with spicy sauce and BBQ sweet corn.

Whereas, Echo beach offers a better lively atmosphere as there are multiple cafes with music floating out from the speakers giving Echo Beach the perfect sunset ambience.

Although, if you are seeking to visit a less busy beach, Perenenan Beach is a good choice.

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Learn Surfing

Canggu: The New Hippies Hideaway in Bali-3

Though Canggu is turning to the perfect spot for the adrenaline-pumping water sports, surfing is still the one topping the charts. The very moment you see the surfers with colourful boards riding on the gushing waves of Indian Ocean, holding yourself won't be an option anymore even though you don't know surfing.

The moments of adventure riding the ocean and the chill waves playing its symphony in your ears makes the experience a memorable one.

Rent a surfboard or take lessons at Canggu Beach as there many surf schools and conquer the waves!

Relax in a Holiday Villa

Canggu: The New Hippies Hideaway in Bali-4

What could be a better way to enjoy a holiday than staying in a holiday villa. Nothing, right? Even though Bali has many beautiful villas and resorts all around, Villas at Canggu have their charm.

As you enter a maze of streets in Canggu with spectacular villas hidden in this heavenly abode, you can easily find some exclusive deals even under $100 a night to treat yourself.

Canggu: The New Hippies Hideaway in Bali-5 Our favourite villa picks are Aston Canggu Beach Resort and Villa Berawa, which ranges around $100 to $250 a night, respectively. Wifi is complimentary!!

Become A Cafe Culture Vulture

Canggu: The New Hippies Hideaway in Bali-6

With a vast list of different cafes and restaurants for every taste and budget, Canggu is a delight. From the famous French Bakery Monsieur Spoon, wonderland Warung Dandelion to the budgeted travellers favourite Warung Bu Mi resides on Pantai Batu Bolong Street.

These are our picks for Canguu, but it doesn't mean these are the only place to stroll as there are many cafes and restaurants around Berawa and Echo beach too.

Do Some Yoga

Canggu: The New Hippies Hideaway in Bali-7 Many people refer to Canggu as ‘Ubud by the Sea' because it is the perfect alternative to Yoga in Bali other than Ubud. As many new and well-established Yoga studios are all around, you'll get confused by the multiple Yoga retreat programs or packages which offer you to stay between rice paddies, hymn the mantra while improving your focus abilities and calm your mind.

Moreover, few Yoga studios, cafes provide free Yoga session once a week. Want to join the class or not is your choice but surely it is something unusual, right?

Join the Sunday Market

Canggu: The New Hippies Hideaway in Bali-8 Looking to buy some clothes, food and ornaments? The Sunday Markets won't buzz you off. Situated in an open-air shopping hub next to the famous French bakery Monsieur Spoon, Love Anchor Bazaar is the place where one can find clothes, foods, drinks, crafts and live music. So, do schedule your holidays accordingly so that you don't miss out on this!

Another famous market is the Samadi Bali Market where one can find organic vegetables, fruits, clothes and hand-made accessories. Starting at 9 am in the morning, the market closes at 2 pm.

Visit the picturesque Tanah Lot Temple

Canggu: The New Hippies Hideaway in Bali-9

Heard of Bali and haven't heard of the temple in the ocean? Yes, we are talking about the Famous Tanah Lot temple. Being one of the most visited places in Bali, it can be reached within 25 minutes by motorbike from Canggu.

Due to its location, there's no denying that the sunset time is the best time to enjoy at Tanah Lot.

Dance your heart at La Brisa Beach Club

Canggu: The New Hippies Hideaway in Bali-10 La Brisa is a appealing beach club that feels a little like boarding a pirate ship to Neverland. Boat wood, bean bags, fishing nets, and nautical touches throughout the beach club create the dreamy atmosphere, but it’s the views of the rolling waves and surfers shredding into the sunset that will keep you mesmerised in an island trance long past your third margarita.

It’s sunset heaven and Instagram candy, and you should go there before everybody else discovers it.

Get a fruit/smoothie Bowl

Canggu: The New Hippies Hideaway in Bali-11

There are so many options! From the famous Nalu Bowls, the crazy busy Betelnut cafe, and also places like Roti Canai, Crate (a lot of people said you should at least try to grab breakfast at least once in Crate), Peloton, and Machinery Coffee, all provide fruit bowl. Price ranges between USD 2.5 – USD 6.5 per bowl. Am I the only one having hunger mayhem after looking at the picture?

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